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  1. Hi, Basic Example for you. Download Script Example
  2. panther42 Awesome work,I need For this
  3. kheiro

    CSLA for A2CO

    Just wanted to thank you guys for all your hard work. Downloading urgently.
  4. kheiro

    [CAMP] Bastard Squad

    very well done. Much appreciated.
  5. report : nuclear war ZmSW98OaRIk
  6. FSB Special forces Arma II http://img703.imageshack.us/img703/1593/kheiropack.gif NQX4wnzgk6Q This addon represents the FSB (Tsentr Specialnogo Naznachenia: TsSN) Special forces unit in Russia police (Anti Terror) 1998-2010.She was mode for Arma1 by SMERSH .I thank him alot for his work and that he give us modders permission to use his model ,I have converted her for Arma II. Requirements: Arma II Usage: The units can be found under the OPFOR side in a category named "FSB special forces". More pics: 1 2 3 4 5 Change log: v1.1 - added 2 more units. - fixed some textures. - Removed Zastava weapons pack. - model fixes. v1.0 - First public release (many bugs) Credits: AlexF1- for giving me permission. SMERSH (Author addon arma1). Sarmat forum. Download from: Thanks Fox. Download from: armedassault.info Thanks Marko112. Have fun! kheiro
  7. I am downloading,but I'm very upset with the lack of the campaign, as in previous versions.
  8. kheiro

    ZEUS Nam

    Awesome! I'm downloading now.
  9. kheiro

    RFA Sir Tristian

    A very interesting project. The implementation of the idea is really good.
  10. kheiro

    A2WarMod Release

    Nice one!!, congrats on the mod guys, cheers for all the hard work.
  11. I'm not a maker..but these make me want to jump in a give it a shot!! Nice work!!
  12. This is great well done guys !!!