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  1. Erniemater

    IED Module

    Very very nice mister Shay theman. I am sure youre gaming group is very happy with your work :)
  2. Erniemater

    Belgian Army

    I like the camo on the belgians. Its better then these Marpat thingies to me. Anyway nice looking mod, ive been looking forward to the belgians in arma 2. I would have made them myself, but i lack the Knowledge to do so. So thanks for making the mod Aeneas2020. ps : the camo isn't useless, ive used it myself and its quite good in the forests of the ardens. Erniemater
  3. Erniemater

    Editor mission crash

    I use all the newest beta patches , but is assume the problems are the SF us army units. Cause i delete them and it works fine. Hope Ace team will fix it soon
  4. Erniemater

    Editor mission crash

    Seems like its a temporary bug. No idea why it happens. We will have to wait before we can use the sf forces then.
  5. Erniemater

    Editor mission crash

    Nope, i had the ace mod a long time before. So i don't think its a problem with ace. And yes the 6th mod and ace are fully compatible. I think the problem lies more in something in the mission file itself that causes a error. Or some strange arma code stuff.But i think that will be really complicated. I will just make the mission again. But anyway thanks for helping me. Erniemater EDIT : problem solved. The us army special forces seemed to have caused the crash. I deleted them and now its working again.
  6. Erniemater

    Editor mission crash

    Thanks for the quick reply. Any other mission works fine. I can create whatever i want on a blanc mission. I saved an older copy of the mission to multiplayer saves, and although it is an old save. It crashes asswel. I'm also not receving an error message to say that it crashed I'm using the Ace mod, windows 7 64 bit ultimate, 6th sense mod and the mission is located on Namalsk.
  7. Hello everyone , I am working on a mission, everything went fine until i started it today. I load the mission and press preview and arma is loading the files. And then suddenly arma closes and i am teleported back to the desktop. I checked my taskmanager and the process of arma is still running. Although it doesn't show up in the programs running. I tried copying parts of the mission to a new one and even te smallest unit that i copy causes the same problem. I also tried copying the mission sqm to a new mission and still it crashes on the new mission. I would appreciete some help on this matter since i spent quite some time on the mission. If you need more info just ask it. Thanks Erniemater