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  1. Galet

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Allow to me to test too mod :)
  2. Dedicated server shutdown during the game without error message. The doesn't work ingineer ACE evo chernarus.
  3. The rank system doesn't work in the mission [ACE] Evo Red, the weapon crate contains only AK74M rifles, ammo and stuff, but no other weaponry.
  4. Galet

    Evo~Blue V3.x

    Doesn't work Link
  5. Galet

    GITS Evolution for Arrowhead

    For ACE2 will be?
  6. Galet

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    Ok,We wait The prices and balance можна from here http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=108516&highlight=warfare+ace
  7. Galet

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    Why there is no bmd 1-2, t72B-BA, btr70, and many other things from a ACE2?
  8. Galet

    Warfare for Invasion 1944 Mod

    Updatings will be map?
  9. Galet

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    Joehunk add all technics from a ACE and parameter of switching-off and inclusion of system of wound ACE in options.Sorry for my English :)
  10. Galet

    1182 Renamed Missions

    Excellent work! Thx.Can you make a collection of the mission in ACE2?