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  1. UnitedOperations.net A Tactical ACE/ACRE community UnitedOperations.net is a tactically-minded, mature gaming community which utilizes the Advanced Combat Radio Environment (ACRE) and Advanced Combat Environment (ACE) mods. Founded in the summer of 2010, we have been seeing a steady influx of new members. However, we are constantly seeking new members to fill our ranks who are interested in mature, tactical gameplay and forum participation. We are "officially" the headquarters of the Advanced Combat Radio Environment (ACRE) mod, and Jaynus and Nou, the creators and editors of the mod, are frequently found at our community, on our server, and in our forums. UnitedOperations.net primarily focuses on Arma II gameplay on our ACE/ACRE server, where we frequently see 30 to 40 players on during a peak night. We are fortunate enough to have a number of highly skilled and trained mission makers, and thus have a wide array of excellent missions, including: WAC (wide area coops) which focus on realistic, tactical maneuver, assault, and defense missions, sandbox missions which enable open-ended gameplay, a wide array of less-realistically-punishing yet incredibly fun missions which range in size from 5 to 70 players, and, as a seeder mission, tactical ACE versions of Domination. Our forums are open to free discussion, general discussion, and Arma 2 discussion. UnitedOperations focuses on a system of voting per our established charter. We have community-voted members who operate as officers to supplement the administration role commonly undertaken by appointed members in other communities. We further feature a "regular" system, where members who particulate in the community can be voted as a regular and propose new mods be added to our modpack, and vote in new amendments to our charter or new operations to be run within the community. Aside from Arma II, we enjoy playing a large array of games, including Minecraft (which we have a server for), Falcon 4 Allied Force, World of Tanks, DCS: a10, Il2, and more. We also dabble in other mods for Arma ii, including the excellent I44 mod. We are very open to new players. Please don't hesitate to visit us at our forums (www.unitedoperations.net) or on our server! A number of resources for our community are as follows: Link to our setup page http://unitedoperations.net/Thread-02-Getting-Started-Server-Addon-Information Teamspeak 3 information: ts3 server Hostname: ts3.unitedoperations.net Address: Port: 9171 Server info Name: UnitedOperations.Net - ACRE Official Community Hostname: srv1.unitedoperations.net Address: Port: 2302 Password: Located at channel description to "In Game" channel in TS3. Server info for our Arma 2: OA vanilla server Name: UnitedOperations.Net - OA [1.52 PURE] Hostname: srv1.unitedoperations.net Address: Port: 2312 Password: Located at channel description to "In Game" channel in TS3. Significant mod information (be advised, the ACE info is a bit outdated. Updated information will be posted soon...) A.C.R.E. 1.1.0 (Advanced Combat Radio Environment) Link http://www.dev-heaven.net/projects/a2ts3 A.C.E 1.6 Stable Update 3 (Advanced Combat Environment) link http://ace.dev-heaven.net/wagn/Documentation ShackTac Fireteam HUD V100715 Link http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=9936 Maps Included in our Modpack Celle Thirsk & Thirsk Winter Everon Podagorsk Spritz Japahto Kulima Current Addon Versions @CBA - Build 141 @ACE - Build 436 @ACEX - Build 293 @ACEX_RU - Build 22 @ACEX_USNavy - Build 20 @JayArmA2Lib - 1.4.2 @ACRE - 1.1.0 @UOMods - 1.3 Link to our Yomatools Addonsync server, where you can download our mods UO YOMA UO Yoma URL: http://srv1.unitedoperations.net/updates/uo.zip Link to the UnitedOperations.net Youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/UnitedOperations A number of videos that represent community gameplay ZibHdZqIGsA HnpykZcmc9o tQVEO082nNA q1cdLf_WmR0 Thread made by Corporal_Cody, PR officer for UnitedOperations. If you wish to contact me regarding anything, please don't hesitate to PM me. We would like to introduce to you the ACRE mod, in production by various members of the A2 community. The ACRE mod links ArmA2 and Teamspeak3 to create a more immersive environment in which we play in, including positional audio, real radio communications and complete compatibility with the ACE2 ArmA2 project. We intend tz create the most realistic and immersive radio system within the current gaming world; based off of real life experience and knowledge, as well as the use of physical terrain obscuration, radio loss, distortion, and all other considers a real radio operator must make on a daily basis. * Realistic terrain and signal loss for radios * 100% simulated radio interfaces and programming * Realistic distortion and effects for radios * 3D positional sound for all players * Much much more! ACE2 is designed from the bottom up with the goal of encouraging its users to employ real world tactics and strategy (fighting as a team) in order to accomplish realistic military objectives. We strive to create hyper-realism without losing sight that the mod must be playable by the “advanced†user. Our focus is not only on creating features and models which highlight realism but also on supporting the creation of realistic missions in which one may experience the full spectrum of virtual combat. * ACE2 allows casual to hard-core gamers the opportunity to experience realistic military weapons, equipment, and tactics while still maintaining an environment that is enjoyable to play. * ACE2 provides the most realistic, comprehensive, and tactical first-person military simulation available for the civilian PC market. * ACE2 is a mod in progress for ArmA 2 that is being created by many of the same people who developed the original ACE mod for Armed Assault. There are many exciting teamwork- and gameplay-enhancing features planned for ACE2; it should be the mod-of-choice for any groups interested in increasing their realism, teamwork, and gameplay at the same time. The ShackTac Fireteam HUD was designed to do the following: * Provide situational awareness on where your fireteam members are and what their orientation is. This is intended to represent both peripheral vision, as well as the extended awareness one has in reality. You only see your fireteam members relative to you - no terrain, no other players/units. * Give you an always-visible way of seeing who your team members are
  2. CorporalCody

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    jSyyDTz9ZRo ZibHdZqIGsA vW1tq4os9uw R9_hhCRLgik HnpykZcmc9o H5IWthTbMjY
  3. Hey guys. Your mod is phenomenal... I hope you don't mind my posting up of a short video that was shot on my community's server a while back... H5IWthTbMjY
  4. CorporalCody

    Fallujah City

    Your fallujah map is incredible. Heres a video of some footage shot on our server a while ago, enjoy: HnpykZcmc9o
  5. CorporalCody

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    A bunch of videos from the Unitedoperations.net community. We mainly use ACRE and ACE. Watch in HD and enjoy! HnpykZcmc9o CUOFHWEN4pk omm-qesEtSI XgfDLHimv-A&feature=related
  6. Some dogfighting on your excellent mod. ToFB7K4oymw
  7. CorporalCody

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    Invasion 1944! ToFB7K4oymw
  8. An example of some of the cool things you can do with acre: 56H7Ta0ooFM
  9. CorporalCody

    Fallujah City

    Hey guys. Heres some footage shot on the great map. It really does add to a great urban environment. zCZi-FRzvI0
  10. CorporalCody

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Hey guys. A new video featuring the phenomenal JSRS sound mod. Keep up the great work Jarhead! zCZi-FRzvI0
  11. CorporalCody

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    Some ACRE footage on the new Fallujah map. UnitedOperations.net zCZi-FRzvI0
  12. CorporalCody

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    lmao that was me talking :p
  13. CorporalCody

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    An Arma 2/ACE/ACRE video. Yay! 40mZAHXhc_c