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    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    Just watched the Dsylexci video along with another one posted by Lyndiman ( ). I think they were both very accurate in their description and complaints about the flight model. The flight model RotorLib uses just generates the most bizarre reactions most of the time. In its current state, this flight model is extremely crude and most of the time dangerously unpredictable. Correcting Pilot Induced Oscillation will most of the time lead to your blowing up. As it is, the flight model is severely unreliable for its strange randomness and wildness of reactions. When flying DCS, even at times when you're pushing the helo through its flight envelope, you are totally in control. When flying using the RotorLib flight model, I get the impression the helicopter is always trying to kill me. No matter what. Many times it is successful in its mission. Another thing that should get immense attention from the developers is the ancient axis configuration page. I'm sorry guys, but that is a joke. Axis response configuration is beyond poor in this game. That should get a lot of attention, since people will have to use a joystick and properly configuring your axis is mandatory in a flight simulation. My initial impressions of the existence of Vortex Ring and Retreating Blade Stall were wrong. :)
  2. henrique_rp

    Advanced Helicopter FDM Feedback

    I've tested all the helicopters and the Pawnee seems like the most logical one in terms of behavior. The other ones feel very strange. To me the ground effect is extremely exaggerated to the point of causing the helo to pivot around its vertical axis. Truly weird. The trim system also needs to be rebuilt. Almost all of the helicopters become close to unplayable with the auto trim turned off. Most of them are close to uncontrollable. I am using the HOTAS Warthog and the Saitek Pro Flight Pedals. My deadzones are set to zero and my sensitivities to their minimum values. I don't have real life experience in helicopter flying, just a few hundred hours in the DCS series with the Ka-50, Mi-8 and UH-1. If you disable the autotrim feature, all of the helicopters behave very similar to the old arcade flight model, with and added loss of torque, a somewhat simulation of retreating blade stalls and vortex ring stalls (these last ones also feel very strange). These are my impressions after a few hours flying them. :)
  3. henrique_rp

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    Thanks a million for the info, LordJarhed. I was going crazy here trying to sort this little problem out. Glad to hear that. :)
  4. henrique_rp

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    I am having a problem with the update. I downloaded the full 2.1 and the update. Whenever I try to fire the gun from the Cheetah, the Tigris, the Gorgon, the Marshal, the Kamysh or the Mora I get the error message bellow: http://i.imgur.com/NRMSpV7.jpg (726 kB) When I acknowledge the error message it'll not appear again until I enter another mission. These are the only vehicles that produce this error message. Has anyone had this problem? Like I said, I have freshly downloaded both the whole mod and the 2.1b update. Thanks. :)
  5. It has been about two weeks I didn't play Arma3 and today I decided to give it a spin. I can play single player no problem, but if I try to load any multiplayer mission or my game crashes and I get this error message: Include file a3\functions_f\params\paramweather.hpp not found. I deleted all my content from the Steam Workshop, deleted the whole cache from my multiplayer folders, disabled all mods and verified the integrity of the files using the steam software. The error persists. Could anyone provide some assistance to the problem? Thank you!!!
  6. Thanks a lot for the information guys. Since it's been 8 months, one can only guess it'll come standard in the next DLC expansion. We'll have state-of-the-art manual flare deployment. All that for only 19.99 USD. =D
  7. Hello guys, In the control configuration there is a Countermeasure mode which is bound to CTRL+C, but it does nothing. When I'm flying over an area which is a littler hotter I always find myself running out of flares and getting shot down right after, since each aircraft drops 12 of them with each button press and that's such a waste, especially since you end up having to drop flares more then once for each missile spoof. So is there a way to drop a single pair of flares just like in Arma 2 or if not, is there a mod to allow us to do so? Thanks a lot!!! :)
  8. After some extensive looking up in the forums and in the Community Issue Tracker I've found out this is a feature added in the latest beta patch for OA and default for A3. Basically you have to enable "Auto guide AT" in the difficulty settings and all weapons will be able to lock on. I just don't know why not a single soul popped up and gave this simple answer. I would have taken them 10 seconds to type the answers and it took me a few hours to sort through the terrible search engine this forum has. I think this is the first forum where people are actually supposed to know the answer to their questions before posting. Quite interesting.
  9. Hello guys, After one year away from Arma, I decided to get back and had to install the latest Beta Patch because now Community Based Addons will only work with it and the best sound mod we have, requires it. Anyway, after running Arma2 with the latest beta patch, I've noticed the cannon on helicopters has become completely useless since it won't lock onto anything anymore: vehicles, tanks, aircraft; nothing. Is this a known bug? Why would the developers break something that was perfectly functional?
  10. henrique_rp

    Wheeeled_us_h file doesn't install.

    Nevermind. I sorted it out myself. Thanks!
  11. Hello guys, I've just purchased ToH from the sales they are having at the BIS store and downloaded it. It took over a day to get the whole 16GB since the downloader is far too slow. I have a 10MB connection and download speeds were maxing out at 300KB/s when I normally get a little over 1MB/s. Anyway, the installation seemed to be finishing up when it got hung up at a file called Wheeled_us_h.pbo which was being extracted from TKOH_disk2\TKOH\Addons\wheeled_us_h.pbo.xz I've left it there for over an hour now and I don't think this installation is going anywhere. Is there a way to find out if the file is corrupted or not? My HardDrive partition where I'm installing the game has over 100GB of free space, so it's not an HD space problem. Thanks for any help. :) This is what it looks like:
  12. henrique_rp

    precisionEnemy in 1.60

    Just saw the first request for the return of the precision setting was rejected about 14 days ago on the basis that it was counter-design. Now there's a new definition for game design. It means breaking perfectly functional features in the strive for simplification. :j: How is this anything other than supremely dumb? :raisebrow:
  13. henrique_rp

    precisionEnemy in 1.60

    Why would they break something that was one of the most important features for cooperative gameplay is beyond any human in this planet besides the one who's single-handedly implemented it. :( I also voted on the hope that Armed Assault will become playable once again. :( Currently, it's human-player cannon fodder mess. :butbut:
  14. henrique_rp

    AI Heli Control 1.0

    Hello Sir, Absolutely stellar mod. Could I ask for yet another feature? The ability to further control the Helo AI like we do with ground-based vehicles, such as Move Forward, Left, Right, Fast, Reverse. Is that doable? If so, that would be a fantastic breakthrough in ARMA. Thanks again for a great addon!!! :):):) Best regards!!!
  15. henrique_rp

    Highly disappointed with demo

    Thank you for the post, hon0. My chopper is nowhere as stable as yours in flight. I fly DCS Black Shark and DCS A10 all the time and the joystick and pedals are in mint condition. If you don't mind my asking, what are the sensitivity settings you are using in-game? Also, I've never been able to use 6DOF in any of the Arma games. I use it perfectly with any other simulation that supports it, but for Arma it's simply terrible. Do you have your trackIR profile on default? Did you change any of the trackIR bindings in-game to get such a smooth response, such as the pilot looking out of the cockpit? Thanks again for the help. :)