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  1. dammond

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hey, we'll release more once we have all the variants we've made in game but in short: No TOW, no Avenger, no ambulance, no GMV for now. Most of the other normal variants will be represented.
  2. dammond

    Bizzare Texture Issue

    Alright, I have run as admin.. with no success, the error persists. Looking to see if updating to 2.51 tools will change. EDIT: WINNING! I updated to 2.51, and it works like a charm. Thanks for your help gentlemen. Good day!
  3. Hello! I've been making custom textures for the lawlz for a while now, and I recently upgraded to Windows 7. But now it doesn't work. So how did I do it before? I simply unpacked the PBO, took the .paa, made em TGA went to photoshop, did my magic and then put em back as .paa, just using a texture command in the ini line of the unit I wanted! But.. doing the IDENTICLE process on Windows 7 yields the following results, when I try to open any texture with TexView2: This happens for every single texture. Any ideas on this? (And yeah.. this is sort of in the wrong section but I didn't see a texture section. Mods feel free to move this if I am wrong). Thanks in Advance
  4. dammond

    Civvies Civvies! Its all about the Civvies!

    My apologies there, that didn't exactly make sense did it >__<. And no, I'm not a yank :butbut:
  5. dammond

    Civvies Civvies! Its all about the Civvies!

    Alright.. I'm not saying I want to see super cars. I want to see modern, middle class, sedans, trucks, vans ect. The cars we have are designed to fit in well, and they do a good job of it. But since this is not such a poor country, I am HOPING cars will be more upper class/modern/not rusted garbage vholas and urals.
  6. Hello! So, unless you never use the multiplayer function on Arma 2, or Arma, then you would be aware of a game mode usually referred to as "life". If you are unaware of how/what it is, it is a free roam, cops and civilians mode in Arma, that puts an emphasis on role play, and realism. It is similar to a more in dept, role play version of grand theft auto, with the exception being, not all civilians are criminals, and you can also play as the local police. Now, as you are aware/not aware. The civilian vehicles are very bad in Arma. Now, its not the models are bad, they are quite detailed. But in Chernarus, Zargabad, and even Takistan, we ALWAYS get old, russian, cars. Now, since this is supposed to be a "vacation island" will that mean.. more middle class/upper class citizens? If so.. that would hopefully mean more newer, cars. As, cars are a very important part of any life game. Also, do you think we will see more western civilian models? Give me your thoughts! Dammond
  7. dammond

    Where/how/when to buy ARMA2:OA?

    Hello, I live in Canada, and I called EB Games/Game stop and they say they have no records of it being able for pre-order. The origional Arma 2 came to Canada, but was a few days late from other countries release. Please help!
  8. dammond


    Im freaking out right now, its 28, June 2010 and Operation Arrow head is released tommorow. I called my Local EB Games/Game stop, and they said it isnt showing up. :butbut: I live in canada, and I dont know why it isnt. I sure hope they have it tommorow. The origional Arma 2 came exactly as it was in all the other countries. Please help me on getting information! Thank you.
  9. Alright, Thank you for all your help. I will definetly work on these animations, and all your sugesstions/offers to help were great. Although, I will try the animation my self. Then Ask for help when I fail. :p
  10. Hi, Im really new to scripting/modding so I request your Help. I did forum search, however didnt find any results. I want to have some soldiers just standing around, and looking like that they are inspecting a vehicle. I am not sure how to do this, though. Please Help, Dammond
  11. I really love the amount of vehicles availible in this game. But im sooooo disapointed they didnt include the M113 or M2 Bradely IFV. These in my opinion would be agreat addon to the game. Guys, + BIS gimmie your thought s on this...