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  1. Freeborne

    Arma 3 beta content ?

    According to Armaholic's compiled list of confirmed features for ARMA3 (full release), the imminent beta release will be missing a MASSIVE amount of content (and features) from the final product. http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=14450 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_game_development http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_release_life_cycle All we're getting in this beta is 4 helicopters, 2 armoured cars, some trucks and weapons. I've been a long time fan of OFP/ARMA, but this beta doesn't excite me in the slightest degree.
  2. Tomm96, do you have a full dedicated server? If not, go talk to your host.
  3. You need to specify the Battleye folder path when started your dedicated server, this should also be in your start-up line "-bepath=C:\Some folder\BattlEye" http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BattlEye
  4. This is a fantastic addition, thanks for implementing it. I do hope you can support this feature in the scheduler in the future though. Maybe SQL support in the future too, if ARMA3 supports BattlEye?
  5. Huge drop in FPS with over 30+ players in DayZ is normal, from everything I've experienced in heard from other server admins. Don't use standard DayZ and instead using one of the public Hive versions and you will get better performance. Also ensure the CPU priority is above "Normal" to get more use of those 2 cores. You should also post your server.cfg incase there's something wrong there. Finally, you should try tweaking your firewall, and running some external tests on it to determine packet loss and any NAT traversal issues.
  6. I've played ARMA as long as any elitist here, consistently since OFP's release date, but I find it insulting that hacking is blamed on "stupid server admins". Anyone so far that has attributed this as the main reason, or one of the main reasons, is just naive and plain arrogant. You run a server with 30+ different missions. You expect to have a single createvehicle.txt that will work for all those missions? Please... :j: Server admins are "stupid" because they don't have the time (or skill) to look through the code of every mission and addon they allow on their servers, to code effective filters? You are incredibly full of crap if you think you're "that" good no matter who you are. Dwarden or Suma don't even have the time or skill to do that unless they make it a full-time job, or run 1-2 servers with limited mission selections. BE filters have only been around AFTER DayZ (and because of it). So you 'veteran' server admins that have been running servers 'for years', what tools did you use to make your servers free of hackers? BE, verify sigs, and constant scanning of .rpt files thinking that everything gets logged there? LOL. "Luck" and "obscurity" is the answer you're looking for, not "I was just a great server admin that knew everything". ARMA3 was not just released with almost zero anti-cheating functionality, but the lack of BattlEye also meant no ping-limit kicker, no remote administration, no multi-admin support, no chat logging, and no way of managing your player base (such as white-listing, storing players to a database, TS3 integration, talking to players over RCON, etc). So "excusing" the Alpha for not having BE because other games lack AC, just doesn't cut it. The Alpha needs BE ASAP, or add those features as part of the dedicated server tools (at least the ping kicker and RCON). As I said, I'm not voting to replace BE with any particular alternative, because I don't know how good the alternatives are. Although I like BE, I still believe BattlEye just isn't good enough. Either BE improves dramatically, or it needs to be replaced with "Product X". Either solution needs better integration with the game and more input from BI themselves. BI release a game with a powerful scripting engine with almost no permissions or restrictions on who can run what. They contract another company (1 person) to prevent hackers from exploiting all these vulnerabilities. The game is over-run with hackers when it starts to become more popular, and the guys running the servers are blamed for being too stupid because they're not coders (as well as qualified network/server engineers) and able to work tirelessly around the clock. BI and BE is like comparing Windows and Anti-Virus. Having an OS that is completely vulnerable where everyone has admin access to each other's PC and expecting 3rd party anti-virus providers to plug every hole and take responsibility for every exploit, then blaming the ISP for being too stupid to stop hackers attacking their customers when the anti-virus/firewall software is periodically circumvented.
  7. Freeborne

    cooking with gas/new server

    I find many things about your thread annoying - the useless thread title, lack of information and unwillingness to do some research. If this is your first time running a dedicated server, start off using your own PC. It's much easier to use your own PC as a dedicated server and work out all the config files and such that way. 1GB RAM is enough to run a ARMA2 server if you run basic missions with limited slots. You could run a 32 player PvP mission pretty safely, but once you start adding AI the RAM usage may go up. Most of the missions I've seen use about 700MB of RAM only, even with 30-40 players. Of course if you want to run TS3 and your OS with that 1GB of RAM as well, you won't manage, even if it's just a Linux server. Either way, sounds like you've got a VPS there and your HDD, RAM, CPU and Network will all be contended (shared) with others, so those are your (theoretical) maximums you will never realistically achieve. You'll need more RAM at least, and better off renting an old dedicated server if you can afford it. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?127422-Server-Dedicated-Server-(and-Multi-Player)-Documentation Sample server start-up line: C:\Servers\ARMA2\Expansion\beta\arma2oaserver1.exe -mod=Expansion\beta;Expansion\beta\Expansion;ca -name=SERVER -config=C:\Servers\1\server.cfg -cfg=C:\Servers\1\arma2.cfg -profiles=C:\Servers\1 -bepath=C:\Servers\1\BattlEye -world=empty -nosound -port=2302
  8. Byrgesen, I don't think you know what you are talking about sorry. You are wrong on so many accounts you just delude this argument with lies and false information. The main reason it's easy to hack in ARMA is NOT stupid admins. If you think all that's needed to stop most hacks is just a server password and signature verification you should label yourself one of those stupid server admins. BattlEye has been bypassed many times in the past, so hackers/cheaters can still join a server and run their hacks without the server admin even knowing it. It's only if they do something that is obvious that you'll ever catch them. They could easily do subtle cheats like heal themselves or replenish their ammo and unless you write your own VERY complex missions to test for all possibilities, you'll never stop them. BattlEye filters are a fairly recent addition as well. Saying BattlEye has served well for years is a total lie really. It's only because ARMA has had a small and mature group of players that it's had low amounts of hackers. That does NOT mean BE was effective. Hackers also have a habit of joining popular servers with 50+ players. There are plenty of such servers nowadays, but 12 months ago it was a rare thing. Nonetheless, THOSE servers were the ones often targeted by hackers, not small clan servers. That does not mean those clan servers were more secure, they were just less tempting targets. You honestly sound like one of the 'elitest' ArmA players that believes ARMA should only be played one way (your way) and that if public servers are hacked, it is their own fault for not restricting their player-base to a small bunch of tight-knit people that have to jump through hoops to get approved. PvP, Warfare, DayZ, Wasteland, Life mods... all of these are probably not your cup of tea, but they deserve a place in the ArmAverse as much as tactical coop does. I don't necessarily want BattlEye support to be dropped as I'm not sure how effective VAC would be with community mods, but I do want BI to integrate the game more with Steam and give server admins more tools to secure their servers. For example, admins should be able to ban via Steam ID and not ProfileID (which can be changed).
  9. Sorry if asked before... Stayed up late and purchased Alpha Standard on Steam as soon as it was released (while BI Store was down). Next day, purchased Supporter Edition on BI Store. Already own and activated ARMA3 Alpha on Steam, so how can I register the Steam key for my Supporter Edition? Does it matter if I never activate it and just wait until the Beta, and (presumably) get a new key for a 'new' game?
  10. AUSARMA still has over 200 Alpha Lite keys to give away. Offer is valid for any Australasian resident. Simply post in this thread asking for a copy for yourself or a friend. http://www.ausarma.org/topic/3042-500-arma3-alpha-lite-codes-to-give-away/ If you are NOT from Australasia region, please do not ask, nor try to register and mask yourself as a local resident. Your IP will be checked, and if it is not a local IP you will be banned.
  11. Testing this now. So far so good. It's not polished, but it does the job. Asked players to type !admin in chat but it didn't seem to do anything special. Filter and search options in the log file could be useful. Only display chat from a specific user for example, or search for a swear word maybe. I see now reason however to use this over DaRT until their is support for connecting to a MySQL database for storing and retrieving player info and logs.
  12. We get this on AusArmA servers, didn't realize it was related to Blitzkrieg although that's mostly what we play. I thought it was the verifysigs that was causing it though.
  13. It's not lack of hardware grunt that's making it crash. You haven't set it up properly. Follow the setup thread in this forum carefully! Check your arma3.rpt for errors. Remove all missions you've uploaded, and comment out the mission cycle sections in your server.cfg. Turn persistent off and disable BattlEye (if you've copied a server.cfg from some ARMA2 guide). Using the #monitor command to check how much RAM it's using while you play. You should easily be able to run a basic mission by yourself without it crashing due to hardware resources.
  14. Freeborne

    Iznas' Nuthouse

    There are hundreds of ARMA3 servers if you include those running small scale missions from their home PC's. You really don't need your own thread to pimp yours.
  15. Nuxil, is this ever going to be open source? If so, ETA? Thanks for adding 'everyone' permission group. There's only one more piece of the puzzle I need you to complete. I need support for running an external command and parsing it user-created variables. Example: !updateme variable1 variable2 Sample: !updateme freeborne@ausarma.org mysecret123 Try to think how powerful and useful this could be for the community....... It could change everything! PW6, DayZ, MSO, hackers, whitelisting, etc. It means players can authenticate themselves (in other systems) as owners of a particular BEGUID! If you require more info or clarification, feel free to PM me.