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  1. This was really sad news indeed, been waiting all year long along with all our other team members, well A3 is crap, and won’t be anything for our group. Good luck with A3 and thanks for past releases that been. This effectively ends our OPF/Arma gaming permanently but nothing lasts forever right! :)
  2. opffever

    Project RACS

    I want to thank you lads for doing such an excellent job with PRACS, I was wondering, if perhaps Project RACS Takistani Extension will have any modifications in the next release? I was wondering about the BMP-1 that you find at Takistan Army Armor, it got just one AT3-Sagger/Malyutka ammunition, and it is some issue with the crew of only two if one try to get crewmen enter the vehicle via Get In Nearest, you only get two men to crew it, the third seems to jump out after it moves ahead. Idk why? Idk if this is Vilas excellent BMP-1 model that is used or if its a stand-alone, Vilas BMP-1 that one can find at CDF Independent seems to got it right if one use his cold war extension. Perhaps this can be looked into? I am a BMP-1 nerd I know, any answer to this would be most satisfactory. Again thank you guys, I love your stuff.
  3. opffever

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    Hi and thank you for another nice release of this mod, I noticed that the MTLB APC didn't have room for more then 6 people, and the last transported soldier looked like he had his head out of a hatch trapped between the hatch and the roof. I wonder if this may be fixed in a later release? :)
  4. For me this is one of the most anticipated mods during 2013 along with the new modern Russian Jeep out there. Keep up the good work. :ok:
  5. Every time you hear RHS the first thing that comes to your mind is Quality Mods, there ain't any other mod makers out there that got this level of detail in their OPFOR mods, except for perhaps BIS themselves. I am always impressed, and pressed into playing with the OPFOR side when RHS announces new mods. This mod looks awesome, looking forward to drive something that ain't cold war and Russian built. Keep up the good work. :459:
  6. Glad to be of help, any plans to make BMD-1 and BMD-2 capable of transporting troops with this IFV pack? That I miss a lot, along with a decent VDV Trooper mod. :)
  7. RHS lads, I got myself a itzi tiny bitzy problem, with the new mod IFV BMD-1 and BMD-2 used to have a code snippet so you could make the AI lower its suspension. I add the old one here, but it seems not like it works any more, or perhaps I am doing something wrong. I also want to thank you all for the awesomeness in all your work. Now when I operate the BMP-1P it feels like I really operates one. The sounds, the interiors, the gun and the ATGMs drives me out on the battlefield with self-esteem. Old Code: nul = [this, "suspension", "down"] execVM "\sa_bmd2\control.sqf"; Thank you! Offever
  8. I give this mod five stars out of five possible, you guys has really done it this time! I only wish there were more Russian tanks with the same detail's as this mods IFVs and APC's Soviet Motherland T-72M1's, T-62 BDD Mod.1984 that was significantly better then the export versions we have to live with. There are a few great mods but they are either unfinished or forgotten about and collecting dust rather then being playable without modifications to the PBO's themselves. Nothing for I'm with an idiot to solve either. Thank you for making OPFOR playable with style and without one needing super-glue and ducked tape to get it playable. :) Now it is a real pleasure driving the BMP-1P with all it's goodies. The only problem I've encountered this far is some kind of decal error on some of the vehicles.
  9. opffever

    Mi24-A, Krokodil

    Any chance this baby get some countermeasure flares and or a missile warning system?
  10. opffever

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    Hi found a thread with a video of the M-55 3x20mm AA gun and there is a few pictures to it as well. http://www.militaryphotos.net/forums/showthread.php?94780-M-55-series-3x20mm-AA-guns
  11. Thank you RHS people, you are the best! I do not have to use super glue, duck tape and welding apparatus to have the Russian Federation giving already great Blufor mods a sporting chance. This will be a mission maker mod. I love it! Thank you guys, for keeping it Vanilla. And thank you for making a separate ACE config for those that prefer that mod. I love all of it, and looks forward to future releases. THANKS!
  12. Hi Vilas once again I have to thank you for just excellent work with Eastern Weaponry, I have a question though, while playing around with the Soviet vehicles pack I noticed that two versions of the BMP-2 - the BMP-2D and BMP-2M lacked smoke countermeasures is there any chance these vehicles might just get that in a future release of this just excellent mod? :) Thanks again opffever
  13. Damn shame that the mod is going to get only ACE playable. ACE tend to screw up lots of other mods when using it, and it is seldom compatible with everything, and new players got a living hell getting it working, and they loose interest pretty fast. I've seen a few mods that got the ACE config adjustable, fingers crossed this is possible with this Lost Brothers Mod. If not, too bad, a great era of playing Lobo will be over. :icon_frown:
  14. opffever

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    You are doing a great job SuperRat I really looking forward to the config fixes and the new units. I've always wanted the BOV family in a mod such as this, you making it happen, and that I am truly grateful for. The thing I would love to see in the future is the implementation of some air to ground and air to air fighter/fighter bombers. There are plenty of skill full airplane modders out there. Would been awesome if someone could make the J-21 Jastreb,Soko G-4 Super Galeb, Soko J-22 Orao coming to life used by SFR Yugoslav airforce and by some other factions during this time period. Then there is the MiG-21s and the MiG-29s, that also saw some action. The crafts themselves would be an excellent addition to a already excellent mod, and make great use for all those sexy anti-aircraft systems already found in the mod.
  15. opffever

    Celle 2

    Nvm its fixed now :)