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  1. TheMakaan

    Addaction Teleport

    Hmm still not working, Do I have to put anything in the mosstone init line in the editor ? I'm starting up my mission and nothing is coming up on the scroll wheel =<
  2. Hello I'm little rusty on my mission editing skills, but I'm trying to make a mission so one player as the ability to click on map to teleport I have this on him at the moment Mosstone addAction ["Teleport", {player execVM "teleport.sqf"}]; Mosstone being the name of the player, but when the player is killed the action doesn't reappear, but anyone is then able to active it when near the dead body that once had this action. Hope someone can set me straight on this little problem I have :rolleyes:
  3. TheMakaan

    Game Master Owner - Player UID

    Hello, I've been trying to get this working either by UID or Username, could you tell me how I can get this to work ? do I need to label zeus as something to be able to join it as my UID/username ?
  4. TheMakaan

    Zeus assigned to Name

    Yeah, the first post Game master owner, seems very complex, is there just a simple Inti I can put into the Zeus Module to allow it to be used by only one username or UID ?
  5. TheMakaan

    Zeus assigned to Name

    I'm trying to find out if I can assign the ability to use Zeus to a particular nickname in game, or a UID, I've tried searching and I've not come up with any information on this, so any you can send my way would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I've been trying to search the internet for information on remote access to MCC sandbox by either Name or UID, I'd rather do it with name, because it would be hard to test with UID. I've been able to search some information about allow MCC to a particular player slot, it works when I preview it, and when I host it local, but as soon as I put it on my Dedicated server, it seems not to work anymore, I've only found youtube videos on how to do it not sure if this line is meant to work for MCC_sandbox 4 for Arma 3 =: this setvariable ["names",["Pineapple_hat"]] I've tried that line it doesn't seem to work, I hope I can find someone that can assist me with this issue, thank you.
  7. TheMakaan

    Complete computer lockup

    I did do a GPUZ Sensor list for my GFX card the hottest it got was 62 degrees, not sure about my CPU how can I monitor that while in game, thanks for reply too, any help or speculation would be good.
  8. I've been having this problem for about a week, now I thought it was my GFX card,(980GTX) but I just borrowed a spare card (590GTX) and the same issue still occurs,I will be playing normaly everything fine and it would just lock up on me, it seems to not have a specific time frame that it happens either 2 hours or 2mins after getting into game play, It seems to just complete lock up my system, and have to power off the system, the reset button once hit takes alittle longer then normal to reboot my system, I've tried new drivers different cards I did a system reformat before thinking it was a bug, did a test on my ram and CPU and GPU seeing if they could be the problem, it seems to be only Arma 3 it happens too, tho I don't really have any other games as resource demanding as Arma 3, Also I've deleted the entire Arma 3 game and re downloaded it from scratch and it is still locking up for me. Hope someone can help my System is as Follows Win7 16gb Ram Cpu 3930K GFX 980GTX
  9. TheMakaan

    Help with new Stance Adjuster

    Is there really no answers ? =(
  10. Hello, thank you for viewing my post. I'll get down too it, before the Marksman DLC the Stance adjuster was just one simple key bind, I use to use my mouse 5 button combined with my up arrow down arrow right and left, depending on the stance I want. With the new DLC I'm unable to combined my mouse 5 with my arrow keys anymore, I've tried all kind of other methods but all dont feel as natural to me as how I had it before, is there anyway I can set up my controls so that mouse 5 + Arrow keys can be brought back to Arma 3 ?
  11. TheMakaan

    Adjust key conflict

    I'm also trying to find this out too, I use to use my w+mouse 5 for my stance changer w would be up s down and so forth but now I cant bind all those keys to my mouse I cant allow it for w+mouse 5 button, :mad:
  12. Hello, I've made few light not popular missions in Arma 2 and thought I'll try to get back into the good old mission making system. But I've kinda forgotten some of the stuff, but don't worry not going to ask everything. My biggest problem right now is how to make a fall back capture zone, what I mean is have a area say 1km by 1km and Have Opfor spawning tanks and planes at that area, how can I make it when captured by Blufor that those Opfor Vehicles despawn and re-spawn as blufor Vehicles, but then those once there opfor Items and Vehicles spawn further down the map as in like a leap frog offence type system ? I hope I'm explaining this correctly And also how do I in-able a progress bar on capturing bases along the map, I've seen it but sure what to search for on this matter if you could just point me in the right direction would be very much appreciated Thank you.
  13. Why can I get mine to work, ? I have all the games needed A2/OA IronFront and Arma 3 I install it through playwithsix, and seems all to be going well, but every time I launch it it tells me it needs to go through a process and then starts downloading each time, and when I get in-game most of the Ironfront stuff is not there ? ---------- Post added 01-08-2014 at 12:09 AM ---------- Previous post was 01-07-2014 at 11:27 PM ---------- Also is it normal that each time I try to launch Ironfront -A3 that it askes me if I have Ironfront and then starts processing something ?