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    Operation Honeyblade II - Thursday May 5 2100 CET

    I am reasonably sure I have all the mods now, ideally I would connect to the server to test but I guess I'll have to wait for the login details to be sent out.
  2. communisthamster

    Operation Honeyblade II - Thursday May 5 2100 CET

    I would like to join. I'm not currently with any clan or group.
  3. communisthamster

    A quantum leap - Arma 4

    Perhaps a land war in asia. North korea/china as OPFOR.
  4. I think I've tried one of those out in a sony shop. Definitely not worth £1000.
  5. Would that be difficult for BIS to do? As for seeing the controls, I personally don't need to. I know the buttons on my mouse, I know my Saitek X-52 config, and I'm pretty sure of my keyboard layout, and if it comes down to it there's the little raised nubs on F and J to navigate by. There's nothing near there you'll need urgently anyway. Controlling videogames in general, I feel like it's a re-routing of the parts of the brain that deal with coordinating your actual limbs, so when you're playing you don't think "I'll hit this button now to do this" you just think "I'll do this" and your body subconsciously knows to hit that button. Once you're used to the game, of course.
  6. I don't like exaggerating, but Arma 3 with oculus rift support would probably be my personal favourite anything of all time. That and Modernist Cuisine.
  7. communisthamster

    Multiplayer Armory feedback

    This thread is for constructive criticism, not mindless complaints. As much as I like community addons, the "community" spends all day every day playing domi.
  8. communisthamster

    Multiplayer Armory feedback

    Here are my criticisms. Needs some sort of window to view the currently selected items before starting operation Needs an easier way of selecting/deselecting items and getting operations started. Voting works but with several players it can be confusing and slow. Some "ARMEX organiser" who gets 100% control over it would be good. Needs a "playlist" for operations. Sometimes you want to play 3 survival missions, then a Defend mission, etc, not just start at Survival and work your way through the list 1 by 1. We played earlier with a T-90 selected, unfortunately it spawned with crew inside which were OPFOR so they killed us at the spawn point. Suggest spawn all selected vehicles empty, it's multiplayer after all, you're playing with a human crew. Sometimes the vehicles are spawned too close together on operations and explode instantly. This is especially true of helicopters and jets Jets seem to be spawned "flying" at 0 altitude and therefore crash instantly If a jet is selected, all the players spawn on foot 4km away from the target with one jet (which as previously mentioned, explodes). Suggest spawning the troops at 400m from the objective and spawn the jet 4km away, in the air, flying. Some issues to work out, but I've had some really good fun with this mission so far! :)