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  1. commander1985

    W.i.P. Island Cicada

    Edit: Sorry wrong threat!
  2. Congrats on your Update :) Mirror on Arma2Base: http://arma2base.de/include.php?path=download&contentid=2907
  3. commander1985

    Isla Del Fuego

    Great work mate! :) Release mirrored on Arma2Base.de http://www.arma2base.de/include.php?path=download&contentid=3323
  4. commander1985

    BI Developer's Blog: An interesting new entry

    What Heli??? :rolleyes:
  5. commander1985

    Rvmat not found

    Take a look into your data folder and open the rvmats to see if the paths and filenames are correct.
  6. commander1985

    Emita City

    First great Island you do bracer, cant wait to check it out once it done :) Second. I would suggest to just add the lines for the Soccer field. Goals are not necessary since in much smaller Stadiums or those for multiple events they get put in storage for use when they are needed. If someone likes to have them in they can script them in :)
  7. commander1985

    A10 GBU-12 bombs unpractical

    Without reading all the posts here; Dive Bombing 4 the Win :D (Works for me if you dont have a laser target)
  8. Good work there Wolffy :)
  9. commander1985

    Island Cicada Release Thread

    Thanks for your Replies and Bug-Reports guys. Im already polishing some things up. The footpaths in the cities are something i work on. I want to add some to Nanchuk. Regarding the carrier, i made some tests even if the parts allign perfectly i fell trough on the forward part. But i hope i get it fixed in someway. The Aircraft Elevator at the End of the Carrier is not really missing. I just did not want it there :) The Reason for that is to insert your own working Elevator for Missions there. Take a look at what i mean: Cheerz :)
  10. commander1985

    Map without black borders

    Add this to your config.cpp under class OutsideTerrain { enableTerrainSynth = 1;
  11. commander1985

    Island Cicada Release Thread

    Thank you for the replies so far :) Im already working on a new Version with the help of some folks. I will take a look at the carrier problem. Did not experienced that fall through the carrier myself yet. What do you exactly mean with the textures from grass to sand? The squareiness? Hard to get rid of since it would need a even bigger Satmask and Lco_mask. But i will see if i can turn it up a little. My PC is a bit limited when it comes to Image Files larger than 10240*10240 Pixels ;)
  12. commander1985

    Island Cicada Release Thread

    Thank you, took long enough.. damn Maplegend error :D
  13. commander1985

    DLC DVD Pack

    It is standalone according to BIS (http://www.arma2.com/gameplay/arma-2-reinforcements-features_en.html)
  14. commander1985

    DLC DVD Pack

    I wonder too what exactly it contains, i would guess that maybe the campaigns and missions from a2 and oa are missing but you still have all you need to enjoy MP Games. Pricing would make sense then.. However any official statement about what precisly is in it from a2/oa and what not? I guess more people are confused about this.
  15. commander1985

    African Foliage

    Nope Oktyabr, i have the same issue on my test swamp... so it should not be the card ;) Berghoff if it helps you this is what i see in my .log file. brg_africa\brg_jungle_shrub_3.p3d: wrong land flags 800 brg_africa\brg_jungle_groundcover_1.p3d: wrong land flags 800 SW keep height animation used for brg_africa\brg_jungle_shrub_1.p3d brg_africa\brg_jungle_shrub_1.p3d: wrong land flags 800 brg_africa\brg_jungle_shrub_5.p3d: wrong land flags 800 brg_africa\brg_jungle_groundcover_2.p3d: wrong land flags 800 SW keep height animation used for brg_africa\brg_jungle_shrub_2.p3d brg_africa\brg_jungle_shrub_2.p3d: wrong land flags 800 and some screens: http://img855.imageshack.us/img855/4664/arma2oa2011030401421960.jpg http://img585.imageshack.us/img585/3122/arma2oa2011030401422040.jpg http://img816.imageshack.us/img816/7132/arma2oa2011030401422095.jpg http://img26.imageshack.us/img26/1088/arma2oa2011030401422160.jpg (Screenshots taken from same spot and rapidly taken within a second)
  16. commander1985

    Mirroring objects

    I have the same problem saving projects too, but Shezan is already informed. Lets hope he finds the issue quickly. You could help him with that by sending him the WorldTools Log-File :)
  17. commander1985

    Improving Buldozer.exe load time!

    Hey, you told me to do so. I'm just obeying your orders Sir! ^^ Btw. would be nice to get some Feedback here to see if this is generally working.
  18. commander1985

    Mirroring objects

    I used a program that somebody wrote for me to achive that on ovaron island. (can flip in any direction) wonder if there is some free tool.
  19. commander1985

    Mask problem

    I had problems with indexed colors and do it a bit different. See this as a small tip for Photoshop ;) Load your Picture and look for the posterize option and type in something like 4. (I do so) After that you will only have some colors left. Maybe one color even changed but you can easily change that one back with colormask and repainting it :) Works great for me. (Btw. I always have a bit more then 4colors,(some 480 to be exact :P) but visitor ignores them for me)
  20. commander1985

    L3DT to V3

    //peaks are like mountains instead of the soft rolling hills that I saw in L3DT's 3D editor Make sure that the Values in L3DT for Vertical Range match your terrain.pbl (Operations-Heightfield-Change Vertical Range) That usually does it for me. On the opposite i inport a .png greyscale file in visitor instead of .xyz Besided that Horizontal Scale (m) in L3DT should match your Grid. I get good results by doing so. Edit: lol 3 Ppl posting at the same Time. Now if that aint helpfull :)
  21. Hey, i now tried several setups to import new terrains. Different grid sizes , texture sizes etc. The Result is that the buldozer.exe crashes near the border or on load up depending on the settings i use. After that i loaded a old map from me that i made with the old setup/.exe etc. That one loaded fine and had no troubles when goin near the map border. Next thing i tested was doin a new project where i imported all files from the working map (heightfield import , parameter setup satgrid ,texture size etc.). Well the result was that it crashed too, with the completly same setup as the old map. P: Drive should be okay. Kju was so nice to check it yesterday. Any ideas?
  22. Hmm, i have 9 files to in bin folder. One of them is the .cpp I would asume the error is somewhere else (from my experience^^) Maybe i found the answer: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?p=1502524#post1502524
  23. Do you still have the same errors? There should be an config.cpp in the bin folder already...
  24. Had the same trouble at first look here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=114519&page=2 Mhh, did not had the second error.. Btw. P.M. sended to you.
  25. I got one terrain working. I didnt worked when i had not imported the sat and mask_lco. After i did it was no Problem to go near the border and beyond. I guess it was another case of big problem and simple solution^^ I try out with a bigger map now :)