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  1. PacX

    Holo sights, zooming and scope sights

    That looks awesome!
  2. At about 2 minutes in, is that a mounted gun or a player held one?
  3. PacX

    2010 and still warping/lag

    Hell, if someone tried attempting a milsim I bet it would beat ARMA. Sadly, no PC-Game giants gives a shit about slow and tactical games really.
  4. They are correct, I just checked the email :/ Although "Herfølge" shows up as "Herf??lge", may this be why?
  5. Err, didn't know Iraq was fictive :3
  6. Been almost a month and I havn't gotten my Takistan map yet, what the hell?
  7. PacX

    Dam when will DI optimize towns and cities

    No it's not, the AI is pretty shitty, it's laggy and bad performance to graphics ratio. It's one of a kind though, and the gameplay is still pretty nice. To be honest, if a good war simulator came out I'd choose that over ARMA most likely :/
  8. PacX


    Indeed, I've always hated that, serves absolutely no other purpose and annoy users.
  9. PacX


    Actually you can, I've used them in missions. Just go to "empty" and find the object you need.
  10. PacX

    Way to perminantly zoom out?

    That increases the FOV, I think the OP want's to move the position of the camera.
  11. PacX

    How do you control the ULB [OA]

    Use the training missions...
  12. PacX


    Can be scripted...
  13. I use mouse: Left & Right: Banking (Roll) Forward & Backward: Nose (Pitch) A & D: Rudder (Yaw) W & S: Throttle/Collective
  14. PacX

    Do AI See Lasers?

    Only visible in nightvision...