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  1. EliasComando

    OFP Addon request thread

    i looking for the vmod.pbo of vilas mod and the MCM-SLX (modern combat mod) please thanks in advance :)
  2. EliasComando

    OFP Addon request thread

    thanks it was very useful
  3. Hi i have a doubt I make a personal replacement mod but i want to change the radio sound , i have the file (.wss) into of a .pbo but i dont know how change it some example of i want make (the sound after message the mic or beep sound) a other example all type of help to made it is fine for me thanks in advance :)
  4. EliasComando

    OFP Addon request thread

    i look the anim but is not the anim the file when press the r button the soldier crounch and reload the weapon but in the video is reload in stand position
  5. EliasComando

    OFP Addon request thread

    I looking for the standing reload animation for the ww4 animations from STGN but the saw a link from 4shared but doesn't work evereyone have the SNABIJ.rtm file ? thanks in advance :)
  6. EliasComando

    STGN's M16A2

    Yes can fix the muzzle? Another thing buddy .. if you accept request o ideas you can made an M16A2 with colt scope x4?? Thanks in advance
  7. EliasComando

    STGN's M16A2

    All links are broken please fix
  8. EliasComando

    VeteranMod demo release

    looks a very nice mod good work !!:)
  9. EliasComando

    Vietnam: The Experience

    Hey snake i down again under the mod but when I open the ejcutador second patch will not let me install it there will be some possibility that patch up again but in winrar? thanks in advence:)
  10. In the Resistance Campaign mission Information, this mission have an bug because when start the mission i move to the farm in the woods but I discovered and mission failure :confused:
  11. EliasComando

    Vietnam: The Experience

    nice news of the campaign
  12. Wolle thanks for answer my e-mail and did not know of the problem until a few days ago but thanks again for fix them :)
  13. EliasComando

    Vietnam: The Experience

    greats news !!