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  1. I'm excited to hear you're bringing your awesome mod to Arma 3! I wish you guys the best of luck, and hope you receive all the help you need. :)
  2. Nice update guys. StalkerGB you might want to update the first post in this thread. It only mentions version 1.2 and lists Kiory's SA-80 as a requirement.
  3. nouty

    [WIP] CH-46 SeaKnight

    Best of luck with your project deltagamer! Glad to hear you're not giving up! Keep on rocking... :)
  4. Definitely would like to see this map! I think Arma 3 will be playable soon(ish), and it's finally getting some quality content so people will start to move on to that eventually. Arma 3 is where I think the majority of the player base will be in a year or so. Anyway, good luck!
  5. nouty

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    Thanks for the update theebu. Looking forward to it. :)
  6. This sounds so sweet. I can't wait to have a go at it!
  7. nouty

    Tonal Island for Arma 3

    Great news Ice! Good luck with the project and merry xmas to you too. :)
  8. nouty


    Arma 3 era, who wants that? :P Very nice work on the Puma guys! I hope you could still turn your head inside the driver seat, even though this is a lot better than the standard letter box view. Nice compromise between the letterbox and the 3D interior of the Bradley in Arma 2. Still, wish we didn't have to compromise on things like that anymore. :) The sounds are awesome as well. Keep up the good work!
  9. IceBrekr you tease! :D Oh man I really hope BIS comes through with them tools! :)
  10. Good job Feint! Looks amazing.
  11. Wow, how'd I miss this? :P Anyone want to share their experience with this? It doesn't quite replace acre (for no radios) but it might be a good start for something new, some day. I'd like to hear what people think, if anyone's actually tried it :P
  12. Thank you for this addon guys! Great work.
  13. nouty

    [WIP] Video Streaming Mod

    Are you a wizard? This is very impressive. Good luck :)
  14. nouty

    WIP: SMD_A1_Building_Project

    Nice work! I really like the idea of locking someone inside one of those sheds :P
  15. Thank you for the pics! Looking good.
  16. Sounds impressive. And ambitious! I hope you can pull it off at least in some form. :) BIS seriously needs to increase the player count on a single server for this!
  17. Are there supposed to be a difference between the 90's and 80's US military units in woodland camo? I couldn't spot the difference between either the Army or the Marine units. I noticed the 80's desert units use an older load bearing vest and a different camo pattern. I remember the woodland BDU units using the older vest as well in the original OFP, although I have no idea how accurate that depiction was. Would you consider making your backpacks and radio(s) ace/acre compatible? I love the detail in all the units and gear, especially the radios are really, really cool! Keep up the amazing work Delta Hawk!
  18. nouty

    WIP: SMD_A1_Building_Project

    Yay! (UGH, the 5 letter minimum got me)
  19. No it doesn't help if I start it up with Arma 3. Some of them might be found on PWS, but not up to date, so don't know if that's the issue. All of them are not anyway, and it wouldn't explain how sometimes they would show after multiple reinstalls. I'm glad to report though, that all of the local mods were showing up in the 1.5 beta, so it seems to work there. Looking forward to the next official update. :)