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  1. Ok, i know u give enough examples for change the lights. But, can u help-me whit one more ? The C-130J starts fine (null = [this] execVM "redlight.sqf"; our this setVariable["interiorlight",true];). The C-130J is a AI plane, and i really want to change to Green Light on a trigger our WP. How can i do that ? I try, whit no sucess. Never mind, now i see: 130 is the SAAB version, not the RHS one. Sorry for asking so stupid question. lol.
  2. Code for start with the main backpack on front ?
  3. m4rk3tin6

    =ATM= Airdrop [A3] - Beta

    Lost backpack on dedicated
  4. m4rk3tin6

    =ATM= Airdrop [A3] - Beta

    Can somebody help me ? I really apreciated if u guys can. So, thats what i'm looking foward. Start the mission on the plane, jump out with my friends, backpack safe, mask on, no chemical lights our strobles. But, the script only give me a flag pole, and when i try jump out with the same code, the map apears, and it ruins whats i want ;( can someone help ?
  5. m4rk3tin6

    AI HALO Jump Example Mission

    I do what u say, but its work fine on MP Client, em SP, but in dedicated, Nope, don't work.
  6. m4rk3tin6

    AI HALO Jump Example Mission

    "The rest from HALO Script" ? Help me, i can't make this work on dedicated.
  7. Hi everyone. I have a small group of players, and a dedicated server who plays basic only alive missions in persistent word. I made the missions, so, here comes my question: I open the missions, we play "day one" of the mission, and complet the first one objective, everybody go to sleep our whatever, and the server still running. On the other day, we enter on the same mission, and the trigger on the objetive was gone, and the objetive apears is not complete. So, how make a "persistent trigger" for when i leave the server i don't lose the status of objective complete on this objective ? Sorry for bad english, and aprecieted the help. PS: I search everything about "publicvariables", but don't understand how it works. expActiv=Obj5 setTaskState "SUCCEEDED""; ["TaskSucceeded",["Radar", "Mission Succeed"]] call bis_fnc_showNotification; expDesactiv="";
  8. Code for spawn the helis with the colition lights off ?
  9. How spawn the CH-53 with the ramp open ?
  10. Parabéns, queria ser o primeiro a postar e vou postar em português. Lembro das primeiras versões, parabéns pelo release final.
  11. m4rk3tin6

    US Military Mod (80s, 90s)

    DeltaHawk, i love u mod! Really LOVE this. If u want some help to import this awesome mod to A3 i'll be glady to help u with that.
  12. And when the next patch release ?
  13. m4rk3tin6

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    It's like CAF Agressors Config ? Like One Shot one kill ?
  14. How to turn off lights in map objects ?