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  1. 713th FireBird

    Revive Script

    I also am having a problem where it kills me and doesnt put me in a revivable state,it takes me straight to respawn_west, i have spread them out and gone over the script multiple times. The odd thing is that it was WORKING, then suddenly all my missions that had the script woudnt all anyone to be revived,straight to respawn_west/death.Im going to redownload the script today and give it another shot maybe it was an error on my part something that i adjusted etc etc, if still no luck then im leaning towards it was an A.C.E update or a addon/mod that was added to the missions cant be sure though.I'll keep this updated.
  2. 713th FireBird

    RH Mk18 pack 1.1 for OA / CO

    Great work, i use all of your weapons pack, but i must say i enjoy the MK.14 EBRs the most : ) Any plans to put nightscopes on your weapons ?
  3. 713th FireBird

    Arma 2 Addon request thread

    Would something like this be possible ? http://img202.imageshack.us/i/sigmasniperteamdelta.jpg/ for a better quality/bigger Does the vegetation create problems for modelers?
  4. 713th FireBird

    Ghillies for a change

    Love the camos its about time the ghillie suits got some attention, do you have any plans to release different models and different ghillie suits ?
  5. 713th FireBird

    TF86 Navy SEALs Pack

    Do you have any plans to release maybe a Navy Seal marksman/ghillie suit in a future update ? Love them by the way
  6. 713th FireBird

    Arma 2 Addon request thread

    Hello, Wondering if anyone is in the process or thinking about making some new ghillie suits ? maybe some more detailed suits.
  7. 713th FireBird

    Six updater, ruining everything.

    Six updater is one of the best tools ever created for mods/addons, you spend 5 minutes setting it up the first time and save a life time.
  8. 713th FireBird

    SP - Operation Cold Harvest

    I'll check it out and get back to you.
  9. 713th FireBird

    SP - Operation Cold Harvest

    We talked about this on A.C.E thread, but as soon as the mission is updated with stamina on , ill give it a go . Btw Binkowski is a nub :P
  10. I dont know make a post somewhere on dev heaven i would like to know as well,Maybe they did it that way on purpose.
  11. *hides* I wasnt here, i am updating the server.
  12. Does the mission have stamina turned off ? Turning stamina off bugs/disables rucks. Dirty get out of my head :P
  13. 713th FireBird


    Ding ding ding !
  14. Thanks for fixing the backpacks,It was a nightmare for me lol :P
  15. 713th FireBird

    FLIR v1.0

    Not sure if its been asked, But does this work on the Longbow ?