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  1. I'm making a mission on the regular ARMA 2. Trying to implement a part for a training scenario, here's what I want to do. I want to make a trigger when a certain person (civilian), become an enemy if they travel over a certain speed, making them come under fire by West / Blufor. Anyhelp on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
  2. P. Gaudette

    Just want to say: Thank You BIS!

    A thank you from myself! :)
  3. That's a great thing there, BIS should've had something like this implemented in the game.
  4. P. Gaudette

    Arrowhead cover mod

    ACU looks great
  5. Ok, just tested the new update, not sure if this is happening with anyone else but it seems that the sound for the LAV-25 M242 is missing or damaged. Also, thanks for the update. :) lol
  6. Yea, those are the ones I normally see eh... lol not completely green ones...
  7. P. Gaudette

    Operation unknown wip

    I have to say as well... The CH-46 felt a little small.... :/ felt like I was flying a little bird or something... lol.. felt smaller than the huey... lol
  8. Agreed with b00ce, I didn't like that the sounds changed on the weapons either, mostly because the gun should only have 1 sound for the same reason he said.
  9. P. Gaudette

    US Infantry - 2008

    Great job bink! Looks good
  10. P. Gaudette

    Arma2 on Mobile Broadband?

    It works good I find, been using it for a while now. Been getting pings anywhere from 90 to 250. I'm also able to host a server to ;) people can get in, but only a limited amount.
  11. I've decided to take it upon myself to create a mod based on the District 9 that was recently in the movie theatres. Anyone who would like to help is encouraged to Private Message me. Plans for First Release - MNU Agents, Weapons, Vehicles - New Particles / Effects, Etc We're looking for - Modelers - Animators - Artists / Texturist / Designer - Scripters / Coders If you have any suggestions that you think can help us, please let us know. The project is started and a WIP will be posted as soon as the first couple things have been completed or are ready for your eyes. :)
  12. P. Gaudette

    Greek NATO/CFOR

    Nice looking units! :) Can't wait to see release.
  13. Ohhh gooddd.. I hope there are Canadian Forces in this expansion!!! xD