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  1. Hey Jonnyboy, very nice scripts you put out for mission immersion. I made a similar gun light script just didn't think anyone would be interested in it. I added a couple of checks, not just time of day but also if unit has NVGs. To me, it looked a little strange for a unit to be walking around with NVGs on and flash light on. You are more than welcome to use it in your script if you want. The nvg_array contains BIS and CUP nvgs. AI_gunlights = { private ["_grp","_this","_items","_nvg_array"]; _nvg_array = [ "CUP_NVG_PVS14","CUP_NVG_PVS14","CUP_NVG_PVS15_black","CUP_NVG_PVS15_green","CUP_NVG_PVS15_tan","CUP_NVG_PVS15_winter","CUP_NVG_PVS7","O_NVGoggles_ghex_F", "O_NVGoggles_hex_F","O_NVGoggles_urb_F","NVGogglesB_blk_F","NVGogglesB_grn_F","NVGogglesB_gry_F","CUP_NVG_GPNVG_black","CUP_NVG_GPNVG_green","CUP_NVG_GPNVG_tan", "CUP_NVG_GPNVG_winter","CUP_NVG_HMNVS","NVGoggles_OPFOR","NVGoggles","NVGoggles_INDEP","NVGoggles_tna_F","H_HelmetO_ViperSP_ghex_F","H_HelmetO_ViperSP_hex_F" ]; _this= _this select 0; _items = primaryWeaponItems _this; //time > 5; if ( !(isplayer _this) && {(side _this isequalto independent) || (side _this isequalto east)}) then { switch ("PARAM_GUNLIGHT_TOGGLE" call BIS_fnc_getParamValue ) do { case 0: //off { _this enableGunLights "forceoff"; }; case 1: //on { if ((date select 3) < 6 or (date select 3) > 19 ) then { if ({_x in (items _this + assignedItems _this)}count _nvg_array > 0) exitwith {}; _this removePrimaryWeaponItem (_items select 1); sleep .1; _this addPrimaryWeaponItem "acc_flashlight"; sleep .1; _this enableGunLights "forceon"; while {!(_this isFlashlightOn (currentWeapon _this))} do //if (!(_this isFlashlightOn (currentWeapon _this))) then { _this enableGunLights "forceon"; sleep 5; }; }; }; case 2: //random { if ((date select 3) < 6 or (date select 3) > 19 ) then { if ({_x in (items _this + assignedItems _this)}count _nvg_array > 0) exitwith {}; _this addPrimaryWeaponItem "acc_flashlight"; sleep .5; while {alive _this} do { _this enableGunLights "forceon"; sleep 30 + random 30; _this enableGunLights "forceoff"; sleep 20 + random 20; }; }; }; }; }; };
  2. I came across this mod the other day and it sounds great. I wanted to be able to run this on just the server. After reading the website I was under the impression it could be server only and not require players/client to have the mod loaded, but when I tested this I kept getting an error saying I needed cf_bai_main on connected client. The mission ran fine other than the error message. I have no idea if the mod was actually working or not
  3. Thanks for this 7erra, I use notepad++ and found this very helpful
  4. Been testing 1.6wip4 , so far everything is working great. I am not getting any errors and whatever you did seems to have fixed the respawn problem. I am going to update one of my missions with this new version and test it out on my server with other players. Will let you know if I find any problems. Thanks Rydygier for the work you have put into this.
  5. Did some digging , I never knew in the editor /preview if you alt+LMB it will teleport you. So this has nothing to do with HAS. I have no idea how to disable alt+LMB teleport, seems like it is built into the editor. As for respawn, it is strange, I can respawn as much as I want until i get in a helo and get the actions to transport. Once i get the actions to transport , if I respawn HAS stops working, meaning I can get in a helo and I will not get any actions. The support menu is still there and I can call for transport with the support menu but helo does not respond. Also, If i use helo and transport to a location. if I respawn before the helo has RTB. HAS will not longer work, I will get no actions inside a helo. If I wait until helo has RTB and then respawn. HAS works fine, I get actions when I get in a helo. I hope this makes sense. If you want I can make a video and post it showing what I am trying to describe.
  6. @Rydygier I just downloaded and have been testing 1.6 wip3. Addactions after respawn are still buggy If you get in a helo at start, then get out and make yourself respawn, HAS stops working for the player If you get in a helo and transport to destination, once your get to the destination and are out of the helo. The helo will start its RTB. If you make yourself respawn before the helo has RTB, HAS will stop working for the player The nav waypoints are a great addition for planning a route I found one thing When the map opens , alt+LMB actually teleports you to that location. A systemchat hint pops up also, makes me think it was some type of debug for testing purposes
  7. @beno_83au I was afraid that would be the answer. @GrumpyOldMan Your info on video settings made a big difference. i didn't realize what ambient occlusion was doing. The video feed looks much better. I wish the video feed looked as good as actually using a UAV but like beno_83au said I dont think it is possible. I will have to put something in the briefing telling connecting players how to set their video settings. If i get a chance I will post a video showing the difference in the video settings with AO, on or disabled, maybe it will help others with who encounter this problem
  8. Thanks for the info, I will try it out and see how it looks
  9. I have been playing around with making a faux satellite/surveillance feed in a briefing room for players to watch. Everything works, but the picture is just terrible. I have tried adjusting my video settings(set everything to max) and adjusting settings in the script but I just cant seem to make the displayed video look any sharper. I also tried setting it to thermal. First few seconds it looks great but then it grays out and becomes a big gray mess. here is the code I am using I am calling this script from initplayerlocal.sqf. [camlock_1,feed_1] execVM "scripts_client\sat_feed_1.sqf"; camlock_1 is invisble helo pad feed_1 is name of rugged large screen "Land_TripodScreen_01_large_F" params ["_pos","_target"]; private _campos =[(getpos _pos select 0),(getpos _pos select 1), +175]; //_pos2 = getpos camlock_1; _cam = "camera" camcreate _campos; _cam cameraEffect ["Internal", "Back", "satrtt"]; _cam camSetTarget obj_HVT;//camlock_1; //_cam camSetDir [0,0,-60]; _cam camSetFov .4; _cam camCommit 1; _target setObjectTexture [0, "#(argb,512,512,1)r2t(satrtt,1.77)"]; if ((dayTime > 19 || dayTime < 4)) then { "satrtt" setPiPEffect [1]; } else { "satrtt" setPiPEffect [0]; }; waituntil {obj_hvt getVariable "captured"}; _cam cameraEffect ["terminate", "back", "satrtt"]; camDestroy _cam; I have this in a mission that has been played on dedicated all the connecting players see the display but it just looks like crap. Are there any changes I can make to make the display look better? Also, why do players lose the video feed to the monitor when they use arsenal and is there anyway to prevent it?
  10. Did some really quick tests on the hotfix. I have to go into work so will test more when I get a chance. Tests were done with your demo mission and respawn enabled. Results: I am not getting this error anymore if ((_firstWP select 1) < _currIx) then { _gp setCurre> 8:37:49 Error position: <select 1) < _currIx) then { _gp setCurre> 8:37:49 Error Zero divisor However, respawn problem is still present. Everything seems to work fine until you respawn, then you loose addactions in helo. Also, after respawn, if you run far enough out to call helo using support menu. Helo will never respond to call. The support menu comes up but nothing happens with helo. Again before respawn it works fine.
  11. Thanks for the quick update. I was able to do some quick testing, found a couple of things. I first tried the new version in one of my missions, then tested with your demo mission. Getting the same errors. I tested on hosted MP , so I did not test the path planning as you said it is SP only. If you respawn you will not get actions when you get in a helo, before respawn everything works fine. I added respawn to your demo mission to test this. Also getting this error if ((_firstWP select 1) < _currIx) then { _gp setCurre> 8:37:49 Error position: <select 1) < _currIx) then { _gp setCurre> 8:37:49 Error Zero divisor this error happens when I give the helo a destination (no path planning, just a destination) and also when I respawn. It maybe you meant for this new version to be tested in SP only and in MP it is going to throw errors
  12. Thanks for the info EO, very helpful
  13. Thanks HazJ that answered one of my main questions. One last question , I can probably figure it out with some tests , but you might know off hand. When I run enableEnvironment command will it continue to work throughout the whole map, meaning animals(snakes,rabbits) are generated around the player out to whatever distance. If the player moves to a new location will animals then be generated at the new location. Does enableEnvironment need to be run in a loop?
  14. Pierremgi Guess I dont really care about the bees/flies/cicadas but they do add a tiny bit of ambiance. It also removes all the fish which is not a big deal for this particular mission, as there is no water activity. I know this has been reported, animals causing vehicles to swerve or even stop. I guess I shouldn't be surprised but seems like BIS could have fixed this along time ago. The maps are pretty sterile as they are just hate making it even more so.
  15. Thanks George I will try it out.