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    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    Hello, not sure if this had been mentioned by someone else beforehand.. I was wondering, can we perhaps see the uniform of the UNA be expanded into a greenish/brown camo variant? So as to deploy those to greener environments too? And I do refer to the retextured AAF type general infantry uniforms being done in what I believe was originally Syndikat type camo, if you please. Thanks a lot even if considered. Also it seems to me that UNA currently has no shoulder-patches on their uniform? (hard to distinguish without blue vests or helmets/berets on, like the survivor class of men.) Anyways, thanks for all things already brought out so far! 🙂
  2. Hi all (Or: To whoever is interested in this writing here), What I ultimately would like to ask for, is a new transitional terrain that goes from edge of Takistani mountains-->sandy hilly desert-->massive greenzone-->bog/marshland-->river and ultimately the 'Green Sea' shoreline itself, and plop a sizable Middle Eastern city-landscape on it.. If anyone is setting out to create this urbanized fictional 'Takmyr outskirts' landscape, again thanks a lot in advance! Would be awesome for the lore of Takistan, even if it isn't the whole entire city being build. (would kill all FPS if that be the case.) Could perhaps depict one of the outer districts of the actual (fictional) city limits itself perhaps? Therefore it would allow for more variable terrain, and more options as author would please and sees fit to create it according to their own hand. But for sake of believability it should atleast be the size of the regional capitol of Zargabad map, but then more densely packed with middle eastern buildings, and more of an interesting made terrain than that map itself happens to be. However, the only thing I like to press here is this: There should be mountains to the north-northwest-west, and sea-shoreline to the south-southeast, as found on maps based on Takistan from Arma 2 lore. Oh, and please don't forget the sizable wide river meandering through the middle of the district, going from North to South respectively speaking.. I say this for sake of keeping to the actual Arma 2 maps available for the Takmyr region of Takistan of Arma 2 timeline. Now according to Arma 2's 'Takistan'/'Green Sea Region' maps still found on Internet, 'Takmyr' city limits really don't touch the 'Green Sea' shoreline by far, but it would give something to say of its sheer size of urban spawl reaching out that far and wide. Plus please make it coastal for sake of putting an aircraft carrier in the Green Sea as an extra off-shore military base for planes etc. like what has been done on Utes, but further out into sea.. That would be something I personally deem convenient to have it build into the map anyways. But that's just my opinion of it. But above all: Thanks for creating if anyone would give it a try.
  3. Hello, I got me a few questions about Gabreta map, Between Kozojedy and Strazny, there is a wide open gap in the Iron Curtain. No patrol pathsway, no roads, no indication of minefields, with warning signs.. Just forest, and wide open hillsides, on Czechoslovakian side of border.. I understand from earlier post that middle of river was border in effect, but map-design like this currently on stable, well, no trace of an Iron Curtain to be found in that sector to the North-west part from river-military compound (with bridge) towards edge of the map. Also boats still do not navigate on rivers on stable branch either, so patroling river by boat is hard to do. Then there is a single lost German (Halt, hier Grenze!) sign, to the righthand side of the road, exiting Strazny eastbound. It is near what seems to be a military compound, just east of the T-intersection that leads to the border crossing checkpoint to the south nearby and towards the river Vltava? (spelling?) Also, speaking of border security, some of the bunkers in the same area, further east on Czechoslovakian side, along river-bank on the border-area, they are positioned as such, that it is hard to use them firing towards river, because bunker-position is straightened to sea-level. Because of that, there is hardly an effective field of fire available from them. Thus hardly any use of them small concrete bunkers near river.. Thanks for a potential fix if possible and deemed practical? I hope some of the things mentioned here might be fixed.
  4. Hi, thanks for the answer given. I forgot about the An-2 and its capabilities there. But I thought unless wartime-laws were put into effect, that it wasn't excactly allowed for to land on just about any field available, since it was civilian property? Also, how did these STOL aircraft manage to operate when prolonged rainfall would drench the fields normally used to land and take-off from? Wouldn't the wheels sink into the ground, or anything? I know an aircraft is fairly light of weight by itself, but coming in at low speed fully laden with men or cargo.. It's just that I have a hard time to understand how it all would work under those heavy conditions weather-wise. As for the civilian-housing capable to lodge military units in them.. I thought such practises was against the laws of war? Like to house military on regular or permanent basis in civilian homes? I just wonder if them West Germans were housed in or outside towns, by what was permissable or not? @mondkalb Thanks for the indepth answer given there. 🙂
  5. Hi, Since it seems you are working on transport-aircraft as well. Where to take-off from, and land those on? The Autobahn lies entirely in the Western sector, so that normally is a no-go area to take-off or land an Eastern-bloc plane from or onto. Besides that, it also is covered by wing-ripping trees on both sides of the Autobahn's pavement. So that's going to be a tough job.. That only leaves some more rural roads to land/take-off from or on.. But those are often accompanied by powerlines to their side. Ofcourse, one can think of a make-shift empty field of grass to become some sort of airfield.. But I do not know how much ground is needed for a completely filled plane to properly take-off from, being fully loaded? Besides them fields are often not flat enough. I do not know how much you guys wish to keep the Weferlingen map to an historical piece of digital museum art, but I was also wondering on where the West Germans for one were stationed at, because there is only one single sizable barracks-building for structure at Mariental-Horst.. Did they house most of the stationed troops in the area in tents or so? Or were there more permanent structures? Any accurate info on that, regarding the map's portrayed Western area? Just wondering, and asking about out of curiosity. But thanks for the answer.
  6. Hi all, I was wondering, is anyone interested into redoing the island of Nogova, altering it with larger villages and cities, and a renewed roads-system? (whilst keeping the original atmosphere of the island.) Maybe something along the lines of how an old mod for ArmA CWA had it, a speedway/highway between the main western desert Airport and Lipany city in the east? And if possible, to go with it: Redoing the original Resistance militia having them become part of 2035 timeline, without going too outlandish? (inspired by AAF perhaps?) I mean, I would like to see those guys appear in a digitalized Alpenflage/Flecktarn pattern for camouflage worn by them, mainly to serve as a wink/nudge to the original Resistance of 1988 timeperiod when they were going against General Guba.. Thanks for taking it into consideration to whoever happens to do something with it.
  7. Hello again CUP developers, After some narrowing-down of one by one loading in addon-maps, it turns out to be the 'South Asia 1.2' map by AnzacSas Steve was the cause of conflicting roads-stuff on my end. No idea why though, possibly something with inheritage-crossover usage of road-systems? Anyways, without the latter said map loaded in, it runs all fine without problems other then some artifacts on Loy Manara airfield-entrance road. But thanks again for the help! :-) Edit: But no more white segments of road-sections anymore. :-)
  8. Dear CUP-developers, Thank you so kindly for the entire effort of Winter Chernarus being brought about. But is it already known that the Takistan map (the big one atleast) now has snowy white segments of roads? Most obvious case of such is around the Rasman and Loy Manara airfields, where intersections and crossroads are situated. But it also goes on around most intersections and crossroads on Takistan map when zooming in to those via 3den editor, and in actual preview itself. Would someone please be so kind as to consider having a look into it? Thank you very much, it would be appreciated whenever a fix for it comes around. And yes, normally I would open a ticket for on the cup-website, but I am just curious if this is already known or not, hence why I posted this here. But thanks again for all the wonderful work done so far. It's awesome! And apologies beforehand for potentially sounding rude here..
  9. I would love to see me an mainland Sahrani appear. It could potentially be a coastal area with a big sprawling city enclave that belongs to Kingdom of Sahrani. (RACS zone) And the countryside surrounding it being agriculturally dominated, and more sparsely populated Democratic Republic of Sahrani territory. (SLA area.) A bit of like Singapore or Hong Kong prior to the latter's hand over to China, to build the picture of what I mean to convey here. But then of course with Arma 1 buildings for sake of keeping it fps friendly, whilst still sizable to call it a city. (atleast half a Fallujah map size-wise?) A city which has a strategic airport a big seaport for naval base, etc. It should convey the message: we're rich and (relatively) free. With the DRS countryside being more agricultural and impoverished/neglected backwards oriëntated, etc. (it still being a communist state.) And with that, various big military bases dotted around their countryside, to maintain atleast a supposed army-sized force. And please also add in a demilitarized zone around the RACS city, with the looks like the old former Warsaw Pact current timeline maintained Iron Curtain, or perhaps even partially a sector or two of Berlin Wall in some areas where residential places are closer to the actual border. I guess anyone willing to pick this up, is getting the picture by now. But to that effect thanks for the time and especially the consideration! I hope it'll be made some day. But thanks again for reading this.
  10. May I ask for a trans-national desert themed highway that happens to cross national borders? How this is done, is up to the map-maker or makers themselves. But my own take is a single main-road, consisting of two lanes mostly paved roadway. As it goes on and on, it crosses larger and smaller villages, and in the center of map, it has a split up border-town (Kavala sized like on Altis) with a demilitarized zone cutting through it. Map-size could perhaps be like 20x20 or 40x40 even if one goes crazy on it.. The latter would be quite empty of feel, but okay for framerates I suppose. But 20x20 is more varying landscapes I think? Not too sure though.. Depends on map-maker. Anyways, thanks for taking it into consideration, and thanks again for the effort if any is made! :)
  11. I hope this is the right section for it, but here goes.. Is any of you mapmakers perhaps interested into the following? May I suggest a small map based around infantry, who're supposed to fight over a strategic hilltop.. Not just a hill-top but a boulder strewn, cratered one, covered with sparse dead trees for a WW-1 like feel. Because infantry advancing or retreating should get some cover to do so, for gameplay's sake. Also if practicable, please do fortify the hilltop so in accordance with previously mentioned WW-1 theme. That means, bunkers, tank-traps, concertina-wire, razor-wire all over the place. Mines can be placed manually by whoever wishes to setup a mission on said finished map.. Surroundings of the hilltop should be a dead-forest on one end, wherein amongst the trees trenches are situated. And on the other side of a hill, trenches amidst a destroyed small section of a razed to the ground village.. What I wish to see, and that is my personal taste, is Pecher-map like feel if you know what I mean? Some ancient battlefield with relics and wrecks strewn around, based on faction-position east vs. west. And don't forget to make it muddy since the ground hardly has any grassroots left standing. No-man's Land it is. But to whoever picks up on this suggestion, that person has my thanks, and I hope to perhaps see it appear one day. Edit: Can it be done so, that hilltop is only accessible for infantry to be taken from hostiles? Thank you for your consideration! And why it could not be a hill on say Chernarus, is due to the cell-size difference on that map from what I know about it...
  12. I'd like to see the Chernarussian capital of Novygrad appear for Arma3. It could be the size of the Kavala-region on Altis, with it's directly neighbouring towns and their combined size included there in. But this could serve as quite an interesting map, since functional railways are being worked upon afaik. (Russian Railways mod?) Novigrad is a crossroads of naval, rail, and road traffic. It sits at the very southern tip of the Svetlaya-river Delta, which branches out into the Green Sea. So it likely has multiple districts spread over many an island, or peninsula, most of those connected by bridges, or even ferry-docks in some cases. Terrain-wise I'd personally see it as quite arid towards the west (into Takistan border direction), which is overlooked by a higher situated plateau, and the delta being greenzoned. To the east of the riverdelta it should be farmland and the occassional forested area for sake of moving about unnoticed, or hiding stuff in the countryside. Some interesting rocky-area, based on former glacier movement, carving out the delta in ancient times would also be nice to have, somewhere north of the capital city itself: Within city-limits it's obviously cut into ancient road pavement since the old medieval times. Military wise, it should prove useful for riverine operations, aswell as open sea battles, included a port of call for Nato/CSAT/otherwise in the harbour area. On land, infantry battle can rage around the old glacier-boulder remnants, as well as inside the city itself. But also within the forest, and longrange gunning can be done on the western high windswept plateau. All in all, quite a varying terrain I'd say. But please, do not forget to put a proper national airport in there. For it would be most lovely if the biggest aircraft can land, and move about on the runways and tarmac unobstructed.. That said, I'd like to thank anyone who reads this, and is willing enough to undertake such a daunting task, and also those who take it into consideration!
  13. Nope... It's Formentera island in real life, just south of Ibiza though. But the airport nearby what is Cap De Barbaria (irl) lighthouse is odd to behold at that place, because it doesn't excist in real life. :P Though for fun and games, nice to be back on the spot I'd visited back in the 1980's!
  14. Hi IceBreakr, May I ask for extra fortifications on the southern bank of the Central River between Djolan and Mawimbela? Right now that area is left kind of exposed. Not much for tank-traps on the riverbank, nor any fortifications for what is supposed to be a border of war waging nations. Perhaps the east/north eastern part of Djolan could also use some measure of protection from Molatian snipers, in the form of a high concrete wall going over north to east and then south along the river. Maybe it is the case that such measures will inflict confusion upon the AI and their abbillity to ford and cross the river, but I would love to have some sort of Iron Curtain thingy going there. I am aware that there are supposed to be peacekeepers in the bufferzone, but where do those operate from? No peacekeeper-basecamp to be found inside the bufferzone, atleast not baked onto the map. Would be lovely to be had if I may say so. Also, I would expect more military installations on the Molatian and Afrenian side of their borders. Plus armored ground vehicles currently drive straight through the border-fence, as if it isn't there. Is it possible to place that fence onto low-concrete wall sections? That way vehicles don't crash through anymore. Atleast not where they aren't supposed to do so, save for the obvious breaches and gaps in the Molatian-side's border-fence. That said, thanks for all the hard work so far! :)
  15. To map-makers: Is anyone interested and/or willing to do a new Takistan map, but then of the actual border of it with Chernarus? That is, if deemed plausible once CUP assets become available (opened A2 buildings etc.) for source, and with due credits ofcourse. It would be awesome to have one end of the map rather mountaineous, and the other end of the map rather hilly, and have a massive valley with fordable river between it. But not to forget a border should have border-posts, some fenceworks (with breachings here and there, but not too much.), a military zone around it on both sides. Kind of like the Korean DMZ would be nice. River should run from relatively North to South though, as it could be based on the Svetlaya River, which lies on/is the border with Takistan and Chernarus. If anything, it could also be a river that ends up in a southern map-edge coastline, as that would make it nice for Naval operations aswell as Riverine patrol stuff since the Mk. V SOC is available now. Aslong as atleast the eastern most parts of the map are having a Chernarussian feel to it, and the western most reaches have a semi-arid/arid Takistani feel to them. Would be awesome for terrain transition too. Maybe toss in a realistic major highway down the coastline, that is like 4 lanes wide at some points, and 2 lanes at less developed rural areas, it being a major route for Taki/Chernarus road/military traffic, thus being of strategic importance. But I'd also like to see that map as big as Chernarus map is, or perhaps bigger, yet rather sparsely populated save for a border-city and it thinning out into villages like how real cities look like. Alternatively if someone wishes to do so, I'd like to coin up the idea of a downsized map consisting of the Takmyr (capital of Takistan) and Novigrad (capital of Chernarus) highway. Put in a few towns inbetween along the route, again have some terrain slowly transition from lush European to arid Middle-eastern feel, perhaps a desert even if you believe Takistan-map is only mountaineous in the central Takistan proper. Anyways, enough to talk about, but that would become a true word-wall.. But key is terrain switching, a proper highway, a border-river and a coastline, all being as believable as possible: So perhaps cliffs on the Takistani side of the coast, but not on Chernarussian. Etc. etc. Whoever is willing to pick up on this, I thank you in advance. But please do keep in mind, it may have boring empty spaces, because that's how real world is at most parts. It ain't all fancy close-up infantry terrain. Focus should be put on distance-shooting for a change. :) But thanks again, and apologies for whoever finds this word-wall offensive.. *Edit*: I forgot to ask for an additional question for two believable rather big military bases on each end of the map, one on the Taki side, and the other on Chernarussian side. Should have a big flat concrete-slabbed/asphalt parade square on it for use on however anyone see fit. Maybe put a few big Barrack-buildings around it, and have it be Battalion sized force be housed there, to guard the border? (like atleast 160+ AI individuals per side are supposedly capable of being there.) Perhaps a few smaller Forward Operating Bases on the rural parts of the border. Ah well, ofcourse it's up to the map-maker to see how he/she wants it to be, but it still would be lovely to have those assets as well. Again I thank you in advance. Please do name it Western Chernarus, or East Takistan or something.. Obvious perhaps, but useful for identification. For the rest I'd like to ask for airports with multiple runways, and taxiways connecting those to the ramp/terminal buildings and whatnot. Would be awesome to have a big fat military/truly international large airport on the map. But single large runway like on Altis Int. would also be fine. Secondary dirt/grass runway could be somewhere else on the map, respectively on the Takistani part, or the Chernarussian part, and perhaps have the big International Airport somewhere in the middle of the map. Would be nice for bombing the heck out of it, or anything. However, the Int. Airport should have enough room for even the big Antonov planes to pass, and turn around on the ramp, or via additional taxiways. If it's International, any plane should be able to land, make use of facilities, and take off from the airport, right? *Edit 2*: Moderators, is it possible to add sub-sections to Addon Request like Map, Vehicles, Units, Weapons to the forums? For it may be preferable to use that system henceforth in order to downscale searching through all pages for specific interests currently being piled onto the big heap, where nearly nobody is looking at it anymore, because of it growing out of proportion, and exposure of specifically asked questions to said interests are visible only a limited amount of time because of it? Thank you for taking it into consideration. And please, I don't ask for all previous posts to be put in their respectable sub-section, but to use it henceforth if anything.
  16. Rovka

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    And we have passed the one-million milestone by now. Good job viewer-folks! :D And congrats to RHS.
  17. Rovka

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Dear RHS, are you folks having (distant) future plans for the featuring of active gun-ports on BTR-series, BMP-1/BMP-2's? Thanks for the answer! :) (I don't mean to rush you around, just inquiring if the plans are there, that's all.)
  18. Rovka

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Hmn, I wonder if BIS is going to make AI react terrain-specific: Say, as it is right now for Altis and Stratis, and per optional stuff, for Tanoa.. Otherwise AI might be caught in the open, and infamously just stand there, doing nothing, whilst player is within range of 100 meter or less. :P Ah well, only time will tell.. But I too fear the worst. Better to expect less, then too much from BIS these days. Atleast, it seems they're working on something AI related. (I hope!)
  19. Rovka

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    I saw me some stuttering going on during the presentation, and I do presume it was recorded from a ultra-high-end BIS-monster for gaming rig. I hope DirectX 12 is going to allow for Multi-core usage in A3. The game definitely could use that.. Other then my fears of it being an FPS-hog, nice presentation, but way too short to my liking. Would've loved to see more of the architectural diversity of the buildings, but I hope to see a resistance-variant of that propellor-plane with guns blazing, and some bombs under the wings.. But for sure, it truly IS an expansion though, for we already have the tourist-class of civilians from current A3. Now they don't stand out anymore, just stand in the way of fighting. :P
  20. Rovka

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I see, well I didn't knew that was the case, as I thought UCP to be discarded from official use. Anyways, thanks for the quick answer! :)
  21. Rovka

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Aren't the US-faction's UCP and OCP units mixed up, as in a way woodland sub-section is now represented by desert UCP units, where those are supposed to be wearing OCP, and vice-versa? (I thought that in real life the US Army was to switch over to OCP/MTP esque camouflage anyways?) But thanks for your enormous effort, and concern giving clarity over this little matter.) :)
  22. Nah, don't get me wrong R0adki11; It has been, and in due time (I hope.) it will again be a great modification. :D But now that BIS handed out some (binarized?) MLODS and other things amongst those, are these of any use to modders? As for your mod, I hope you plan to do releases in various stages, but if not, it's also welcome to have it released all at once when it's done. Anyways, best of luck as per usual. :)
  23. KAF, based on Soviet gear as how it was used in 'ArmA: Cold War Crisis.' You know, dudes with KLMK camouflage, AK-74's, and perhaps a few (but very rare) fully operational T-72's and BMP's from old Soviet stock that was left on the island of Kolgujev, after Guba's been dealt with.. Or perhaps they do have their own camouflage uniforms by now, which fits to their terrain? Your call R0adki11, but I hope you'd opt for doing a Kolgujev Armed Forces thingy. :) Anyways, thanks a lot for the effort so far!
  24. Great to see you're still working on them R0adki11. :) Those camouflages look splendid. :D So for A3 the T-55AM2 is going to be the mainstay of the overall armored forces? (tank-wise that is) And if so, in what year is the modification supposed to take place? 1990's, 2000's? Regardless, good to have this mod reappear for A3. Please do keep up the excellent effort. :)
  25. Can somebody please do a retexture of the Leopard 2 MBT Revolution / MBT-52 Kuma, to a plain green variant like seen in the following link: Thank you! :)