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  1. Created a mission in the editor where an AI controlled chopper drops off my squad on the edge of Rahmadi so that we can move in and attack the occupied town. The mission works flawlessly in Preview mode and singleplayer but once I start it in Multiplayer the chopper will not land even If I give the disembark command, it just hovers there eternally. What do I have to do to make multiplayer missions work? P.S There are no external scripts called Thanks
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    ArmA 2 site hacked

    ah, I see
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    ArmA 2 site hacked

    Those Roman numerals in the grass in the bottom left aligned diagonally. XXV ..........XXIV .......................XXIII Like that^ Can't be bothered going through the thread to see if anyone's found them (most likely) That's counting down, 25, 24, 23. Maybe they will release something at the beginning of June.
  4. Suppose I better give something back to the community Hi Jedra, as you're getting started with arma 2 mods you MUST learn to use mod folders, here is a video showing you how to use them: Remember to put a ; semicolon between the @mod folders in your shortcut if you have more than one. Also about sixupdater. six updater works through a series of servers which host all of the mods in the list you see in six updater, there isn't a way to add mods that aren't on that list, it's up to the server to decide whether they want to host it. An alternative program for keeping mods up to date is YOMA, have a look at that. Just make sure that the mod you want to download has a YOMA repository. Only download and update ACE through SIX! Hope that helps.
  5. I should have asked ages ago.. THANKYOU again :p Fixed
  6. Do you mean the right windows key? My keyboard has no right windows key only a left one.
  7. I've been having another problem with ace for a some time (since I installed it a few months ago) and I was hoping it would work after updates eventually but it doesn't... First, I can't use the crew served weapons. I can deploy an M3 tripod for example and it works, then if I put an M2 machine gun bag in my gear and try to interact with the tripod I get no options. Same deal with the C4 and Satchel charges, I can place them on the round but I can't detonate them.
  8. That has got ACE up to the latest version. Thanks Sickboy.
  9. I can run SIX in no auto-update mode, it's telling me that my version of @ACE is up to date, but on joining a server I am one version behind. When I click the sync button in SIX it gives me this message: From what I can tell, If it can't find out which is the latest version (this must be hosted on dev-heaven?) then it must assume that I have the latest one. P.S yes my version is 2.2dev :)
  10. It appears (to me) that the dev-heaven website is down.. I can't even get to the main page, i just get "server not found" When starting six updater the command prompt updater box appears, gives a 404 error and the program crashes. Anyone else having problems?
  11. Hello, I've tried joining domination and warfare among a few other servers in operation arrowhead 1.52. when I join the server and select my unit e.g 1-1-L sniper, after that screen the game has a loading screen, when that is finished I get an error to do with config.bin/cfgglasses and then my internet disappears and the game gives me the no message received for x seconds notifications. I have to restart my computer to be able to use the internet again after it happens. I use an ASUS rx3041 router and I have an onboard NIC (Atheros L1 gigabit ethernet connector) if it may be an issue with hardware then that may help. My copy of operation arrowhead is installed seperately from ArmA 2, I also tried using the beta patch but that was unsuccessful. Any help is appreciated, and if you need to know anything about my system or what happens just ask as long as it goes towards finding the problem. EDIT: a friend who was on the server just told me that each time I tried to connect it gave a battle-eye message, I will try and install the latest version. Thanks -trezza
  12. More japanese sports cars would be fun, a mazda RX-7 would be nice :p.
  13. Are you able to choose if the leaves are made as models or just a plane with a texture applied to them?
  14. Wow that's a lot of pictures. When i take my dirtbike out I usually go up to Murrindindi, Toolangi and Narbethong to ride, Seeing as you're from melbourne too you probably know those places mikebart. Here's some pictures of the area, for anyone who doesn't know the tree trunks are black because of a huge fire that went through early in 2009. Sorry for any photos with a blue tint. This hill, evil. photo makes it look small.
  15. Here we are, this thread may be very useful for people creating brand new vegetation! In here people can post up reference pictures of different trees bushes and plants. Things like photos of bark, branches, leaves, grass and I think pictures of the ground, EXCITING :p. I haven't got any material at the moment but I'll go and grab the camera then edit this post with some pics! I took these in my back yard, then it rained so i had to come in. The bark on a limb of my lemon tree A branch of the lemon tree Trunk of a small fern A leaf from the fern.