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  1. People love comp stomp AI raping, not actually having to fight an enemy that can actually out smart you and kill you. People hate dying but love killing, that's why they play domi. ---------- Post added at 05:29 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:19 PM ---------- To be honest I think BIS needs to develop their own PVP style mission/template, not just a team deathmatch either. Something to similar Project reality but made by BIS.
  2. Same, i want them back now :( IT sadden me to see them leave, a civi module that actually worked.
  3. Why aren't we getting this? http://media.pcgamer.com/files/2011/08/Arma3_screeenshot_PCGUS_05_exclusive.jpg I knew there was some catch with them selling the full game for $34......there's always a catch.......And they will probably give some lame excuse for it not being there too. You guys had all this time to make these pointless "drills" but couldn't even get the F-35 on release?..
  4. Why is there no F-35? Why only that little knock off L-39? Why is BIS doing this to us.... BIS has turned into EA. BIS has sold us out like the rest.
  5. dimitri18

    WIP OH-58kiowa Pack

    Can you make this for Arma 3 as well?
  6. dimitri18

    Tower of Altis Hotel

    Finally big buildings in Arma!
  7. Nice one guys can't wait!
  8. For the love of god do a Lingor 2 Arma 3
  9. I've been looking forward toward this mod for a while looking great guys!
  10. dimitri18

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Realistic gore and dismemberment similar to VBS 2.0 Seriously why hasn't BIS implemented a wounding system like this? Do they think we're too retarded to handle it or something?
  11. dimitri18


    It's an Alpha give it a break for f*** sake. The full game hasn't even came out yet and they've fixed problems like this in the past.
  12. dimitri18

    PVP heaven..for now

    Is anyone else enjoying vast amounts of PVP servers that were seemly non existent in Arma 2? (with the exception wasteland and DayZ) I feel once the game reaches full release or even beta the PVP scene will die off and return of the same old Domi dumb AI shooter just like Arma 2 OA. When Arma 2 OA was released back in 2010 there were many teamwork oriented servers such as Charile Foxtrot (80slot server that stayed full most of the day) which died 2 months after the game was released. There was also another which I can't remember the name of and it was also pretty good, but sadly died shortly after Arma 2 OA was released. I really enjoy PVP because it's more entertaining and rewarding killing an enemy that can actually think and not just drop the ground and rotate on his stomach. Also there seems to be more Teamwork from complete randoms. I was playing on the Old Breed server last night and we had a blast using communications and fireteam tactics. Unlike seeing one guy running off with a M107 and a Javlin like you'd see in the typical Domi or pub COOP server you're seeing actual teamwork. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=131148931 For anyone that is a PVP lover and is sick of Domi or other repetitive gameplay make yourself heard. Now, I'm not dissing COOP or Domi entirely because there's nothing wrong with COOP or Domi but too much of it is just annoying. It'd be nice if PVP stuck around for Arma 3, one can hope.