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  1. Im trying to do a personal port of Chicago's SATCOM addon to ArmA 2 but am receiving this error in the script "_Display can not be serialized, call 'disableSerialization' if you need this command." How do I call "disableSerialization"? Code: NOTEBOOK = _this select 0; BATTERY = _this select 1; BATTLIFE = _this select 2; ASUPP = _this select 3; MISS = _this select 4; [] exec "Chicago_SATCOM\notebook_yes.sqs"; [] exec "Chicago_SATCOM\senzor_as.sqs"; [] exec "Chicago_SATCOM\senzor_ms.sqs"; keyspressed = compile preprocessFile "Chicago_SATCOM\keyspressed.sqf"; _display = findDisplay 46; _display displaySetEventHandler ["KeyDown","_this call keyspressed"]; exit;
  2. well if you want to use setFriend try this in a trigger that covers the entire map East setFriend [Resistance, 1]; Resistance setFriend [East, 1] Paste that into the triggers init box, and make the trigger activate when "ANYBODY" is present, if that doesnt work give me a shout
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    Well, wish it would work for vent gues sill ask my CO to switch us to TS
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    Great idea! Now, if someone would do this for vent.......
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    I get an error on startup with this gun :( "Data File too short 'addons\xm117.pbo'. Expected 301268 B, got 1508072" Anyone else have this issue?
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    Operation unknown wip

    The 46' isnt undersized, its designed small to fit on Carriers and LHDs (dont forget Marines work with the Navy big time), heres a pic for some reference http://www.history.navy.mil/planes/ch-46e.jpg
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    Medevac Module

    Please let us test it :)
  8. guys, i know this probably wouldnt be or couldnt be put in addon format but heres what i acheived with this code this setUnitPos "MIDDLE"; man1 attachto [car1,[-0.5,-0.7,-2]]; man1 setDir 274; Warning big pic (well somewhat big) problem is, the reload key and stuff is gone, idk how to reenable them
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    Monsters, zombies and so on

    I like it ;)
  10. I have unsuccesfully got an AI pilot to do this (refrence pic in spoiler) Anyone have any suggestions?
  11. Problem is Mando Heliroute shuts off the Engine and if it shuts off the Heli falls out fo the sky, note the picture, the heli is on the side of the building with the ramp down ;)
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    Isla Duala

    is it done yet? :)
  13. Thanks! Ill give it go and get back to ya He seems to not be attaching to the logic..... He flies to the waypoint and hovers there, he does not attach Ok i got him attached, but now hes all jumpy and wanting to move away, i tried using "chop1 disableAI "MOVE" and that didnt work, any advice?
  14. Never thought about that! That may actually work! Would it be possible though once me and my squad are on the roof that the heli detaches from the logic and flys off (dont want him hovering there the entire op)
  15. Nope i wont stop :) i just hope there is a way to make the AI do that so my TRU can do Hostage missions (fastroping is a bit old for me now)
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    Isla Duala

    Beautiful work IceBreakr, looking forward to creating very large scenarios on this island! Keep it up!
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    Monsters, zombies and so on

    So we can block paths :D?
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    Monsters, zombies and so on

    So let me get this straight, If you place the Ambiant Civilian Module with this addon and an infected unit, they go around infecting everything they kill, and the people who are infected join the infected side thus hunting down entities that are on the opposing teams and the player him/herself? Please correct me if im wrong