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  1. The Altis version. The Stratis benchmark uses outdated code which doesn´t run anymore with the current ArmA 3 Version.
  2. helo

    Armor and weight

    Good question. Like to know that as well. Has anybody additonal insight on this ?
  3. Good idea. I´ll give that a try.
  4. Interesting, gonna try the dev patch as well.... :bounce3:
  5. Yep. It was the same with ArmA 2. You can also run it a third time to be sure.
  6. I have the same problem. THe reason behind this is that by the first time the vast amount of textures and objects will be loaded into your memory slowing everything down in the first time. When you run it a second time, then all the textures/objects are ready and t
  7. What about standardized comparisons by using benchmarks where you can test different settings? That might give you an idea where the problem is.
  8. I assume it will be like Cherna in ArmA 2. Patch by patch will improve the perfromance of Altis, hopefully.
  9. First Benchmark for Altis is ready: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0ByhZc2l2kSOaQ2VJRTZjbFBoN1k/edit?usp=sharing Happy Benchmarking !
  10. A Benchmark will be released for Altis if BIS doesn´t provide that. An update for the Stratis Benchmark could include non-fighting AI and more particle effects (smoke) and a focus scene on moving ships in the water, if that would be desired.
  11. The Senkaku Island is quite an eye catcher. Well done!
  12. Done. Thanks for kindly reporting this issue.
  13. I can confirm this as well with the current dev. build: My FPS increased from 43 to 48 .
  14. What do you mena with infantry perspective ? Possibly a benchmark with infantry AI only ?