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  1. A brief update what happened the last two weeks: Eden Update & Hotfix: Well, the Eden Update didnt effect the mod itself, but smashed the MP framework were using for the missions. The hotfix made the framework functional again, but quite some time was lost on troubleshooting, etc. The mixup of SP/MP in Eden also required some modifications to the MP framework, not a technical problem, but time consuming causing some more delay. Nevertheless there are still some minor bugs in Eden, which can be dealt with if theyre known - but in general Eden makes it incredibly easy to place AI in Bunkers or let them run along in trenches speeding up the mission creation process in whole. Jeza provided me with some sources with historical info about the battle for Tarawa, very interesting reading stuff as it paints a bigger picture about what happened on Tarawa which established the phrase "hell in the Pacific". Thanks mate! So mission development goes along quite well and besides that, we're doing the usual stuff like eliminating floating bushes and script errors :)
  2. Unfortunately, no. Yes, there was a working (also in MP) melee system in HiP for A2. It's on our list of things to port to A3, but located quite close to the bottom of that list.
  3. That's the plan. Marines start at the beach ("Sector 0"), IJA at Sector 2 - first fight will be for Sector 1. If this sector has been taken, IJA spawn will move to Sector 3, USMC spawn to Sector 1 and so on. Ofc IJA players will be able to push USMC "back", but Im not sure about the IJA "win conditions" yet.
  4. Long time, no update - let's change that! Generally spoken, we survived the impact of 1.56 more or less unharmed, but some collateral damage needs to be taken care of and so our list of "open tasks to be closed until release" grew a bit. As promised, I want to disclose some details about the missions that will be included in the first release and some stuff that will be useful to missions makers. There will be two MP missions included in the first release of HiP for A3: COOP: The historically (more or less) authentic reenactment of the battle of Betio Island. That means the mission will start (depending on technical possibilities) either on a Higgins Boat or already on the beach, at the historically correct date and time at the western corner of Red Beach 1. RB1 was selected as starting point as your mission will be to sweep through Betio Island from west to east while clearing enemy positions. The island itself will be splitted up in several sectors, which will be used to simulate the day-night shift through the 76hrs battle. That means as you will push forward through the island, you will experience three sunsets and sunrises with offensive objects during daytime and rather defensive objectives at night. Since I want this mission to be authentic (at least as authentic as a game can be), I would appreciate if someone could provide me (historically proven) information about the battle on Betio Island. For example, I know that there were four MoH awarded, but I found the story of just one of them on Wikipedia. Possibly sounds a bit cheesy, but I want to include details in this mission that pay tribute to the people who fought in this battle, so all infos are appreciated (IJA and USMC wise). Features: .) naval bombardment at mission start and at some points throughout the mission. Will require you to hold you position until the barrage ended. .) ambient mortar/artillery fire throughout the mission. Both friendly and enemy, therefore pay attention if the explosions are getting closer with each round .) will require a Headless Client, as there will be about +-100 (enemy and friendly) AI dynamically spawned .) and some more fun features, which I want you to find out yourself :) TvT: Since I havent started working on this mission yet, I can not disclose much, except that this mission will be a mixture between a sector control and king of the hill gameplay. If time permits and all assets are "zeused", there will also be a Zeus version of the COOP mission available. But this mission probably won't make it into the first release. Stuff for mission makers: With Eden you will be able to place any object in HiP for A3 yourself, works a treat so far. Were also including a HiP Scriptpack along with the mod, which includes three scripts: Click the spoiler button to read each scripts documentation. 1. HIP_artillery.sqf 2. HIP_MGsuppression.sqf 3. HIP_occupyBuildings_MGs.sqf Any questions? Let me know.
  5. I know, I've promised it twice already but I will post an update about the missions included in the first release, as well as interesting things for mission makers soon. PM sent, thanks!
  6. It's been silent over the last days, as we've been quite busy, while bracing for the impact of 1.56 :) Work proceeded, but not as fast as we would like to, so we want to renew our request for help. We need help on the following topics: .) config editing (weapons, vehicles) .) forward porting stuff from HiP A2 .) islands config editing: We already have a lot of stuff available, but a lot of the items need config "tuning". For example: The japanese Type97 handgrenades work, don't show up in the HUD. Some rifles lack proper recoil and reload animations. Or atm the Bazooka uses standard anims for holding it, rendering it useless in 1st person since the hands are covering the ironsights. Another example: If you're in one of the gunner positions in the LVT, you're not able to hear what's happening "outside". We are not talking here about adding Arma3 features like PhysX, but just getting details to work properly which we consider as a "must-have" or at least as useful. Things like achieving ACE, TFAR and Zeus compatibility are also tasks in this category. This is definitely the biggest topic, when it comes to open tasks. forward porting stuff from HiP A2: In order to provide more various gameplay possibilities, we still need stuff ported from HiP for A2. This mainly concerns vehicles like japanese tanks, USN ships, etc. Besides that, Pedersen and me have two missions from HiP A2 in mind, which we like to see in HiP for A3. For this purpose, also some items need to be ported to HiP A3. "Forward porting" in this case means, getting the stuff to work in Arma3 w/o throwing errors, but not adding PhysX, FFV et. al. or replacing textures and so on. islands: Pedersen needs some help on bugfixing Betio Island (finding and fixing floating bushes, etc.), as well as he needs some new objects for the new island he is working on. I would need some assistance on creating a world scene for Betio Island, as the method I know from A2 doesnt work anymore (.rpt shows the correct entries, but the camera isn't starting...). Basically, in every category we have a ton of small tasks to be done. Whether you want to help out on one particular issue or join "fulltime", we appreciate every help we can get! Just two small things: We are looking for experienced modders, as we unfortunately don't have the time to pass our knowledge. And before adding me on steam, please post here or send me PM upfront. Thanks a lot to everyone, who worked on HiP so far and thanks in advance to everyone, who will help us in the future!
  7. It's automatic in terms of that it's scripted mission side. There's some heavy voodoo magic involved too in this script ;) For usual they are navigating quite good to the beach, but depending on the AI skill settings of the driver, they sometimes hit the barriers placed on the "reef" causing an "early" disembark. On very seldom occassions (like on todays test :)) they hit an obstacle close to the beach at fullspeed, while already starting the disembark procedure - causing the AI soldiers to fall all over or get catapulted off the boat and most likely die or get injured. Todays test event was fun, here's the outcome: .) no performance issues so far - appr. 35-50fps clientside (depending on the rig configuration) and about 40fps serverside with average 50 AI (at the start) and 30 AI (at the end) on map. .) the nametag module works, but doesnt survive the first respawn .) handsignals are working, knocking on tanks and whistling (missing the whistle object) dont work .) suicide module is working, but needs some tuning. Especially it still misses the "Banzai" cry. .) handgrenade damage values need a check .) voice system (Marines shouting Marines' stuff, japanese soldiers speaking japanese) is working .) sector based automatic flare system is also working (probably too good :)) .) a few palmtrees and bushes are still floating .) the medic system also needs a lot of bugfixing .) and a lot more stuff Under constant fire and shelling by IJA forces, I forgot to press the record key most of the times, but here are some screenshots. I looked everywhere, but not at this location (Deathcam view). The night missions were fun. Felt like new years eve :)
  8. Thanks everyone! Here's the mentioned video about the flare script test.
  9. Here are the test results of a flare script, which will be used in one of the missions for HiP, I'm currently working on. With this system in place, sectors containing friendly troops will receive constant battlefield illumination by randomly dropped flares - sectors with no friendly troops will remain dark. A brief video of this test will follow. As promised, here are some screenshots of USMC vehicles, which are already ported over to HiP for A3. It's not much yet, but we're working on that :) M4A2 Sherman LVT-2 Willys Jeep LCVP (Higgins Boat) Some vehicle config parameters still need tuning, but all vehicles shown here can already be used. Next update will focus on infos for mission makers.
  10. Before we start into the weekend, here's an update about what happened the last two weeks: Island status (Tarawa - Betio Island): We had an MP test last Sunday focusing on finding errors, glitches, etc. on Betio Island and it went far better than expected. Not only that we seriously kicked some japanese butts, but we discovered just one floating barrel and two minor glitches (which didnt really effect gameplay) - it was fun to play and as I said before, Betio Island is really close to be ready for release. Pedersen is now working on fixing these issues and improving some other points, as I'd like to schedule the next MP test sometime within the next three weeks. The only thing we came across during this test, where I'm not sure if I should call this a bug or a feature, is that we have taken evidence that on some occassions AI conducted FF on human players. A point that needs some further investigation. Faction&Weapon Status: Work is still in progress here and although the weaponry was fun to use during the test, some attribute values defo need adjustment. Ferwindjacks is working on these topics. Vehicle Status: As there is nothing spectacular to report on, I will post a bit more detailled about the vehicle status later. Other stuff: As the MP test has shown, features like Bons Alternative Injury System, the Suppression Module, etc. made up the details which made HiP A2 so unique and therefore we will port these features to Arma3. That's where I spent most of my time the last two weeks, besides working on the missions (and the scripts they're built on) which will be released with mod. Thanks a lot to everyone for your positive and motivating feedback and I'd like to say a big special THANK YOU! to all the modders "outside" the HiP core team, who are helping us getting stuff done and bringing HiP closer to release!
  11. As requested, here are some screenshots of IJA soldiers with different helmets, uniforms, vests and selected weapons. I will post a bigger update about what happened the last two weeks later on.
  12. Well, me? :) As todays MP test showed, IJA equipped with firearms and grenade is enough to deal with, at least for me :lol: Coming soon. Here's a nice sunrise pic of todays test event: Brought to you by the USMC department for military tourism in the south Pacific. Specialized on island hopping since 1942.
  13. The Katana isn't our tasklist so far, but probably that could change once Kickass joins our team :)
  14. I know what you mean. Jumping down a trench and attacking the enemy with my bayonet was one of my joys in HiP A2 (although it ended up badly for me most of the times. The Pistol is always mightier than the sword :D) Sshh, please don't disclose to the public, that we're field-testing a new combat-proof superglue ;) Thanks, we hope to be able to "revive" the spirit of HiP A2, we're working hard on it. Yes, we should defo have a chat, just sent you a pm. I talked about a little "surprise" the last time - since the pathfinding test went so well, I took some footage which I compiled into this 10min clip: People with sensitive ears might consider turning the volume down :)
  15. Atm the bayonets are not functional, but porting the Melee module from HiP A2 is on our tasklist. Although I have to admit, that this function won't make it into the first release as we have more important issues to solve before.
  16. Time for another update including some screenies: Thanks to Bigstone and Razorback from Unsung team for splitting up the equipment! Here are some screenshots from my previous AI pathfinding test on Betio Island and some screenshots from the Virtual Arsenal, showing available USMC uniforms, helmets and vests. This screenshot is staged, because this obstacle is easy to manouvre for human players (just crawl), but not makeable for AI. The following screenshots were taken in the Virtual Arsenal and show the different uniforms, helmets and some vests we have in game for USMC units, as well as some selected weaponry. I will post an update about japanes infantry units within the next two weeks (probably with the next big update post).
  17. Thanks! Lodu deserves the praise as he did the vegetation including palmtrees. We defined the following (prioritized) goals for our first release: 1.) content quality needs to be playable in terms of --> no glitches or getting stuck, errors thrown, CTDs or other frustrating things that can be prevented easily --> weapons and vehicles need to have authentic attribute values but always with an eye on balance and not being too over-realistic. After all it's a game, which we should get fun out while playing it :) --> some vehicles and other stuff will be directly ported from the A2 version HiP meaning that this stuff will work without problems in A3 but it will have its original model and skins from A2 and miss A3 features like PhysX, FFV etc. Ofc thats a point on our todo list, but unfortunately this list has quite grown. 2.) content variety needs to provide various gameplay modes and missions --> two factions - IJA and USMC --> vehicles like landing boats, etc. ported from A2 --> various authentic weapons and equipment --> one COOP and one TvT mission included in the mod --> guideline and script pack for mission makers tl;dr For the first release, we're not aiming to release 100% perfect content, but content which will be fun playing with :D
  18. Thanks to everyone for the kind and motivating words! Plans are to give you a biweekly update about the current status, starting today: Island status (Tarawa - Betio Island: AI pathfinding seems to work so far - I did some tests with AI fighting AI (USMC beachlanding and moving inland agains IJA defenses) recently and it all worked pretty well. Ai controlled boatlanding and disembarking worked perfectly, but the USMC AIs walked straight forward into japanese MG crossfire. I repeated that test a lot :-D Some trenches were frequently used by AI, a few trenches were ignored. Still an open point for "investigation". No known glitches or stuff like floating grass makes this the part of HiP for A3 which is closest to release state. Known issues: One bunker object is still somehow "semi-transparent", which may not be seen in bright daylight, but when the sun is getting low... The texture of one of the destroyed palmtrees lying on the beach seems also to have a problem. Open points: add proper satellite texture (map view) / add video pan through the island (world view at the main menu). I also need to check the material penetration values of some wooden barriers as I suspect some of these simple barriers to be "immune" against small arms fire. Faction Status: Uniforms and equipment look really good already, but some of the equipment still needs to be split up into headgear, vest and backpack stuff (that concerns both factions). The animations on the USMC side are "useable" but could still be a bit more improved, but IJA side still needs some heavy tuning. Weapon Status: Almost all weapons still need heavy tuning in terms of adjusting firerate, reload times and so on in order to make it playable and somehow historically authentic. There's also a bunch of a completely new made weapons which we need or rather want to have in the game. Vehicle Status: More about this topic in the next update. Focus for the coming days will be on configs (equipment and weapons alike) and animations. I did some screenies during the last tests, which I will post the next days. Maybe there will also be a little surprise :) The next update will include more infos about vehicles and stuff that will come in handy for mission makers (as well as updates from our other "battlefields" ;))
  19. RL required some attention lately (especially the time before christmas), updates will be posted more frequently now. Thanks ferwindjacks for the update. And no, you didn't sound like being dick - I rather take it as compliment, that you're interested in this mod :)
  20. Here are some more screenies from Betio island. I've got some days off and when I'm back I'll start posting screenshots of weapons, equipment and factions which will be included in the first release.
  21. Thnx for offering your help and the chat on TS! Yes, if we find someone who is able to put them into game. Sorry, I'm not having better news.
  22. Probably, but as I have no clue which weapons you mean exactly - we either can't deny or acknowledge :) Cool, thnx! Besides getting things into the game, we would need help on splitting up helmets, vests and backpacks. Also in "polishing up" weapon and vehicle configs, in tems of getting them on Arma3 levels. If you're still interested, we should have a chat on TS!
  23. Here are some more screenshots of Betio island: As always, more screenies to come!
  24. Thanks! And yes, that was probably one of the points that led to exhaustion of the mod team. But anyway, we're back pedal to the metal ;) Talking about eye-candy, this is how good night combat looks on Tarawa:
  25. Since developments are done on the stable branch and the first release is aimed to happen before the release of the A3 expansion, the assets coming with Tanoa will have no impact (yet) :)