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  1. Can any one please recommend a working sound mod that does not require CBA? JSRS crashes without CBA , and the server i play on doesnt allow CBA. So i need something other than JSRS. Thanks!
  2. milkyway12

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    The Sound Mod crashes Often without CBA. I only play Capture the Island. The WASP server doesnt allow CBA , so the Mod crashes frequently. Can anything be done about this , or can some one recommend me a sound mod that doesnt require CBA that still works? Thanks.
  3. Arma II Launches Fine. However , when i try and Launch Arma:OA , i get a few problems stating that i have entered the wrong serial number or something cant load. I go to Launch Private military company i get : Can't find Arma 2:OA serieal number in registry How do i get my Arma 2 : OA serial number into the registry? Windows 7 64 Bit lates patches. ---------- Post added at 04:57 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:54 PM ---------- Some how this problem fixed itself. Hm.
  4. milkyway12

    CD Key?

    I have had this game for a while .. i have bought all the Arma games. All the sudden i get an "Error in creating direct 3D9 Graphical Engine" I try to apply the beta patch and i get WRONG CD KEY. WTF? I have purchased the fucking game. All of them .. all the expansions. What the hell is going on. I am having to launch from Arma II Launcher v for combined operations or use the script. The launcher makes it easier to use mods with. How do you get the wrong CD KEY on steam .. when it is automatic.
  5. milkyway12

    Probem yet again

    Ok now , im getting the Blue Screen of death with the run cmd beta file. When i am playin non Combined Ops games for over 15 minutes? is this normal or is it a known problem?
  6. milkyway12

    Probem yet again

    Any way my problem i cant launch the game without the beta patch. When i go to run the cmd file for combined ops in the OA file , it works fine and launches the game from steam , but as my early problem stated with Windows 7 problem , it wont launch past the steam loading box. It however will with the Beta patch , how would i get the cmd file to launch from the beta patch so i can run combined ops. ---------- Post added at 11:44 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:05 AM ---------- I figured it out , had to download the run cmd for beta.
  7. milkyway12

    Missing File....

    Keeps saying i am missing CAWheeled2_BTR90, warfare2vehicles.... I mean what the crap. Its getting aggervating , i have the BAF and the OA games installed. both integrity checks are clear while i am trying to join a Capture the Island Warfare server. I dont play anything besides warfare ,and i can only play on like two servers on warfare because i keep getting that stupid missing file , its driving me nuts. Can some one tell me whats going on. ---------- Post added at 04:17 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:12 PM ---------- http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=101214 i just read that post.. i could care less about combined ops i just want to play OA not arma 2. Arma 2 is old news for me , is there a way i can get into these Combined Ops servers without have to reinstall Arma 2....... a waste of time. ---------- Post added at 04:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:17 PM ---------- What ever , im reinstalling it , freakin worthless 7 gigs to get freakin 2 vehicles in the damn game. BI what were you thinking.............. if its a stand alone expansion , make it standalone...... not where you have to have 7 gigs on your system so you can have two vehicles to work in your expansion.
  8. milkyway12

    Windows 7 problem

    Beta worked. Installed the beta launched from the Beta launcher
  9. milkyway12

    ARMA 2:OA beta patch 74123

    I installed the latest Beta...it worked..
  10. milkyway12

    Windows 7 problem

    Any one else willing to take a shot? I would really like to play the game
  11. milkyway12

    Windows 7 problem

    Only thing i saw ws URL steam://rungameid/33930
  12. milkyway12

    Windows 7 problem

    There is no target line. I just looked under them like i did vista and no target line.
  13. milkyway12

    Windows 7 problem

    Ill try it out in a moment. Game is at 98%. I did the path test and windows c was listed under there. If it doesnt work i will still try his solution , thanks for finding it for me. I just reinstalled the entire game , still a no go. I am trying to accomplish what he said to do , but i ran a compat check on the cmd file and this is what i got after a fresh install http://img842.imageshack.us/img842/128/yupyup.png I just tried what he did still a no go. I dont understand brand new operating system fresh install of the game twice , still a no launch.
  14. milkyway12

    Windows 7 problem

    Still nothing , steam says all files are working fine. ---------- Post added at 12:54 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:49 PM ---------- Firewall is green across the board. Trying to run as admin , still nothing. Guess ill just try and reinstall , dont see how it will do anything considering all the files were normal
  15. Game ran fine on vista. I just put a fresh copy of windows 7 in , full reformat. Now i go to start the game. It wont start , says launching game , then it shows my mouse with the circle around it then , i see it in process than it goes away and nothing comes up..... Not sure what to do. Any ideas? Windows 7 Home Premium 64 ..... Running the game with Steam.