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  1. Drew

    Nobody plays anymore, atleast for MP

    arma 2 is not a game for pvp, im sorry but it's the truth. I myself don't enjoy the combat, the only real combat i do enjoy is the warfare mode other than that it becomes a nonstop corner camp fest, or grenade fest on CTF maps, not my style of gameplay nor is it for most others.
  2. and noone is forcing you to play, you seem like a COD player, but that's just my opinion, again noone is forcing you to play. if you don't like it don't play it. Congrats on the release sumrak it's been a long time :)
  3. May I suggest something easier....download and install a MOD manager application like this one. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=6649&highlight=ARMA+II+LAUNCHE read the instructions very simple. make sure you use @MODNAMEHERE along with Addons folder in the actually mod folder itself
  4. Drew

    USS Nimitz

    IIRC you obviously do care enough to distinguish the difference in the two, IIRC. Regardless there is an f18 out either way.
  5. Drew

    USS Nimitz

    f18 is out, download FDF mod.
  6. Drew

    FDFmod 1.0

    ah i didnt realize one of my fav mods from OFP was released :) My favorite was the actual campaign itself
  7. neat, needs teh blue watery effect tho! haha jk thats something u can add at the end
  8. ships looking good dude, dont give up arma 2 needs more ships/ship battles, i created a video a long time ago, Gnat is the man to talk to when it comes to war ships see my vid. IwR-RAVyGQg
  9. Drew

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    214 pages later, still the best sound mod to date, thanks for all your hard work I use ur sound mod every time I launch a2 :)
  10. Drew

    gQ Minigun

    hilarious video lol :D good addon just need a terminator skin now
  11. Drew

    USS Nimitz

    good job, been waiting for this for awhile. thanks for the addon!
  12. Heres a request for the pro map makers out there...How about a map from the movie "Avatar" haha I know the FPS would be shitty but it would look cool :D
  13. good videos :) oh this isn't my video, but it definitly deserves more views than it has recieved! Zenger from the Wings of Russia (aka Sarmat)community made this video, i have it has one of my favorites, definitly worth watching a few times around QVG4TdFGqRM
  14. Drew

    Mana Island Fiji

    nice, congrats on ur release, 1st :P
  15. you know, I planned on putting together a Battle Zone 2 mod for Arma 2. ashame I never got around to starting it though :(, seeing this addon how ever makes me want to start it up again :)