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  1. jibemorel

    any news on weapon resting?

    The requested feature is bipod and weapon resting. You don't necessarily need a bipod to be able to rest your weapon.
  2. jibemorel

    Arma 3 Kart DLC

    Agree on principle that in a perfect world you shouldn't becoming rich while running charities However because there are a few leeches, your suggestion is to penalize millions people who really needs that money. That is like using a shotgun to kill a bug isn't it ? edit : read somewhere that big charities have more or less 10% overhead
  3. jibemorel

    Arma 3 Kart DLC

    Ignorant maybe, still it's for the Czech Red Cross, not the British one.
  4. TrackIR ? Lean ?? The achievement is a joke isn't it ?
  5. jibemorel

    Arma3 Videos

    This not the (one and only) vanilla aircraft, you should at least disclaim that...
  6. jibemorel

    Legitimate Question about AI

    Or maybe not, apparently what you are suggesting is what happened the last 10 years, people replacing each other and leaving without documenting any of their work. See the mess... Try harder.
  7. Yep by streamable instances, each one being a box of 8km*8km*2km, if I recall correctly
  8. jibemorel

    Steam discussion

    Ok it's a big improvement still an improvement, changing the animation system (apparently not good enough for dayz btw) would have been a fix which would have affecting both SP & MP community. Improving is not fixing
  9. jibemorel

    Steam discussion

    A case of fixing what is not broken (mission integration system) against not fixing what is broken (the very archaic animation system for example) is always painful to watch. I feel almost sorry for you it makes you happy.
  10. jibemorel

    Steam API / Achievements

    xXxx360noscoperoflstompXxxX achievement, pleazzz BIS. Or not...
  11. Login : very top left corner of the page Your username & password should be the same as those you are using for this forum, otherwise create them (click Signup for a new account)
  12. jibemorel

    Development Blog & Reveals

    They still have many of the A2 flaws eg: collision issues or engine sounds bound to speed instead of rpm/throttle, the damage model is unchanged too. Also it's impossible to tip them over which was definitively possible in A2, might be fixable though.
  13. jibemorel

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Because there are many design flaws in Arma 3. BIS said Arma 3 is an infantry centric game, ok pretty good, then why it's still the same old animation system as OFP where you cannot switch weapons on the fly, a system so old that Rocket is re-designing it completely for Dayzzzzz a non infantry centric game ? Should we speak about the quality over quantity formula ? There are some jet in the game already and those are vehicules when they collides with a tree. Whatever as usual Arma 3 will be the best game ever in 2 years just like Arma 2, history repeat itself.
  14. jibemorel

    Switching weapons

    My sentiment indeed plus the dev. asked for feedback. In my opinion this is a major design flaw for an infantry centric game (not my words). We shall see if the toddler will speak or if BI will cut it's tongue.
  15. jibemorel

    Switching weapons

    Arrogant maybe, disappointed surely