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  1. Edit: version 2 of the models! screenshot software DIS_Smiley_Mask DIS_Flames_Mask DIS_Camo_Flames_Mask DIS_Dutch_Mask Better models, and art by request... also added in "test" one for those who want to learn and suggestions to me to make it better. New hottness (only new) Download of all Masks [/img] So, first release of a 3d model to Arma. :) All self taught, so feel free to comment or make suggestions. Also, it is all not binaried and there are no keys so people can go in and look at the masks without much problem. The hope is to learn more and people are free to modify the model or images as they see fit. I'd liked to be credited if you do, and see any of the work that you make. :) Here is the script you'll need on the player: removeGoggles this; removeHeadgear this;this unassignItem "NVGoggles"; this removeItem "NVGoggles"; this addHeadgear "DIS_American_Mask"; Where "DIS_American_Mask" can be any of these below. DIS_American_Mask DIS_American_Messy_Mask DIS_Czech_Rep_Mask DIS_Russian_Mask DIS_German_Mask DIS_French_Mask DIS_Irish_Mask DIS_Canadian_Mask DIS_UK_Mask DIS_Fresh_Meat_Mask DIS_Cobra_Mask DIS_Cthulhu_Mask DIS_Medic_Mask DIS_Superman_Mask DIS_BNW_Superman_Mask Here is the link, hopefully this works : link That's a google share drive so I don't know how much it can handle.
  2. dissaifer

    Orbat fsm

    Look, I know it's been a hot minute since I posted but I think this is one of the main issues with the game. With many parts of the engine we (the users) don't know how it works in detail, which leads to us tripping over the development until it works. I would hope the BIS hires someone that either has a job explaining each part of the game (and code) in detail or just writes the most comprehensive script guide known to man.
  3. Hey guys, Learning how to do geo and shadow lods... and had a question about workflow with them. I use blender and export to .obj files. I just saw a maya tut that has the modeler making the triangles up front, which I thought was curious. Anyway, I'm trying to figure out the fastest way to create these. It seems that the geo is just the model imported again and the shadow is a 1000 vert limit of the original and scale it down a bit (lucky for me I just remove the sub divide modifier). <-- this is how I think it goes. I tried these steps http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Oxygen_2_-_Manual to my geo lod and now the model is all goofy, should I be worried about that? Because now the model won't import.
  4. Thanks man, I really like your site!
  5. Just wanted to thank some of the guys who were helping me with a script. Here is how it turned out. Thanks guys.
  6. dissaifer

    Redhawk Inc. - Mercs

    Congrats on the release!
  7. Haven't test this yet but does "fire" or "doFire" work?
  8. It used to be if you commanded an AI to fire they would aim up and fire, which made it easy to fire flares on command. Now, I am having the trigger go off and the guy is firing the flare at his feet. this is the only command but I have tried a few others, like doTarget at an object in the air, an invisible helipad... even tried a doWatch. test_soldier fire ["GL_3GL_F","GL_3GL_F","UGL_FlareGreen_F"];
  9. @F2k... amazing, it is a combo of the time and the invisible helipad not working. Totally works now, Thanks a bunch. Update: Using InvisibleFence as a dynamic spawn is much better, remember to delete it.
  10. @Buli, tried that and what seems to be every combination from the fireAtTarget, doWatch, doTarget, doFire, commandFire, forceWeaponFire, he always shoots at the ground. Even though there is an invis heli 300m above him. He'll look up there, but just fires at the ground. It's cool, I give up, thanks guys.
  11. @Mariodu62 - tried this out... the guy is still firing the flare into the ground. Did use a doWatch or doTarget with that?
  12. I have never seen this before and can't find it in game... "[_flarePosition, position _target, _hSpeed, _vSpeed] call BIS_fnc_sn_flare;"
  13. Anyone know of one for A3? I would prefer if it was complete, as in, not an alpha or beta.
  14. dissaifer

    Request: Looking for scary SP User Mission

    Can't find anything for doomsday_night on WS...
  15. dissaifer

    Request: Looking for scary SP User Mission

    Sweet I'll check it out. Edit: Haha, short but done well. :)
  16. dissaifer

    Black Rain Project [SP experience]

    Wow, great mod. I was just talking about these issues in a video and here is a possible solution, very intuitive.
  17. dissaifer


    I just found this and wanted to watch the twitch stuff but all of the links are either broken or don't have anything. :(
  18. You mean this isn't advanced military training? Haven't you heard of stranger danger? haha.
  19. dissaifer

    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    Well, just posted a video on the VR part of this that lead into a design rant...
  20. dissaifer

    Arma 3 Kart DLC

    Can I ask what the hell is going on? I haven't been playing Arma in awhile, waiting for it to come out of the oven because it wasn't quite done and check the forums every once in a while but then I see this... Karts on Armaholic. Zeus was a little off base, but a Pay DLC for karts? Now, I've defended BI in the past when A3 was a mess at launch. And I defended them when everyone was complaining about the "copy and paste" going on with the game objects... And I sit around waiting for a solid group of civilians, including WOMEN are put in the game, but no... We get karts. Maybe I missed the point of the game I purchased? Let me check... no it says "Experience true combat gameplay in a massive military sandbox." Okay, so what you are telling me is that we have finished the military combat stuff and we can move on to goofy stuff. Got it. See ya later Arma when you remember your roots.
  21. dissaifer

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I know it is relatively pointless to post this, but... this xcom
  22. Thank god you made this. :) Mine sucked in comparison - hell, they probably don't even work anymore.
  23. I haven't played Arma in a while so I loaded it up to test out a user mission. Figuring it was a multiplayer game, I went to multiplayer, clicked New and crashed. Tried it again crash. Is this a known issue?
  24. dissaifer

    Payday Mod

    Played it, and some thoughts. You should probably make the first mission always be in the town you are in. It kinda sucks the fun out of robbing people when the first thing you need to do is drive 2 or 3 km, then dying and doing that all over again. The player should probably start with all of their money in their pocket. These people rob banks... do you think they would trust the bank with their money?
  25. dissaifer

    Jurassic Arma

    That is amazing... Also, thank you for reminding me why I love Arma, take that BF4 and your shaky trees!