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  1. Mr.Worner

    Easy Hostage Script (E.H.S)

    Good job :). p.s. Use SetUnitPos "UP/DOWN/AUTO", don't use switchmove.
  2. Mr.Worner

    Arma3 Videos

  3. Police rotating light WIP. You can use it on any standard vehicles of ArmA:CO (+ DLCs). This video shows an example of gameplay of police side (+ new surrender and arrest animation):
  4. Dear, users. I'm still working on this project and I just started to do documentation (all about modules and how to use, known issues etc). When will be done doc and some fixes, all modules will be available for download. Unfortunately I still didn't optimize all scripts for multiplayer. MP Optimization will be not soon after release. New 54 modules Full list of modules names: New 65 markers
  5. Andy Mcnab, I need to finish some modules before it will be available to the public (Too early to open alpha test with public). I just need more time. Be patient. With best regards.
  6. FelixK44, what the question? Yes it is. Furthermore, player can play as a police officer.
  7. Hi all, I'm working on modification called Project - Police State which has started to develop in August of 2012. Project - Police State - set of modules that give you a freedom to create missions in non military style. I think, sometimes some people get tired of war in the game and some of them want to see police and simple citizens life in the game. The main idea - to create an environment with which the player will interact with AI by using modules (like Ambient modules by BI Studio). Moreover, I'm trying to make cinematic atmosphere with some sounds and visual effects. Here are some descriptions of modules: Add Key module: + Gives you car keys for your car. Rearm modules: + Gives weapons for chosen side by module. (randomly from weapon list which I declared in code). L For example: This module will gives only handguns to a policeman model (different chances will be given specific weapons like AK74SU). AI Police module: + West side will be Police in the game. + 10 types of voice for AI Police officers (total 819 conversations, each has .lip file.) + They can use non-lethal force: CS Gas (grenades, grenade launchers), Lesslethal shotguns, pepper guns, tazers + Gives AI units reaction on enemies behaviour. + Arrest by AI. L For example: they will open fire on suspects if they will so close with weapons or were under fire. Moreover, they can react on death workmates, armed suspects, fleeing suspects, etc. (AI will talk about it). + Police can investigate crime scenes and chase suspects. L For example: Someone has been killed and it can be reported to cops. AI BlackWater module: (security) + West side will be Security service in the game. + 2 types of voice for AI security units (total 142 conversations, each has .lip file.) + Gives AI units reaction on enemies behaviour. (More agressive than Police) L can use lethal on fleeing unarmed tresspasers. + Restrain by AI. Close Combat Module. L Allows all units to fight in close combat. Snap Neck by Player Module. Restrain by Player Module Cinematic Death module: + Free camera after player's death. L Slow motion Create Property modules: L Such as cafe restaurants, car workshops, etc. Dynamic Music module: L Randomly soundtracks will be started to play after when player will be extremely dangerous for his enemies. Emergency Service (Ambulance/firefighters) modules: L To maintain the purity on the map. (remove all dead bodies and destroyed cars by auto giving tasks to Emergency Service groups) Taxi Service Module: + Create Taxi stand points. + Player can use taxi service. HUD module: L Indicates health, hunger, money. Make Wanted (by Police/BlackWater) modules: + You can easy add units to (wanted list/ blacklist). No mercy modules: + Police or BlackWater will kill every enemies. L If someone has been cuffed, he will be killed. Restricted Area module: + Add different Restricted Areas which will be secured by BlackWater. Show Markers module: L All units will be marked on the map. Other features: + Different siren for police cars, firetrucks, ambulance. + Light Bars effect script. 85 markers: 39 modules: Some video from old verson: The current version of enlisted modules is not final. Some significant changes may be added in future.
  8. Mr.Worner

    Arma3 Videos

    It is possible but not working on 100%.
  9. Zargabad Life (The moments of 2011) PuDvjta1yrI
  10. Chernarus Life: Revolution (2010). _Cu3a5rYop8 MTojV8phaVA efRWYbiN1rM pmgYx6X3Dhs ydEZL3awzbA
  11. My adventures. ArmA 2 Chernarus Life: NmklV27GjoI City Life 2: fIeQBFoQHiw