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  1. Jelliz

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    Nope, there are even less enterable buildings if you compare the same area of Chernarus to the new map.
  2. Jelliz

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    They added it to Takistani Army.
  3. Jelliz

    Terrorattack in Norway's capital, Oslo.

    To clarify, it has not been any discussions/debate about it in the norwegian media yet as i know of(And i have been quite a news junkie the past few days). There has been small mentions of it in other articles about him though, though usually not more than 3-4 sentences. It is confirmed however, it says so in his manifesto that he has played modern warfare for "training" purposes, and for fun. And some WoW. What is being discussed in other internet forums about it im not sure of, as i am not very active in other forums besides this.
  4. Jelliz

    Terrorattack in Norway's capital, Oslo.

    AFAIK, the quote about Call of duty and WOW has barely gotten any mention in Norwegian newspapers. It hasnt been a topic for discussion yet. Though, we dont know if it will come up at a later point. EDIT: To clarify, he did mention it in his manifesto and it has been quoted as part of other articles. But as of yet, it has not been discussed or given any headlines.
  5. Jelliz

    Terrorattack in Norway's capital, Oslo.

    Downloaded it. Seems legit, some of this have been quoted in Norwegian newspapers. EDIT: Felt sick while reading it and deleted it.
  6. COOP campaigns can(EDIT: probably) be made as they can be made now. I cant see any reason whatsoever that they would change that. I guess the reason for them making a singleplayer campaign is to provide a stable(read: minimalizing bugs) singleplayer experience for firsttime users that play the game in singleplayer mode before taking on multiplayer.
  7. Allowing artists to be artists is the most important step within that step in the right direction. Must be exciting times for them, with this project, AND Take On Helicopters.:)
  8. Jelliz

    More races

    Since we have human race in the game already, we could use some more sheep diversity.
  9. Jelliz

    ArmA 2 site hacked

  10. Jelliz

    ArmA 2 site hacked

  11. Jelliz

    ArmA 2 site hacked

  12. Arma 2 has a MULTI-5(English,French,Italian,Spanish,Czech) version, German(German) version and Czech(Czech,English) version AFAIK. Operation Arrowhead maybe had some changes regarding the German version? EDIT: And a Polish only and a Russian only, for lowered prices in their respective countries*. EDIT 2: * = Not sure about that statement, but i think i read it somewhere. Cant remember where though..
  13. Jelliz


    Since BB guns actually exists it should be in the game.:partytime:
  14. Jelliz

    Any soundtrack tabs?

    Havent heard through the whole song.(EDIT: tried to transcribe it) But what i've gathered so far is: Kind of ugly(copypasta from notepad)
  15. Jelliz

    ArmA 2 Player Occupation

    Working at a frozen-pizza factory:P side-jobs as lighting technician at concerts and local theater shows and the like + some janitor'ish stuff. Occasionally stepping in as bartender.