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  1. Veteran arma player looking for mil sim mature army. I am playing arma since it was called OFP, 3 years with large pvp group. Ace, acre ,jsrs ,..... mods are a must for me. Curently i am in a nice group, but since i am 43 years old and most players are about 15, i feel a bit old and i am looking for new options. Please contact me if you think i can help your group and if you group is: 1. Big = better 2. Using ace, acre,.... 3. Average age is 30+ or something like this 4. Reality simulation, but not to strict.. I am gmt +1, speak english, italian, slovenian
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    Update FaceTrackNoIR

    I just bought logitech web cam for 29.9 euro and is working fantastic. Thank you for this great software :)
  3. Mark Starkiller

    Isla Duala

    Well, they work for me and Charlie foxtrot campaign 4 is on Island Duala 1.6.
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    Player looking for Squad/Clan

    Name: Mark Starkiller Age: 39 Location: Slovenia (speak: English, Italian, Serbo/Croatian) Timezone: GMT+1 Experience: I am new to arma2, played operation flashpoint. I'm used to using teamspeak/ventrilo and chain of command. Microphone: Yes Looking for: Looking for a organized combined arms squad with lot of active members. I like pvp... Desired Position: Doesnt really matter, i was good with chopers in bf2 :P. __________________