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    Anyone have any good weapon textures?

    Hi zachgibson, Guess you unwrap your Model on the Textur and overwork it later? I Know it´s a fast way, but like you said it´s hard to find References which look similar on all sides. The Top-Side is mostly impossible this way and one side don´t really look like the other. Best Pictures are from firearms exhibitions in the US. I´m with PuFu. May be a bit more work, but it´s woth. Specularity and Scratches don´t look real at the CO_Textur, so a good RVMAT is the key.
  2. Hi ddilinger, When the unwanted Mission has startet,in your normal first person view press "left strg" and NumPad "-" and then type "endmission". There is no visual feedback for that! It ends your mission as success.
  3. Baraka

    Arma 3 SeaLife Project

    AH! The whale is even more epic! Stop it please, this massive attack of awesomness. When you go on, the next DLC is an empty water world. With Kevin Costner and the Man from Atlantis as Chars.
  4. Baraka

    Arma 3 SeaLife Project

    Awesome! I hoped so much for a jellyfish! I was too shy to ask, because animating a jelly must be really strange and unique. An OT question: Do you know if it´s possible to place objects at the seaground without editing the map? Thought about some underwater scenario, like corals, stone formations and plants. The trick would be to place them. Maybe you have a hint for me.
  5. Great work Mate! I'm sure you will solve the animation trouble. Take it slow, every Alpha patch can screw up your work these days. Greetings Baraka.
  6. Baraka

    Arma 3 SeaLife Project

    @Soolie: Thanks for sharing. Looks very cool. @Thromp: Hopefully the new update havn´t screwed up your work!
  7. Baraka

    flashbang and obstacles

    Allright. Good luck for your progress! :)
  8. Baraka

    flashbang and obstacles

    Hi super-truite. When you need help with a 3d Model, i can help you out. This is a little thing which can be done in 1 or 2 hours. Let me know.
  9. Baraka

    Help with modding

    Hi Lucasmnunesk + zeep, The ArmA2 Tools should work all in ArmA 3 Alpha. BI gave us very powefull tools in their SDK. They provide us with all that we need to make the thousends Addons that got released in the last Years. But you should have some basic knowlenge when you start with modding. In your case you should start with some scripts. Those will also work when you pack them into a .pbo. ACE is a very high level for a young Padawan, start it easy. The learning curve is very hard. Script examples are everywhere in the forum and on other sides. Also you should read Mr. Murrays Editing Guide http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=4847. It´s a great Guide. Written for ArmA 1 it´s still the way to go in the most parts.
  10. Baraka

    Arma 3 SeaLife Project

    This is great! Looks very natural for me (never saw a Marlin in RL) The Shark must be huge, at least 5 mtr i guess! We will have to check ourself for bleeding wounds before taking a bath.
  11. Baraka

    Arma 3 SeaLife Project

    Hi Thromp, i´ve made a Marlin for you (and me hehe) Here you are: http://www.file-upload.net/download-7457213/baraka_marlin.exe.html It hasn´t a rvmat yet, but you can have a look if there are any proplems with the model. Here is a render from max: In the link is the .p3d and the texture, but without an normal map, i try to make one in the next days. If anyone else is interested in the model: You can use it, and yes, Credits would be nice. Let me know what you think.
  12. Don´t know how we could life without this. Thanks for sharing. It's a relief to know that the Sesamstraße still exist in 2035
  13. Baraka

    Arma 3 SeaLife Project

    Haha, thanks for the offer. You don´t have an idea how bad i am with every kind of coding. Ask mr Burns. I have done a Bobycar for learning some of this stuff. It took me 5-6 weeks till i got the wheels turning and rolling. And this was with a template car in the Backround where i c+p every little selection name. I have a axisblablupp.error till today :o Guess not even Chuck Norris can debug my stuff. But it would be great to make a model for the mod. What did you mean with that: ?That those wouldn´t look good because of their size? What would be a good scale?
  14. Baraka

    Arma 3 SeaLife Project

    I make my own models. Feint´s Raven is from me, also the cal.68 Paintball mod and some small work with other Armaholics. But i hate those damn configs and all the stuff, so i search sometimes for a jointventure. The whales in ToH are not very nice. There a 2 of them, but i guess it´s the same model in 2 sizes. Their animations are also very basic. Anyway, if you need someone for modelling work, let me know. Your mod is on the top in my personally A3 wish list. Diving in A3 is awesome, so lets fill the underwater world.
  15. Baraka

    Arma 3 SeaLife Project

    Hi Thromp. Great to hear that. I absolutly love your sea work! Is it hard to animate the Sharks and the Orca? When you need some help with new models i can give you a hand but i can´t help with the configs and all the brain eating "text-stuff" and also not with the animation work. What i can do are O2 models with the lod´s and some kind of texture. So, when you are interested, let me know. Btw, my personally wish where some really big ones, like the Spermwhale, maybe a Marlin and maybe some Jellyfish.
  16. Here, take this as example: nyancat.7z"]nyancat.7z[/url] It´s a .3ds made in 3d Max and exported from there, with it comes the uvw-map also done in Max with a basic texture. Import the 3ds in O2, convert the texture in paa or skin it yourself with the map and see if it works. When it´s ok for you, maybe you do something wrong in Max.
  17. Had never problems with importing uvw´s from 3d Max. I always saved the unwrapped Mesh as .png, and made a .paa out of it. I guess it´s more important to have the unwrapped model saved correctly. the Map is just a guidline for your texture work. Don´t change the resolution and there shouldn´t be trouble. For me .3DS is the best working export form.
  18. ... press "F1" set a player somewhere on the map double click next to the player instead "bluefor" or "opfor" chose "empty" it´s the last one in this selection then chose "ammo" on field lower i think take what you want preview
  19. first set an player into the map, than you have the folder "empty" along with bluefor\opfor\civ. In the empty folder you can find all kind of amo-boxes along with empty vehicles\air\all other objects.
  20. Baraka


    Waiting for the SWORD for years. Great News!
  21. Hey, the first Addon for Carrier Command, right? Congrats I haven´t seen the Tools yet. Are they similar to ArmA ones, with sqf and configs? I suck really hard in this game, but i will try it these days.
  22. you can simply set 2 waypoints for OPFOR with a big radius (lets say each 20-30 meters), defending mode and a loop between them. So they should have a random route and stay in the city.
  23. Baraka

    Hazmat Units (OA)

    Great Work Icewindo. I have a question where i got stuck with my own project: How the hell works the first person mask? I always wanted something like this for my paintball, but never got the trick.
  24. Baraka

    Rearmed Career?

    Hi Orbital, Hinds sadly comes with 3 or 4 dynamic SP-Missions, without any career.
  25. Hi vilas, Releasing the MLOD´s is a sign of true strength. Big THX for that!