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  1. MD500Enthusiast

    flight model editing

    well there's at least some torque that requires left pedal on take off but not enough, also the right roll is now out of control. you might be simulating translating tendency but the helicopter doesn't roll like that, it drifts. i think it's due to the FM not programmed correctly in terms of how the blade and the airframe is connected together. see here's how it should work, imagine if you bought a small model helicopter and you removed the main rotor blades from the helo and tied a string to it on one end and the other end to the top of where the main rotor is suppose to connect to the airframe. now hold the rotor blades and let the helo dangle, the helo should be level. now move the main rotors around like if we were moving the cyclic, the helicopter doesn't bank when you move the rotors around and that's how it should behave. the reason why we're able to bank the helicopter in real life is because the airframe is following where the rotor disc is flying to. there's a saying when you fly helicopters you don't fly the airframe you fly the rotor disc. ---------- Post added at 09:21 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:19 AM ----------
  2. thanks for the new links.
  3. MD500Enthusiast

    Community Update No. 3

    oh i see.... TRAITOR!!! LOL i kid i kid
  4. MD500Enthusiast

    Community Update No. 3

    btw nightstalker, is it possible to configure xml so that whenever we do left pedal turns during a hover we get reduced power so we descend slightly and vice versa for right pedal turns?
  5. MD500Enthusiast

    Demo Swat Mission trouble/problems

    well.... sort of advance... but hovering is very basic in helicopter flying. you learn that first before anything else. hovering in high wind makes it more difficult especially if it's gusty.
  6. MD500Enthusiast

    Demo Swat Mission trouble/problems

    well hovering stationary on a rooftop in high winds is kind of advance for someone beginning to fly helos and without a proper joystick/pedal/track ir setup. though i don't know why you're spinning, make sure you check that your autohover button is not overlapping with your pedals.
  7. mediafire is not letting me download it.
  8. MD500Enthusiast

    So you want to be a cowboy...

    khan me pl8 wit ju gais??? plox?
  9. i'm always looking for people to fly with, hit me up with a time and i'll see if i can be on.
  10. MD500Enthusiast

    So you want to be a cowboy...

    nice little mission man, was nice flying with latest nighstalker's fm tweak v3. mission didn't last long though like less than 5 mins.
  11. MD500Enthusiast

    Community Update No. 3

    ah yes i haven't even stopped to think about the streamlining effect in foward flight and was wondering why my heading's all over the place in forward flight. with muscle memory i keep letting go of the left pedal and end up out of trim when i pick up speed, hopefully you'll find the values for it and be able to fix it.
  12. MD500Enthusiast

    Community Update No. 3

    so just a note to the non pilots with the new torque effect that resembles real life. whenever you pull collective you have to add more left pedal, the more you pull the more left pedal you add to keep the same heading. opposite is true if you lower collective, more you lower more you need to add right pedal. practice climbing and descending in slow flight while maintaining the same heading to get the "feel" for it.
  13. MD500Enthusiast

    Community Update No. 3

    ok NS i've got your mod to work, and it feels REALLY good compared to the default FM! THANKS! there's finally torque now when i take off and the sync rate is some what true to life and i don't notice too much ground effect, i think there's still a little bit. also can you tell me if you've programmed in the three kinds of LTE? because the tail feels slightly twitchy when in a hover and i have to adjust for it constantly which is great. though that just might be my old pedals playing tricks on me. i also did a quick auto with full engine shutdown and it's SOOOO much easier to perform now since there seem to be more engine rpm after the flare so when i pull collective i get a lot more "air" time to settle the helicopter down, though that air time seems a bit unrealistic because if i pull too much collective i can actually gain altittude. all in all great work and i hope you can fix the excessive translating tendency during foward flight which i've noticed quite a bit. ---------- Post added at 11:18 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:02 PM ---------- Have u tried increasing your pedal sensitivity?
  14. MD500Enthusiast

    Community Update No. 3

    really? i have the opposite problem, there's no torque at all. maybe with the changes it's different for everyone?