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  1. liquidpinky

    Anyone using Tobii 4C?

    I case anyone deosn't have the head tracking working, try this tip from Tobii themselves. Worked a treat for me. https://help.tobii.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002515865-Poking-all-Arma-3-players
  2. Is it just me or did my Xian actually have the ramp action back yesterday? Not flown it much, but during a doss about yesterday the ramp was there to play with while I was in the gunner seat.
  3. The real reason would have been time, or not enough of it to be exact. BIS would have realised the mammoth task of adding this to every single vehicle and realised it was a folly (at the time anyway) to do it and get it done for A3's release. They would probably have been looking into enter and exit animations as well no doubt, ToH was just released at the time and had them and I envisage they would have liked to do the same for ARMA. The problem being not just individual animation per vehicle, but to be realistic there would be individual animations per seat position per vehicle, a lot of work. There would have been no time so they disabled the few they had already completed, that way there would at least be parity across the board of all the vehicles. Back to subject at hand, as long as the rear ramps remains operable via script for mission makers or just some of us who like to doss about and retrofit it as an addaction later I would be happy.
  4. liquidpinky

    Arma 3 and 21:9 monitors ?

    The FOV is far better on a 21:9, and performs better than a 4K where you get shot by people you don't even see because they are out of your peripheral vision. We still have the exact same vertical FOV as your 4K, just a good deal more to the sides. 4K is a mugs game, they are selling you shit you don't even need (unless you have an 80" TV and those pixels look like bricks). it is like PPI, only in the form of a screen. And those black bars you have on your 4k when watching a movie on it, well those pixels aren't wasted on a 21:9. ;) Think of 21:9 as when you are sat at the cinema and the curtains fully open after the adds. Welcome to 21:9.
  5. liquidpinky

    Arma 3 and 21:9 monitors ?

    Pretty much the same as myself, ditched triple monitor and SLi and now run 3440x1440 from a single Titan. Looking to upgrade to a 1080 at some point later this year as the Titan is getting a little old now (first gen). The change from the triple monitor actually upped performance and the visual fidelity increased as well, less pixels to shift overall but more where you actually see them. I wont be going back to triple monitor anytime soon.
  6. liquidpinky

    TrackIR not working

    I think the preview version had some TIR issues, maybe carried over to your config if you had it read protected maybe. Glad you got it back working though.
  7. liquidpinky

    Apex Weapon Feedback

    It currently looks like you are mid reload and still need to pull it(the mag) backwards and upwards into the receiver. Like it isn't fully in at the back.
  8. liquidpinky

    TrackIR not working

    Not trying to be cheeky but you did check TrackIR was still enabled in the controllers menu? My TIR was disabled and I had to re enable it, I think this was due to using Freetrack for an EyeX but may be related to an update also.
  9. Playing third in a forest environment is a sure way to die easy and not see it coming, I call hax on those 1st person layabouts. I play both BTW, third in the woods in Tanoa is suicide.
  10. Thanks, subscribed on Steam, low tide version suits me as I hike and cycle everywhere checking out new maps.
  11. liquidpinky

    Oculus support

    Plays not too bad with a DK2 and VorpX software at the moment, A3 is already made for it thanks to how character animations are handled for TrackIR support. Probably one of the best examples of a game suitable for VR at the moment. Native support for VR devices would be the icing on the cake. 75FPS is the recommended minimum for a silky smooth DK2 experience BTW, not 90FPS. ;)
  12. They will be new containers built from scratch, similar to ones I have worked on for oil rigs. They have them fitted out as laboratories, ROV control cabins and additional office spaces, among other uses. The containers are still the easiest way to ship things and handle them, pre-built and just have to drop them in place where required. No hassles, just ready to do it's job once power and comms are hooked up. Standard they are usually around 2 to 3mm thick sheet steel so would definitely require additional protection in war zones to stop bullets.
  13. liquidpinky

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    Currently the AAF actually have the best amphibious support and theoretically could be the only force of any use there. :P Bring back the BMP2 I say, there was nothing more fun than sitting turned in and switched off floating on a pond waiting on some unsuspecting smuck like a crocodile waiting for a buffalo. Also, bring back ponds I say. ;)
  14. liquidpinky

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    Hate the Hunter love, the Strider is clearly the vehicle of choice for this new map.
  15. Still no TIR for me, vanilla game and TIR removed from controller list as well as showing blocked by BattlEye.