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  1. Cool little patrol mission. Always nice to see missions made for small infantry operations.
  2. Naserve


    Well whenever you hit an autosave it seems to set everyone other than the host into the hosts perspective. If a person connects mid mission it seems to fire some triggers like the bombs to clear the trees on mission 1. As for how do you play it coop when you go to campaigns you hit host instead of play. The FDF mod campaign had it set up so all triggers fired off of the group leaders character and it seemed to work pretty well.
  3. Naserve


    Will that update be adding in the coop compatibility? Myself and a few friends are waiting for that before we have a go at the campaign.
  4. Naserve


    Will the ACE release feature Coop or will that be coming at a later time?
  5. Naserve

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    I think its obvious, the HMS Astute must be buried there. :p
  6. Glad its not just me. I'm only managing to pull like 14kbs off the US server as well.
  7. Sprocket needs a Steam like counter of how many days/hours are left until a game releases. Of course since its changed from saying the game will release on the 30th to trying to download it I think its safe to say they intended to release it at midnight and something went wrong.
  8. Its not that hard for one or two of them to stay up and make sure their midnight release actually functions.
  9. Sure would be nice if BI or Sprocket released some kind of statement about this.
  10. I'm really enjoying it so far. The missions seem well thought out.
  11. So let me ask all of you anti-DLC folks a question. If OA was 50 bucks instead of 40 and came with all of the content included in this DLC pack would you still have bought it?
  12. Well lets see OA has a campaign and some SP scenarios and the DLC has a campaign and some scenarios. OA has the US Army, the Takistani Army, the Takistani Militia, the Rebels, the UN, the Germans, the Czech, and now the Brits. For 50 dollars you end up getting content on par with what Arma 2 had to offer. I don't see a problem here.
  13. You're right I did. I have a question for ya Dwarden. Obviously you can't divulge to much, but do you guys plan on releasing these frequently or will there be a significant gap between the Brits and the next DLC? Edit: Also would it be possible to elaborate on these engineer extensions? Will they affect base OA engineers?
  14. I see what they did here. They sold a full game for 40 bucks and have a decent sized DLC coming out for 10 bucks. In the end OA with its first DLC ends up costing as much as A2, which isn't bad for 3 new maps, 2 new campaigns, 5 factions, and engine improvements. Seems pretty fair to me.
  15. I don't know if I was doing it wrong the first time or if its because of the new update but the ACE keys seem to be functioning! I'm really liking the look of the local operators and the beards!
  16. I've noticed they seem to not work properly with ACE2. When I am playing as one of your operators I can't use any ACE keys. Other than that I'm looking forward to seeing a locally clothed variant.
  17. Naserve

    How do you control the ULB [OA]

    He's talking about the unmanned little bird in relation to the Apache.
  18. Well what I am suggesting is that they add a mortar soldier to each variant of uniform. If they would like to make it so only the mortar soldier can deploy it thats fine so long as I get my 101st Airborne Mortar Soldier.
  19. How do I set up the mortar? Ok so upon some messing around I noticed that only the mortar soldier can redeploy a mortar, thats kind of dumb. The 101st had mortar soldiers jump in, as did a lot of other groups. Will that be fixed/changed?
  20. Yea why don't you try and make a torrent while we wait on the FTP.
  21. I don't suppose someone has released an ammobox script containing all the Vanilla weapons and Ace Weapons?
  22. Great mod guys, I've been playing it all day long! I'm getting ready to start cranking out maps and updating my current ones to ACE but I can't find a list of the Ace weapons/ammo names for a custom ammobox script, will that be posted soon?