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  1. I'm attempting to do something similar in the alpha, its a but difficult to port over without arma3 having the modules arma 2 has. I am redoing all code by hand and attempting to make it as small as it is possible while still being fully dynamic... I will post it when completed!
  2. well.. that would make sense. thanks. alpha updates right when you get something working and breaks it on ya. well, guess i will have to stay on my toes when making this mission
  3. ok, trying to spawn an enemy vehicle and keep getting this.. not sure what i have to do to get them to spawn correctly. tried empty vehicles and filled vehicles as well as createunit and createvehicle arrays _whatever1 = createvehicle ["O_Galkin_F", getmarkerpos "mrk2", [], 0, "NONE"]; //testing this is the error thrown. searched but found nothing on it for arma 3 Cannot create non-ai vehicle O_Galkin_F,
  4. H3NRY

    Multiplayer Editor

    do you understand that this is EXACTLY what a server does at all times? it is very possible and would not use more bandwidth than a normal server hosting a game this is how i see it... wish i could code the UI for it two people on a server, one is host the other is client.( could be more people but two is easiest to explain) server can turn on mp mission editor and you both go to a mission editor( map with buttons for adding way-points and such) in the editor you both have a cursor of different colors and any move you make is fed live to the other client( exactly what a server does right now with the ai positions and all that so its not too much for anyone, shit you can send live desktop video on a phone's 3G connection) when you save a marker/unit/grouping/unit init( if one person placed a unit the init being edited would have the be allowed or denied) it gets fed to the other clients. noone joins the game unless all are ready and have saved the mission to the server/clients. basically.... VTS but with the layout of the editor
  5. i have been playing with it and have ended up with a trigger, it works for all players connected when the mission starts but join in progress is kinda... flawed. i have tried the way you suggest but it also just outright failed, no errors or anything. i want all players to spawn at the same location but that location to be random across the map. "spawnlocations" is an array that i BIS_fnc_selectRandom on server side and then spawn all units there... works thru a trigger but not thru init of players nor in the init.sqf... i am just t a loss for words on this one... im doing soemthing wrong.. but what and where is my issue... i need to spend time and look thru each character of my code..
  6. ok, so start of my mission the server picks a random spawn point and sets that to a global variable ( dont know if its needed) then in the units init field it setpos the units to the newly found spawn point ( i use a script to setpos the player, thats where i need help) the script does not move me, nor other clients but it displays the hint.. am i attempting to move the player too early or something? here is the script and player init fields respectively waitUntil {!isNull player};player setpos (getmarkerpos spawnlocations);hint "im here!"; this = this execvm "spawn.sqf"; yes i have seartched and nothing that anyone has done is working for me. at one point i just used triggers to telleport each player but it was not consistent, even with one trigger per person, per 1X1meter any help would be great.
  7. i was having issues with this as well, if you want use this and add all of your stuff to it ( works well for me and sets the marker for the objective and moves the players to the spawn point townlocations = 0; spawnlocations = 0; if (isServer) then { //server side random picks townlocations = ["stratisairbase","agiamarina","killfarm","camprogain","kaminofiringrange","lzbaldy","camptempest","airstationmike","oldoutpost","satalite1","campmaxwell","girna","agiosloannis","agioscephas","jaycove","thespartan"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; spawnlocations = ["sp","sp_1","sp_2","sp_3","sp_4","sp_5","sp_6","sp_7","sp_8","sp_9","sp_10","sp_11","sp_12","sp_13","sp_14","sp_15","sp_16","sp_17","sp_18","sp_19","sp_20","sp_21","sp_22","sp_23","sp_24","sp_25","sp_26","sp_27","sp_28","sp_29","sp_30"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; "attack" setMarkerPos (getmarkerPos townlocations); //server side setpos of attack marker publicvariable "townlocations"; publicvariable "spawnlocations"; {_x setpos (getmarkerpos spawnlocations)} foreach playableUnits; //server side move players to random spawn point sleep 5; //testing hint townlocations; sleep 5; //testing hint spawnlocations; } else { //clients };
  8. hmm.. that is telling me invalid syntax... man, i have tried at least 15 different versions of every script out there and they all seem to try to do the gsv2 query or crash... any way i can make the server it self dump all the info to a mysql or other database? that would make all of this easy... so lost.. this should work... its all correct but i get no output... http://urbanmulcher.info:81/testit/index.html
  9. yah i am. i seem to have figured out that it is not setting it as the init of the spawned CIV, it is in there correct and exactly as was shown above ( re copied everything and made a new pbo, the one i uploaded) andstill no go.. now arma has me lost, works one minute but not the next, same EVERYTHING ( tried adding mods, removing mods, new profile, deleting all profiles... nada.) i must have messed something up somewhere but i guess i will figure that out on my own.
  10. if i did that i would remove the land vehicles from the list.. dont want to blow the cars up from a vehicle that spawned next to it that was !CIV XD even tho that basically means anyone in a car can just drive up and nothing happen.. edit- im having a weird issue... it isnt working now.. it worked a few hours ago.. i have nothing in the RPT either, just normal startup stuff here is the mission, does it work for you? https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1465291/iedtest.Takistan.pbo
  11. all sides except for CIV would be done with changing: if (str(side _x) == "WEST") then to if (str(side _x) == "WEST"||"EAST"||"GUER") then or even if (str(side _x) != "CIV") then correct?
  12. it should..maybe should put server side checks been attempting to get it to work on my wasteland but apparently it decided to not work at all.. even locally... im so confused now, been trying for over 2 hours now to get it lol
  13. this was posted a LONG time ago but noone thought or asked how to attach the trigger to the object that is calling the script. this seems to work and makes for some great ALICE spawned suicide bombers. to attach it i added _trg attachto [_object] and for testing purposes i made sure 100% of the spawned civilians would be bombers, here is the full script and the ALICE init code script _object = _this select 0; _value = random 100; if (_value < [b]150[/b]) then { _trg=createTrigger["EmptyDetector", position _object]; _trg setTriggerArea[5,5,0,false]; _trg setTriggerActivation["WEST","PRESENT",false]; _trg setTriggerStatements["this", "_bomb = nearestObject [getPos (thislist select 0), 'Man']; boom = '[b]R_57mm_HE[/b]' createVehicle position _bomb", ""]; _trg attachto [_object] }; change the two highlited items above to change the percentage of spawns that will be bombers and the bomb type ALICE [bIS_alice_mainscope,"ALICE_civilianinit",[{nul=[_this] execVM "ied.sqf";}]] call bis_fnc_variablespaceadd;
  14. Hi there guys, I am Henry, i am a server owner and member of Urban Mulcher, a group of friends that like to play some games ( call it a clan for the ease if ya want, but were not an exclusive clan lol) me and the crew ( Urban Mulchers) have been reduced from 16+ people down to just 5 or so and we are looking for some more people to join our games. if you want to you can join our Teamspeak and our Arma 2 servers both located at Urbanmulcher.info ( list.urbanmulcher.info for an out dated list of our games and a new Teamspeak 3 status page, see who is online there!) we have players from all ends of the world so dont think that matters to us. people to look for on the Teamspeak for help and more info are: Pants ( aka cptn....underpants), Oxy ( Oxymoron), Rum ( the youngest one but helpful sometimes) and H3NRY or H3NRY.um ( Henry, server owner, admin and physical host for most of Urban Mulcher's server stuff) currently we are running a customized version of Wasteland but we also run some temp. cypher and other random fun missions. if you want to just hop on our Teamspeak and say hi, you never know what can happen. one note tho.. Please dont be an asshat, were just trying to have fun here
  15. I've been trying to find out how but I only got a vague post saying its possible to pull the info from gamespy but how is what I want. If there are any ready made solutions that would be perfect.. but I can parse the info if I can get the info to a file on the server.. any ideas?