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  1. Hello. Maybe someone knows... Is there any way to get values from arma UI settings? Like screen resolution or gamma?
  2. GregRUS

    Arma2Net - MySqlPlugin

    Just load some variables with login/pass on serverside from external sqf... for example: Make serverVars.sqf and put it inside your arma2 server dir with vars in it like DBLogin = "username"; DBPass = "password"; Then on mission init if (isServer) then { _exFile = loadFile "serverVars.sqf"; _compExFile = compile _exFile; call _compExFile; }; BTW I'm not recommend you to use Arma2Net + MySql. Better way is to use jayarma2lib and arma2mysql (https://dev-heaven.net/projects/arma2-mysql). Or write some clipboard handle application.. and copy/paste data with builtin arma functions... thats very easy, allows you to transfer data size > than 4kb and much stable of course :)
  3. Nice feature.. but all this I saw in network traffic dump... now its just more comfortable.. The only way I 100% catch the hackers on my little server is own DLL that required to join server and acting like a PBSS - just sending screenshots to server ftp... BTW.. battleye even doesn't detect this inject... and adding this feature to BE will be awesome protection!
  4. Found and fixed plenty bugs in Chernarus .90 version... From syntaxis to script errors... some of them are inherited even from earlier versions... But anyway big big thanks for your awesome job! And fire your testing team ;)
  5. Didnt understand what you are trying to do... But instead if your loop you can do this: waitUntil {!alive player}; Also you can add some small amount of sleep like: waitUntil {!alive player; sleep 0.1}; Dont forget to execute this command in another thread or your script after this command will be frozen until player is dead. To execute in another thread: [] spawn { waitUntil {!alive player; sleep 0.1} };
  6. Is there will be any pre-release versions for missions/addons developers?
  7. Same error! 3:50:52 BattlEye Server: Update successfully completed. Restarting... 3:50:52 BattlEye Server: Initialized (v1.127) 6:44:35 BattlEye Server: Received invalid data from BE Master (6) 6:44:35 BattlEye Server: Update attempt failed
  8. Oh My God!!! Awesome! Good job.. and doesnt matter if its the last patch for ArmA II !!:)
  9. Hello! I have a problem with some players that have quotes (" or ') in their nicknames. Some scripts showing errors cause of this quotes and wont exec. Is there any solution for that?
  10. GregRUS

    DSutils v2 release (signatures)

    have a problems with v2 sign. Addons packed with cPBO and signed with DSUtils2 rejected by the server with wrong signature. Addons packed with BinPBO and signed with DSUtils2 are good.. but some of addons wont work after BinPBO repack (even without binarize) - for example "celle" island... it says about missing \ca\celle\celle.wrp when I start the server.. also there is no island visible even in editor... Also signs v2 for almost every old addons wont work without repacking with BinPBO Maybe I missed something? P.S. of course I placed .bikey file in arma2\keys directory.
  11. The question is not about a lesson... I will try to help everyone who ask! But some shi**y ppl alway try to steal part of my scripts... just want to protect it from them! Also they never asked me... acting like a rats :) Thats why I want to make my finished mission hard readable from them!
  12. Hello! Is there any public tool that can change all variable names to a random set of characters and keep all dependencies inside the mission? Saw that in valhalla pbo and rp-mods mission. Tried to binarize with makepbo (Eliteness).. its easy to depbo and you can see all the scripts easily even with notepad :)
  13. Thats it! Thank you! )
  14. Is there a players list array command? like list players or list west... ?