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  1. I find the flight model in this sim poor. One contribution that I would like to offer is a feature called collective dump. Instead of having a chopper gain altitude when one is trying to stop something like combining a shift + decrease thrust keying should be added. This way, just like in real life, when you try to decrease speed without gaining altitude you do what is known in the business as 'dump the collective'. (look it up folks). If you were to dump collective while in a hover you would drop at almost 9.8m/second squared. Just like in real life. The reason why I suggest this is because this would not be that hard to simulate. I use the down arrow to decrease thrust. Why not add a shift button to really dump all thrust. By the way. Dump thrust works in auto-rotating into a landing.
  2. Rex Ursus

    Do you want upgraded Arma 2 content?

    I think a new sim called ARMA 3 should be made. With everything fixed and improved. Take everything that has been done so far and make sure it works, then improve it. Make it huge. More maps, units and better programing. Even if it cost a hundred bucks that would be fine by me.
  3. Rex Ursus

    Key bind issues

    JoJoTheSlayer said to do this. "Just a little tip I couldnt find searching for it. You can transfer your old Arma 2 key bindings to your new AO profile. AO will see your old nick, but it wont change any settings...unless you: 1. Start Arrowhead to check if your old profile is there. If so, select it and quit the game. 2. Go to where your Arma 2 / AO profile keybindings are: C:\Users\(Computer name)\Documents\ArmA 2 Other Profiles\Your Nick or C:\Users\(Computer name)\Documents\ArmA 2 3. Copy and paste the old Arma 2 key bindings into the same folder so you have two files there. 4. Copy the name of your AO profile file and then rename it something else. 5. Now rename the copied old Arma 2 key bindings to the AO name. Done... You will get all your old key bindings and the new AO key bindings will be default." Now I am sure you can figure this out. I took it one step further and made copies of my bindings and stored them elswhere outside of the BI file and use it when anything gets changed or I wish to use a new profile.
  4. This is a very good post. Thanks for taking the time to do it. I agree with most of the ideas. I also agree with much of what Xeno and Polar Bear have to add as well. I would like to stress this one point. Arma as a whole is very undocumented. For a Sim of this complexity the manual could be at least three hundred pages if it was to do this Sim any justice at all. The reason why I read this post in the first place is because I was trying to find out things in the forums that any decent manual would have included in its hundreds of pages (that one can read at work). As an example I would like to hold forth Mr. Murry's excellent work on his comprehensive editing manual.
  5. I am now at the research stage of building a server dedicated to multi-player Arma2 and OA. I need people's input as to what would be best in terms of processer speed, RAM, and the like. I have noticed that the servers that are dedicated to BE Warfare tend to lag at even low settings and would like know if this is due to processor speed, or RAM or even internet connection. That way I can begin to work around that and begin to approach the full potential of this multi-player aspect. I suspect that the 'rent on line' approach is entirely lacking in this regard for the money one would pay for such a service and have decided, therefore, to build my own. Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Well that may be a problem as I don't have a 'other profiles' file. What shall I do? Need I say I am using Vista? Also, I was doing it in the single player editor, then tried it just now in the mp missions, importing the files there. Alas, to no avail. They are unpbo'd but I can still not look at them on the editor map. I also created another profile just in case but I can't find that folder either. And yes, they are all .Chernorus
  7. I have un PBOed the files and have learned that the actual information that is placed on the editing map is a .sqm file. but unless I have made the map myself the imported files don't show up in the directory when I press the load Key. It is like they don't exist. I am talking about the Documents\Arma2\missions folder. I wish to find out why. I even turned off the read only option to no avail. To clarify. I can open the .sqm file in text format but not in the map form. Is there something I am missing??
  8. Rex Ursus

    How does one disable the music?

    What a display of wit. I do not find it amusing.
  9. Any missions that I unpbo into the editor shows up as a read only file. I should mention also that I am running Vista. Need I say more. I try to change from read only to not read only and it keeps switching back. however the files that I make from scratch seem to not suffer from the same problem as ones that I import. I have even tried to trick the system by creating a file in the editor and then replacing it with one from the outside. To no avail. Has anyone with the wonderful Vista OS encountered this problem and if so how did you work around it short of getting rid of Vista? It appears that when I take off the read only attribute to the file itself, I still get the following, 'Warning: File is read only' when I try to open it up in my editor.
  10. I put it exactly where you said to which is as above. But now you have me thinking that if I remove it from all other places in my system, It will work. Becouse it is in my appdata files and ohter places too. It is definatly in my docs \ ..... folder but maybe it is being screwed up somehow. Because it starts to load and then when it is almost done loading it suddenly seems to burp and then the 'Warning: File is read only!' comes up.
  11. Even when I take the read only attribute off of it. But now that it shows up in both editers I believe I am on the edge. Of success or of pulling all of my hair out!! How can I get rid of the Warning. this is a read only file message.
  12. I have both of the pbo tools and think I might have it right on how to use them, but am not sure. Bottom line is I think I know where to put a mission or multiplayer mission so that the editor can open but apparently not because when I open the editor nothing is never there. I am bound and determined to learn how to edit but I can't seem to get the hang of opening already made files so I may examine and learn from others. This un pbo thing has me stumped. Is it possible that the tools are not installed correctly? Is it possible that I just don't know exactly where and/or how to open things properly? I really need help with this.
  13. Rex Ursus

    How does one disable the music?

    No. There are for some reason some cue sounds that come along with the music option. So what I wish to do is eliminate the music and still be able to hear the cues. This would mean somehow deleting or disabling the music in the program files somewhere, and I wish to know where and how to do it...
  14. Rex Ursus

    How does one disable the music?

    What I mean is how do you disable the music. The key an operative being " disable ". To clarify: To disable the music in such a way as to have the benefit of the little additional sounds that occur when the music volume is up, such as key ques, without having to listen to music by Beavis and Butthead.