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  1. joejoe87577

    Why Bohemia Why?

    I've got your point. I'm buidling PCs now for more than 6 years, and not only for me years apart. And I don't see the problem at my end realy, all games that I've tried run fine. Every bit of software that I use runs fine. Visual Studio compiling complex programs runs fine. But not ArmA. Why is it like this? And don't tell me the old thing, they can improve their engine. I know it, I've done this with an old enterprise application running for the last 15 years. Without any change to the UI, just the code between the Database and the UI. And the result was a big improvment in performance and stability...
  2. joejoe87577

    Why Bohemia Why?

    My main problem is the fact, that this happens NVidia control panel has default settings. I'm used to crappy performance and stuttering games, but the problem is, even with good hardware (I would consider it as high end) you can't get good and stable performance from arma. And yes, I like 60 FPS, that's why.
  3. joejoe87577

    Why Bohemia Why?

    Alright... Settings Ultra Viewdistance 3000/2500/100 MSAA 4x 1920*1080 ArmA 3 on HDD Rig is in my signature I've deleted my config when I upgraded the GPU and reset everything in arma. No Mission played, I was in the emtpy editor. But all this doesn't explain why I have 50FPS in the cockpit view and 70FPS in the 3rd Person View. Edit: No Mods, Vanilla ArmA @Jackel326: It is not even about the CPU. I had no scripts and no ai running...
  4. joejoe87577

    Why Bohemia Why?

    I couldn't find good thread for this so i'm making a new one. Why Bohmia Why? I've recently upgraded my GPU to a Inno 3d GTX980 TI and overclocked my I5 3570k from 3.4Ghz to 4.2Ghz. This Card is a real beast, i've had no Problems at all running the latest games on very high to Ultra Settings. For Example: The Witcher 3 Ultra Settings solid 60 FPS (vsync) GTA 5 Ultra Settings (gras off, Extended graphic Options also ultra) solid 60 FPS (vsync) Elite Dangerous Ultra Settings solid 60 FPS (vsync) I could write more, but you get my Point. It is not about the general Problems like the cpu utlization, the handling of many ai, the Overhead on the net code or anything. I have a very simple question: Why is my Framerating dropping by 20 (twenty) FPS on Stratis, completly empty just a Little Bird and me and i'm only switching between internal and external view... The engine is not running, so no heavy shadow calculation. No AI anywhere on the map, no scripts running, no Mission running. Just the plain Editor. It is not the Mission makers fault, or the Server is to crappy. No it is just me, my pc and arma. Why Bohemia, why is it like this?
  5. joejoe87577

    Popup Target hitmarker

    I'll look up my solution, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow as I'm not at my computer. Gesendet von meinem Nexus 7 mit Tapatalk
  6. joejoe87577

    Update is out

    I noticed a serious drop of FPS in the Nato Showcase (didn't test anything else). From 50 to 30 and in some places down to 20. Many others Report the same Performance Drops.
  7. joejoe87577

    Splash Screen Edit

    I had no p problems with a jpeg at 1920x1080. But I had it in my mission root folder and no spaces in the filename.
  8. joejoe87577

    Camera effects

    Take a look at this.
  9. joejoe87577

    Helipad Light Script

    I've already tried this, but i couldn't find something to make IR Strobes not blink. I could just create 10 IR Strobes foreach Position, but that would have a heavy Impact on the performance, that would be more than 400 Strobes per Helipad.
  10. You could use this: _vehCheck= nearestObjects[position planeSpawn,["landVehicle","Air","Ship"],radius] select 0; //Checks for vehicles at the given Position with inside the radius if(!isNil "_vehCheck") then { deleteVehicle _vehCheck; } else { _newPlane = "I_Plane_Fighter_03_CAS_F" createVehicle (position planeSpawn); _newPlane setDir 205; };
  11. joejoe87577

    Helipad Light Script

    What you could do is use the script in your init.sqf, so that all helipads get These lights. The init lines of the helipads would stay empty and the lights should not be recreated. But thats just a guess.
  12. You could unpack the Music_f_epa_Music.pbo and the Music_f_Music.pbo and Play the .ogg flies with the vlc Player.
  13. joejoe87577

    Custom Lighting

    You could use the createvehicle with the classname "#lightpoint" . And use These commands to control the brightness, the light color, ambient color.
  14. joejoe87577

    Custome UI Elements

    Thanks, thats what i was looking for.
  15. Hi, I've been looking for this for a while now. But I couldn't find any suitable tutorial or documentation. I'm trying to create a UI element that works just as a Display and not as a Dialog. I've found some old threads but there is no complete how to. I've also unpacked some missions with custome ui elements, but they are far too complicated to find the most improtant bits out. Does anyone have a tutorial or the time to write a Basic guide for this?