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  1. Hi i with my friend have problem with acre volume. when we turn it on hear all speak too low. i try put volume up on people in team speak bud that dont help it too much. exist something how to turn sound up in game or something? sry for my english :)
  2. Kosino

    RQ-11 Raven A

    nice work!!! thx
  3. omg if you connect with old version you are fast in game, but if you have new it is so slow. I like this mod! sry for my eng
  4. wow! how u made this?? need try it too :o
  5. Kosino

    MCC Sandbox - The Mod

    hey plz how i can hijack as a Civilian ty much and ty for this rly good mod
  6. plz How to use big radio in heli like pilot or co-pilot? If i get in all stuff are out. ty and inside isnt radio, i cant swap it. ctrl+shift+s/a dont work. I can use only small radio.
  7. Kosino

    october 3rd arma 2 crash

    thx! crazy error :D
  8. Kosino

    Arma 3 Officially Announced!

    still looks like arma2 :-/
  9. Kosino

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    a-10 has realy horrible sound!(i mean gau). try watch this video . In ACE are realy nice!
  10. Kosino

    1.05 new patch error message

    hey all i have this problem: cannot found bmp.p3d i use CAA1, RKSL, vopsound, warfxparticles. I do not know what to do to make the game go
  11. Kosino

    co08 Avgani Showdown

    i need some addons? wich?