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    2011 - Warfare Team - Tournament

    Ok, I guess this conversation is over.. People can see all the facts of the tournament and about our match in this topic, they can draw ther own conclusions.
  2. Scorpionzi

    2011 - Warfare Team - Tournament

    manual does not even mention victory conditions, after some searching on forums we found: http://forum.warfare-tournament.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=4 #1 copy/paste from your forums, rubber: The match starts. at some point you shoot mhq and few other structures and voila, you won. So we start to wonder.. because we had structures left, and you won.. the rules that you made up say that all structures have to be destroyed as victory condition. (?) So moments later the discussion starts on your forums.. and you say: http://forum.warfare-tournament.com/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=58 #2 copy/paste from your forums, rubber: Bending rules --> Not our mistake..
  3. Scorpionzi

    AWP Warfare [www.awpaholica.com]

    Gossamer is only using the arguments like "Benny used BIS modules" to justify that its legit to use benny's mission for own purposes.. without crediting him for it (untill now, because we made note of it.) Gossamer saw the mission code.. so " shud" know how its build.. and still says such things.. Isn't it obvious why ? still didn't get the point?? he did something inappropriate and this is the result of it. simple as that. Im already satisfied with Bennys name in mission briefing, but rundll also has a point.. Besides.. the replies Gossamer makes, makes my fingers twinkle to write a reply.. (mainly because hes attitude towards other people (and work) and the ease of how he does his things with it.)
  4. Scorpionzi

    AWP Warfare [www.awpaholica.com]

    Heres the answer one more time, specialy for you. Having problems reading i suppose? High command isn't something specially designed for warfare (rather an multi purpose / universal module) so you can't use that as an excuse to use the mission the way you did. Also, i don't understand why you don't see what we are trying to say... everybody with "*just a little bit*" common sence would understand..
  5. Scorpionzi

    AWP Warfare [www.awpaholica.com]

    its obvious you don't care.. you already used someone else's work as base for your version... so why would you bother...lol.. But i guess that "IF" you ever bothered to make a mission from scratch.. and put many, many hours of work in it.. you would have spoken different..
  6. Scorpionzi

    AWP Warfare [www.awpaholica.com]

    its a principal problem as you have noticed (started by that one and only sentence Gossamer/zaboo posted on our forums, nothing personal, nothing against AWP, nothing else), its not fair towards Benny to use his work and rename it and add some adjustments.. leaving him out of the scene.. whilest the overal majority of the mission is still his work. its the reason why i make such a problem out of it. Renaming the mission file back.. or add credits to him in the mission briefing or something.. is the least you can do.. Atleast someone cares to show some respect/dignity.. (BigMorgan):)
  7. Scorpionzi

    AWP Warfare [www.awpaholica.com]

    Im not saying anything hate-mongoring, im only saying your being quite rude by the things you have done "so far". But sure, let a moderator decide, i have no problems with that. For the rest.. You should know better.. as you depbo'ed the mission, had a peek in the mission.. Benny only used the constuction menu (wich has been recoded) and high command, for the rest.. no modules whatsoever... all hardcoded from scratch.. one of the reasons why the mission runs this smooth. asking for help you say?.. i would rather use the term leeching information the way you (ab)use(d) it...
  8. Scorpionzi

    AWP Warfare [www.awpaholica.com]

    You obviously don't know the background of all this... look at our forums.. its regarding a post zaboo a.k.a. gossamer made there that started this.. http://hotshots.folkersma.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=2016 (He wanted to be anonymous to fetch any kind valuable information regarding to editing warfareBE into AWP warfare or something !??? like the tons of questions to benny regarding editing and tweaking? and such..,?) There he states the following: "even though benny created warfare BE, he doesn't actually own it at all. Warfare BE is scripted using stuff BIS Made. So this basically means people can always just go take anything anybody creates on ArmA II and do what they want with it." So basicly its like stating the following: "I could just go download and edit BAS or Mapfact islands without ther permission because BIS made the game and released tools to edit the stuff. Afterwards i just claim it to be made by me." I guess he only used this statement as an excuse to use Bennys mission (instead of BIS warfare, which is obviously not good enough for mr.?) as template for his own "slightly, minor" tweaked edition of it., then claim it to be AWP warfare. since credit to Benny is nowhere to be found. Then also, in your mission you have these beautiful information popups.. saying "thanks goes out to the community that helped testing.." i suppose you meant testing warfareBE with that, since its 99,99% core of your mission ? Its a sad story people go run around with other peoples work, not even bothering to ask the maker for permission or to give him some credit for his work. (referring to gossamer/zaboo guy's post on our forums, and mission content where the name Benny is nowhere to be found, instead..theres AWP everywhere.). Show some respect towards others, give them credit if you decide to w*nk around with THER stuff, and if you don't want to.. make your own stuff from scratch, just like benny did... its the least you can do.
  9. I guess you already have benny's permission to edit his mission then? my guess that thats just a big NO. Looks like ur on to causing more problems then you already did.. follow up my suggestion on our forums.. and make your own warfare with evolution scripts. And once again it shows how rude you are, throwing someone's else's hard work in earl, unfinished (beta) stage here to adjust it to your own needs.. without even having permission. Besides, your probely better off upgrading your computer then try to achieve more performance by altering the mission, the way it looks like now your only going to add stuff wich in most cases doesn't increase overal performance...(rather reduce) and as Brit meantioned earlyer.. most of the (few) bugs/limitations come with the game or hardware, not the mission.
  10. Nighthawk, im not very keen on whatever you are trying to do.. you know that? I also guess that you read the message on our forums regarding your "'XR community officer" squad-xml thing? and i asume you're trying to do the same with SES clan? ("SES 3rd party admin" squad xml)