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  1. SteveJA

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Many thanks for you quick response! On a side note, does Hetman recognise the expansion units correctly? Syndicate for example. Also, still loving Hetman!
  2. SteveJA

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Hello Rydygier! Just a quick question. Struggling to stop HETMAN from controlling excluded units. I have a dynamic spawn script that adds the spawned unit into the RydHQ_Excluded array (See below). However, these groups are still being controlled by HETMAN. Can you offer any advice? _leader = leader _grp1; RydHQ_Excluded = RydHQ_Excluded + [_leader];
  3. Gutted I'm away from home untill the 27th. Can't wait to try version 2. Many thanks for all your hard work.
  4. Absolute legend. BCombat has such a huge impact on how much i enjoy Arma. Awesome new to hear that are creating an update!
  5. Looks fantastic. Can the ai use the Mech effectively?
  6. Beautifully crafted island bud. Really nice. Heres a great big thanks for sharing it. The only minor hickup i have is with the fields with the small green bushes. While they look great, it rapes my fps! Haha. Is there a way i can make it less dence?
  7. SteveJA

    Map Imrali Island

    Hello Cirav! ​ I just realised I've been using this map for the last year and never popped on here to say thank you! Frankly I think it is an absolute crime since Imrali is incredible mod and I've spent (literally) hundreds of hours on this map. So there it is, a massive (if somewhat late) thank you for bringing a brilliant island to life within Arma.
  8. Hello all! Using HAL alongside this fantastic script and it works like a dream. The only drama i am having currently is that ai that are cached, do not embark vehicles. Any ideas why this may be? Thanks.
  9. SteveJA

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Like many others, my own community have really enjoyed using this mod. However, during zeus missions we also suffered from the unresponsive zeds. @Rekkless how did your mission go the other night? Has 3.0 fixed the zeus issue?
  10. In complete awe. Great sounds. Really captures the initial crack as good as you can within a game. Really missing my distance sounds too atm. Can't wait till release!!
  11. Cracking sounds!! (See what i did there?). Genuinely great sounding sonic cracks. Really lets the player know whether they are under effective enemy fire. Thanks Lax, can't wait till the full release.
  12. Hello Zooloo Great to see you are giving it another crack. I really feel that AI is a core aspect in giving a exciting, challenging and immersive experiance in the Arma series. What really sets Arma apart is the culmination of authentic features that allow you to put real life logic into virtual practice. AI play a massive part in accomplishing that. Really wish you the best of luck and can't wait to see what you achive.
  13. I expect Fab is still developing this mod but may be taking a step back in order to see what impact the marksman update has. Fab has created a very meticulous balance which in turn leads to fantastic AI behavior and it's hard to see how the marksman update wont change that in some way. Fab quick thing. Not sure if you've thought about it or not, just wondered if it's worth having units that are in "AWARE" mode and are stationary for over ~20 seconds taking a knee. Just a thought. #Bcombat still goto AI mod.
  14. Hello Voiper. First i would like to say, quality addon. It's little effects like these that solidify the Arma experience especially immersion intensive night recce missions. So thanks for sharing. I've been working for the last few months on a single player Recce/Saboteur/Campaign mission on Imrali and would love to add this feature. I'm guessing however (after DLing and following the instructions) that this map is not supported. I don't want to be another "P13ase cAN u aDD A1l teh M4PS!!!" guy, therefore i ask if anyone1 would point me in the right direction to make it compatible myself? Regardless great little addon! Looking forward to see more!
  15. Good to hear from you! I was was just in fact about start sifting through the forums to find out what the crack was. Will certainly be interesting to find out what bi end up doing. Not really sure about time scales though. . . . . . . Regardless good luck!!
  16. Laxemann, having just returned from a dems package, i must say great work bud. You mentioned earlier that you strive to create the most realistic/authentic soundscape you can. Continue on your current trajectory, and i and damn sure you are going to blow that goal outa the water. Look forward to see more of your genius, good luck.
  17. Looking sexy guys. Every time i see that rifle it just gets better!
  18. Lads, I and many others have said it before, but u really have done a f**king good job. Enjoy new year's guys, make sure you treat yourself!
  19. Haha. Had myself a good Lil laugh there. Cheers.
  20. As long as he speads the word around beforehand, I say go for it!!
  21. SteveJA

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Hello Rydygier As a supporter of your mod, this update is one of the reasons I am rushing to get my house in order to get the PC fired up! I noticed in the previous version after prolonged missions, consisting of large evenly matched armies, that leaders begin to stop giving orders. It may be the result of both side taking enough causalities for the leaders of both sides to believe that a offensive of the next objective is not viable. Therefore they take a stationary defensive role. Does this sound about right?
  22. For the lord, Lord Jarhead
  23. Hello zorrobyte, Would it be possible to check the type of waypoint before dismounting the troops. For example a seek and destroy waypoint will cause the group to dismount 1k away from the objective whereas a move waypoint is like the above. This would reduce the chances of ai driving blindly into fortified enemy positions in a car/truck. Would like to hear your thoughts.