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    Scope Mod A3

    I've been looking around for info on how to do this, can you either explain it or link me to something that will lead me through this process?
  2. Would you be willing to send me the mission files? I believe you have my email. :P
  3. Simplest way I know of doing it (and I like simple): So, you're going to add four units, 1 empty M1A2, 3 Crewmen (I take it you know how to do this). Name the tank something - below the name is "t1": In the init line of the first crew, "this moveincommander t1;" (without quotes) Second crew "this moveingunner t1;" Third, "this moveindriver t1;" So, what you've done is created an empty tank (no crew in it), put down three crew members. You've placed those crew members in their positions. Since you didn't place a loader, there won't be one. The crew will start IN the tank IN those positions when you load this mission. This is covered on page 108 of "Armed Assault Editing Guide" by Mr Murray. If you like fiddling with missions, that's a GREAT primer on most of the basic commands you'll need. D/L the guide here: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=4847
  4. When I uninstalled ACE2, CBA went with it. So if other guys with the problem could give that a go and see what happens.
  5. It's getting me too. Missions that used to work fine are now buggered. All placed units on the same side are showing up as subordinate units. EDIT: For me it was ACE 2 related (1.5 beta). I uninstalled ACE2 1.5 Beta and went back to Vanilla installs of A2 and OA and HC system returned to normal.
  6. Okay, so, I haven't tested every possible permutation of this but I found something that so far has 100% of the time solved the problem that is described in the opening post: I trying to keep things as dirt simple as possible: What I normally do is create a helicopter, I name it something [usually something really clever like helo1], I create my group/unit I want to hop out of the helo, and I create an H (Invisible) [from the objects menu] and name it [something clever like LZ1] which I put where I want the unit to get out. [notice I haven't named my unit anything. I do have the "this moveincargo helo1; {_x moveInCargo Helo1} forEach Units Group this;" in the group leader INIT of my infantry team, but for this purpose, I don't need to name them. And I don't use a particular eject command. I have tried doing that in the past but it didn't always avoid the "refuse to advance to next waypoint" problem on the helo unload problem described.] Now, you guys all probably know the drill, you do your fly in waypoints for your helicopters and you create a waypoint "transport unload" near the H and put into the INIT for that (helicopter) waypoint, HELO1 LAND "LZ1" and place a "get out" waypoint nearby for your ground unit. You then continue on your helicopter and unit waypoints. This was described by someone above more eloquently than I just put it. Now, just today I was fighting with a mission I was writing that had multiple AI helicopters with various AI squads around an island to simulate an invasion. The helicopters were all stopping and not landing. When I tried it with a single helo, no problem, but multiple helos up seemed to cause problems for some reason. Okay, here's the crazy, maddening thing that I did to solve it. Ready. I put the "unload transport" just a little bit PAST the H (Invisible) landing marker along the flight line. I'd been flying the helicopters from the North, traveling south and I had somewhat instinctively put it located a bit above the H. When I moved all the "unload transport" waypoints with my "helo1 land "lz1";" in it, all just south of the H, along the line of flight all of the helicopters landed properly. As a test, I kept one of the "unload transport" waypoints north of the H and it was the only helo that didn't unload. So, look, I can't promise that all the problems people are having will be solved by this, but I've gone back and looked through missions where I had helo insertion problems and all of them had unload waypoints shy of my landing object (the invisible H). I moved the waypoint past the marker and all the helicopters are landing now. TL,DR Summary: Try placing the helicopter unload waypoint a few meters past your landing object (usually an H (Invisible) so that the helicopter's flight path crosses over it.
  7. onchas

    Isla Duala

    Thanks for your work! This has become probably my favourite island in the game.
  8. They're there under the HKEY_local_machine/software/wow6432node, but there's no registry information for BIS/Arma2 software under HKEY_local_machine/software/. (I'm using Win7, x64) I tried editing my Registry via export/import of the key (changing the route). I could open OA with just the /hkey_local_machine/Software/Bohemia Interactive Studio registry (but only with access to the OA product), but ArmA2 gave me a "bad serial key" error on start up. I re-imported the previous (default) registry information (so it's back in the wow64 registry sub-directory) and both ArmA2 and OA start up just fine but I do not have access to the combined product. I'm going to stop pressing my luck with editing my registry and I'll let you guys sort this out. But, for me, one of the things that attracted me to buying OA was that I could combine the available equipment in both the Arma2 maps and the OA maps. This is a critical feature for me, so I really look forward to your sorting this out.
  9. This did not work. First time I tried it I ran OA (I'd already run Arma2 a few hundred times), I exited, put the file into the main OA directory (where the exe is), and I ran OA, OA started just fine but no access to ARMA2. I tried to run ARMA2, no access to OA. I re-downloaded the file and re-extracted it to the OA directory. I ran arma2, then I ran OA, still separate and then I ran arma2 again, no joy. Both Arma2 and Operation Arrowhead are in the default steam directories. Arma2 was updated via the forced steam download to 1.07. I didn't get the registry error, both games start fine. They just don't acknowledge each other. Dwarden, I really do appreciate the time you take to put material up for people, but could you please try to be more detailed in your instructions. For example, you weren't even clear if we should be trying to run the combined game from OA or Arma2. I've noticed this several times on these forums and on the Steam forums over the past year that I've been a BIS customer, you seem to leave out information and don't provide complete instructions when you provide technical support. I have no idea if the file doesn't work or if there was something to the installation process that I messed up. More step-by-step information on how to do this would make life much, much easier; likely for you as well.
  10. I had a similar problem to the "game not available" and I restarted steam. No problem. I haven't solved the integration issue yet but there is a thread with a download for a file to add to your OA directory in this forum (sticky).
  11. I don't know where you heard that, but it's false. The last couple of patches I've just downloaded from the BIS site and installed them just as I would have if I owned the DVD version. You just have to shut off the steam auto updater for Arma2 under the game properties (which makes sense since you're changing the files) EDIT: It seems I have to modify my above comments a bit. It's correct we could modify and update our files, but if we did it seems that we have to completely redownload and reinstall ArmA2 to be able to run OA. I haven't purchased the Steam copy yet so I haven't tried it directly, but others are reporting the need to redownload the game. Generally though, for updates to Arma2 you don't need to redownload to just add a patch.