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  1. dissaifer

    Orbat fsm

    Look, I know it's been a hot minute since I posted but I think this is one of the main issues with the game. With many parts of the engine we (the users) don't know how it works in detail, which leads to us tripping over the development until it works. I would hope the BIS hires someone that either has a job explaining each part of the game (and code) in detail or just writes the most comprehensive script guide known to man.
  2. Thanks man, I really like your site!
  3. Just wanted to thank some of the guys who were helping me with a script. Here is how it turned out. Thanks guys.
  4. dissaifer

    Redhawk Inc. - Mercs

    Congrats on the release!
  5. Haven't test this yet but does "fire" or "doFire" work?
  6. @F2k... amazing, it is a combo of the time and the invisible helipad not working. Totally works now, Thanks a bunch. Update: Using InvisibleFence as a dynamic spawn is much better, remember to delete it.
  7. @Buli, tried that and what seems to be every combination from the fireAtTarget, doWatch, doTarget, doFire, commandFire, forceWeaponFire, he always shoots at the ground. Even though there is an invis heli 300m above him. He'll look up there, but just fires at the ground. It's cool, I give up, thanks guys.
  8. @Mariodu62 - tried this out... the guy is still firing the flare into the ground. Did use a doWatch or doTarget with that?
  9. I have never seen this before and can't find it in game... "[_flarePosition, position _target, _hSpeed, _vSpeed] call BIS_fnc_sn_flare;"
  10. It used to be if you commanded an AI to fire they would aim up and fire, which made it easy to fire flares on command. Now, I am having the trigger go off and the guy is firing the flare at his feet. this is the only command but I have tried a few others, like doTarget at an object in the air, an invisible helipad... even tried a doWatch. test_soldier fire ["GL_3GL_F","GL_3GL_F","UGL_FlareGreen_F"];
  11. dissaifer

    Request: Looking for scary SP User Mission

    Can't find anything for doomsday_night on WS...
  12. dissaifer

    Request: Looking for scary SP User Mission

    Sweet I'll check it out. Edit: Haha, short but done well. :)
  13. Anyone know of one for A3? I would prefer if it was complete, as in, not an alpha or beta.
  14. dissaifer

    Black Rain Project [SP experience]

    Wow, great mod. I was just talking about these issues in a video and here is a possible solution, very intuitive.
  15. dissaifer


    I just found this and wanted to watch the twitch stuff but all of the links are either broken or don't have anything. :(