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  1. How does this mod effect Group link 3? Are some of the features found in GL3 found in ACE? Like suppression or AI tactics or group support? Im wondering whether I need GL3 or I can cut down on the amount of scripts running and save my self the performance hits.
  2. KCB

    Dam Seagull thing?

    reinstalling, updating without all the crap…thanks guys
  3. is there a script, or can some one knock one up, that will create a probability of a trigger been activated. Say for example; my insurgent unit reaches an area with a trigger that will create a mine or IED. Would it be possible to create a 50/50% chance that the IED will be created or not? Also is it possible to create a system that will give a unit or group 2 or more waypoint options. So that even as a mission designer, I would not know which set of waypoints a given unit will follow. Each set of waypoints would end at two very different locations and tasks. thanks
  4. Which works best for AI civi populating a town? UPS or DAC2?
  5. KCB

    Dam Seagull thing?

    the no CD crack is the problem then!
  6. KCB

    Dam Seagull thing?

    Keep changing into a seagull at random times? Is there a way to turn this feature off?
  7. thanks wipman, will let you know what i find. can anyone remember perhaps seeing a mission that had these elements in it? wow! bed time reading and then some!!!
  8. thanks Joske, Had a look over the OFPEC, nice site, but did not find anything I could use. The allowfleeing command seems to have no effect on in a test mission, but then again I don’t even know if im doing it right. Im not able to script having only got into this recently. Again, seems odd there is nothing out there. Is no one playing realistic missions based on AFPAK scenarios?
  9. KCB

    Fire control in fire teams

    I agree absolutely, your not gona hit anything at 500. such distances are only for suppression tasks with HMG. But my AI will let rip at 500 and once they do I cannot get them to stop. I have realized the trick is to ensure they are given the hold fire order prier to engaging, once they have engaged, hold fire command is ignored, that’s a little annoying as you seem to lose control at this point. Doubly annoying when your riflemen AI engage on bust or auto at such ranges and by the time I have worked out an approach to the targets im already getting “out of ammo†messages. Im using ACE mod and working on largely open desert based maps. I spent twelve years as a Brit Para so I know how it works in the real world. Guess I just need to spend more time getting to know my AI buddies and their odd ways. But the key here seems to be ‘hold fire prier to the shooting’. But im surprised some one has not dealt with the hold fire command failure by 1.9 ACE. thanks
  10. well i looked over OFPEC but found nothing. little surprised there is nothing already dealing with, what i would have thought, was a basic requirement. as for going it alone on this one, that’s way out of my pay grade, but who knows over time. in the mean time i will look at ways to get around this, maybe a number of elements working together in some fashion. thanks Wipman!
  11. Anybody know how to create a situation where the AI will retreat under certain conditions? Thinking hit and run tactics like the Taliban or insurgents might use. It appears stand and fight and attack seems to be the only real options given to the enemy AI. Even GL3 has no scripting to help create such a tactic, as least non i can see. It would be ideal if you could get an AI group to put up a fight for a few min and then embark on a fall back waypoint. You then could have a pursuit style game chasing the enemy from defended position to defended position. Are there scripts or methods out there that might be used for this?
  12. Could some one explain how to implement team switch into a SP game. I have been looking over threads but they are all very complicated and refer to multiplayer scripts. As far as im aware the following should work in a Description.ext: addSwitchableUnit _newUnit; selectPlayer _newUnit; however there seems to be something missing. I go to the map view and look under units or playable and don’t see anything? I have one player and another unit as playable. “T†“Y†“U†have no effect. Sorry if you have had these questions before.
  13. KCB

    Razani, N. Waziristan Map

    any news on progress?
  14. dose smoke block AI view in ACE mod? or do i need to use another script for that? thanks ---------- Post added at 04:10 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:09 PM ---------- you can climb a fencs? ---------- Post added at 04:17 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:10 PM ---------- i was asking about equipment, in ArmA general thread, that can be added using RTE and how it can be best used, but it looks like this is an ACE mod question. will refrain from reposting heres the link: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=92702
  15. Yes most the items involved are from the ACE mod, so I guess this is more of a question for the ACE crew.