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  1. I got sick of this guy killing me, it was time to get serious. hrZfDaaKXik
  2. I had an exchange of fire with an enemy AI and pinned him behind a small wall on a building rooftop, I was just about to hurl a frag over the wall when I spotted one of his buddies walking past a window. A quick grenade dual ensued. PWVlkt9qgO4
  3. If anyone else here is a computer illiterate dummy like myself and wants to know how I got ACE 2 to run then allow me to explain my method. Download the @ACE zip file from Armaholic, extract all the contents into a folder and name the folder @ACE. Download the @ACEX zip file from Armaholic, extract all the contents into a folder and name the folder @ACEX. OK now open your new @ACE folder and inside it you will find a folder called 'addons'. Copy all the files from inside this folder into another folder called 'addons' that is already inside your new @ACEX folder. Now create another folder inside your main ArmA2 userconfig folder called 'ace'. It should look like this- 'C:\Program files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\userconfig\ace' Ok now go back into your @ACE folder that you created earlier and inside it is a folder called userconfig, copy all the files from inside this folder into your new 'C:\Program files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\userconfig\ace' folder. Now move both your @ACE folder and @ACEX folder into your main 'C:\Program files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2' directory. Now all you need to do is make sure that when you right-click your ArmA 2 desktop shortcut and select 'properties' the text inside your Target box says "C:\Program files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\arma2.exe" -nosplash -mod=@CBA;beta@ACE;@ACEX I know this isn't the most efficient method of getting ACE 2 to run but it worked for me and hopefully it might also help somebody else that is desperate to try out this marvelous new mod.
  4. It works perfectly!!! A big thanks to all those involved in creating the ACE mod. :notworthy:
  5. Ah, this means even I might be able to do it. Downloading now at a furious rate.
  6. I highly recommend installing the Avgani map if your interested in simulating realistic urban combat. The vast majority of houses and buildings can be entered and rooftops can be accessed via stairs or ladders. The multistorey buildings are a snipers paradise. H0FCyWNIljc
  7. I script most of my enemy AI AT infantry to take cover inside random houses and buildings, they wait for tanks to approach to within firing range then pop-up and engage the tanks from windows and rooftops. This makes the game much more realistic in my opinion as it forces the human player to use a combined force of infantry and tanks to clear urban areas.
  8. Now I'm confused. :confused: At Armaholic they call them scripts. Anyway regardless of whether it's called script or code I'm sure we can all agree that we need it in order to enable the AI to acheive it's full potential.
  9. ncUIUUmQFPE As our platoon slowly inched it's way forward through the city my SAW gunner suddenly found himself caught in a dangerously exposed position when a handfull of determined enemy AI started firing at him from a building directly across the street. Should I take cover, or should I move forward and help my buddy fight his way out of the trap. A short sharp firefight ensued. Did I make the correct decision? Watch the video and decide what you would have done....
  10. I don't use the 'group' function when playing on urban maps, it really limits the effectiveness of the AI. I much prefer to place the enemy AI in mutually supporting positions and use a combination of triggers, waypoints and scripts. Scripting and triggers is the key, you can script the enemy AI to continually move from house to house, room to room so you never know exactly where and when they will strike. This makes the enemy AI very unpredictabe and challenging, one minute everything can appear calm and quiet, then all of a sudden the place can erupt in violence as enemy snipers, machine gunners and RPG gunners are firing at you through windows, from doorways and from rooftops, which can in turn trigger an enemy counter-attack from multiple directions.
  11. I find when playing in an urban environment if you select all the highest possible difficulty settings, set the enemy AI skill level to maximum, set thier behaviour as 'combat' and use the Random House Patrol script then the enemy AI is absolutely merciless. The AI isn't invincible but there is little room for human error, particularly if the fighting takes place inside a house or building. Maybe it's because we use different combinations of mods, addons, scripts, patches and beta's that our AI's behave differently?