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    ACE for OA 1.13

    I was wondering same thing. Hopefully soon.
  2. Fixed in v1.6! Thanks so much Kempco. I was on a dedi when I tested it on Lingor. New update fixed it. Awesome script!
  3. Thanks! ---------- Post added at 05:52 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:40 PM ---------- I have another question for Kempco. When doing the water insertion on chernous everything worked fine. When I set it up on Lingor everything worked until the boat came out of the Osprey. The boat took off a very fast and disappeared. When I was in free fall I could never see it. Even with view distance at 5000. Does your script use the map coordinates and could lingors 0,0 be different and its throwing the script off? I just put some buoys in the water with some CRRCs and now we just halo on to them. I just thought I would report it.
  4. How do I fix this so we can use the Halo multiple times?
  5. in woman init put this getInDriver v1 http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_Actions#GetInDriver
  6. I love this script. I made some small changes to use ACE paradrop script instead of BIS. Works in MP. Didnt try in SP. Sample I did find if I disconnected and reconnected I would start on the ground and not in the C130.
  7. I have a script running from an addaction and I cant get it to work right on a dedicated server. I call it like this this addaction ["Depoly Zodiac", "boat.sqf"]; Script looks like this Cplayer SwitchMove "RepairingKneel"; _actHad = _this select 0; // Object that had the Action (also _target in the addAction command) _actUsed = _this select 1; // Unit that used the Action (also _this in the addAction command) _actID = _this select 2; // ID of the Action _actHad removeAction _actID; sleep 25; player SwitchMove ""; _heli = "zodiac" createVehicle (getMarkerPos "bt"); ct addaction ["Depoly Zodiac", "boat.sqf"]; It works for the client that runs the addaction but others in the server dont see the player in the attimation and the addaction does not get removed for them. How do I get this to run on all clients?
  8. mia389

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    I get this problem as well. I have to open the mission.sqm and remove the jsrs or I have to make my missions without JSRS running. Im aslo getting a problem with ACE claymores and mines. They give me a very loud distorted explosion. Its so bad I have to take my headset off. Is this because I am not running ACE SM with JSRS?
  9. After dowloading the update I no longer have a arma2oaserver.exe. I use steam. How do I go about getting one?
  10. Its weird still hearing the frogs in the desert. Nice map though!
  11. If I import somoeones server and I want to update my mods to server how can I skip one? For instance in my preset after importing a server I might have a map folder that is 1 gig. How would I tell 6 updater to skip that? I click on skip under custom repo tab then mods tab but it doesnt seem to do anything.
  12. I have a problem with my mission I just finished. When I put it up on a dedicated server it shows the enemy location. It does not do this if I host it on my machine. My pc and the server are running ACE. I have this in the init.sqf if (isServer) then { ace_sys_tracking_markers_enabled = false; publicVariable "ace_sys_tracking_markers_enabled"; }; I was told that would get rid of my enemy unit markers. It does not work. Also if this cant be achieved, is there another way that I could hide my A.I.? Does that ai spawn module hide them? Thanks
  13. mia389

    Support Radio

    I have same issue. Im not sure how to use the code to get them to respawn. Im guessing a trigger with an event handler but I cant figure it out. Anyone get respawn to work? If so please post an example
  14. I am trying to figure out how to load dead bodies into a chopper. I am using ace but it seems I couldnt carry the body so I had to use the battlefield clearance module. Now I can't get them to load into a chopper. Any ideas and thanks for the help.
  15. I have been trying to get this to work for the last 4 hours now. Still no joy.....
  16. To me this has been the best patch so far. MP rocks! Very smooth now.
  17. Thanks Dwarden! Fast reply :-)
  18. Above I put the where your cords will go from the email you sent me. Good luck
  19. You can take the map away from player that you dont want to place markers. Do you use ACE? If so you can do some different things with the ace markder. Check this link http://ace.dev-heaven.net/wagn/Features goto tracking on page 81-90 and lick on notes for some examples
  20. mia389


    Are you doing this for multiplayer mission? I can make a small demo mission for you if you would like
  21. Anyone have problems with people crashing when changeing the loadout during a mission? I use the F16 on our Domination and when we change the loadout of the F16 using the easa it crashes multiple people at once. The one changing the loadout does not ctd though. I also added a script to change the loadout and same thing happens with that. Script is called through addaction using the example form first page. _plane = _this select 0; _plane action ["engineOff", _plane]; _plane setVehicleAmmo 0; _plane setFuel 0; {_plane removeWeapon _x} foreach (weapons _plane); _plane commandChat "Changing load out, Please wait"; sleep 15; { _plane addmagazine _x; sleep 0.1; } foreach ["500Rnd_20mm_M61A1_GLT", "2Rnd_Sidewinder_GLT", "GLT_2Rnd_AIM120", "GLT_2Rnd_AIM7","120Rnd_CMFlare_Chaff_Magazine"]; { _plane addWeapon _x; sleep 0.1; } foreach ["GLT_M61A1", "GLT_SidewinderLauncher", "GLT_AIM120_Launcher", "GLT_AIM7_Launcher","CMFlareLauncher"]; _plane setFuel 1; _plane setDamage 0; _plane commandChat "Loadout has been changed!"; We do use many other mods or I would just post the mission for ya. I run with script errors and I get nothing when it crashes others out. I can also get some dump files for ya soon if needed.
  22. I am trying to start my mission with a few guys paradroping in. I put this in there init line null = [this] execVM "scripts\halo.sqf"; halo.sqf if (!isServer) then { waitUntil {alive player}; _unit = player; _unit addweapon "ACE_ParachutePack"; _unit setPos [(position _unit select 0), (position _unit select 1), 3000]; _unit execVM "x\ace\addons\sys_eject\jumpout_cord.sqf"; }; This is for a dedicated server. My problem is the script is executing multiple times. Once for each player joining. How can I fix this? Also is there a way I can make this more efficient than pasting null = [this] execVM "scripts\halo.sqf"; into delta_1, delta_2, delta_3, init lines?