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  1. Is -names=Userfoldername not used in A3 as it was in A2? Just -names is used? For example, in A2 you can set -names=server1 and the profile/difficulty files would load from /users/server1/ making it easy to switch between difficulty settings. In the http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?147537-Tutorial-How-to-run-ArmA3-on-a-dedicated-server guide I don't see the -names command argument mentioned or explained.
  2. It should be under /users/%name%/%name%.Arma3AlphaProfile Where name is the -name= variable in the command line. We allow all files to be edited, downloaded, and uploaded with no restriction. Just wanted to mention Reaper Lok and Call_911 had trouble editing the correct values inside of these configuration files, and not having issues with being able to edit them permission wise.
  3. Also most ArmA2 command line parameters still work, as well as cfg file settings. Only one -server can be ran at a time per Steam account. If there is any needs for dedicated server file testers, I'd gladly participate, NDA if needed. -server works very well so far for Alpha status, great work! No crashes and no obvious bugs to report. Edit: got a crash from playing stock missions, where do we send the mdmp and RPT files for bug reporting?
  4. Fly all the aircraft for a peaceful ride(AKA see all the new explosion and damage effects when I flip the chopper, or try to jump a ramp in a tank)
  5. I'm interested in the sqlite option, but I'm having trouble creating a sqlite.db database with the proper tables and procedures. I've tried a few mysql to sqlite converters but have not had any luck getting the included .sql file to work when creating an sqlite database from it. Could a working sqlite db be provided, or further instructions on how to make one? I may just be going at it all wrong.
  6. Jest


    Is -arma2netdev still needed or is Arma2MySQL signed now? Is there a way for me to create a "signature" for ArmA2MySQL that removes this requirement?
  7. It seems the 1.02 update fixed this.
  8. Thanks, the server.cfg does not have an IP or Port setting on the page listed. The -port command is listed in the command line variables as I mentioned, but it doesn't work with this game it seems.
  9. Is there an option to set the ports for the IronFrontServer.exe 1.01a ? -port=2302 doesn't seem to do anything, it always uses UDP port 2301, 2303 and 2305. Sometimes it will slightly change these values on restart. A way to statically set these would be great via the command line. A command line variable to set the IP address to use on multiple IP servers would be good, but not quite as important(multihome= for example. Other then that, seems to work well.
  10. Downloading the files again from Sprocket and a fresh reinstall did it, thanks. Patch worked without issue.
  11. When Patching my Sprocket install to 1.02 I received the following error: Update 1.01-1.02\ADDONS\UNITED_STATES_H.PBO.UPD cannot be applied, error xdelta3 returned error code: 1 I chose to ignore it for now, what should I do?
  12. Jest

    Is a server.exe going to be released?

    Happy to hear :) Is there a server portion for TOH in the wiki yet? http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Take_On Looking for command line arguments and .cfg file settings. Any chance of getting a server installation smaller than 16GB?
  13. Jest

    Is a server.exe going to be released?

    With the Sprocket version, I'm getting issues with SecuROM when trying to run the -server command line argument. Is there a way to disable SecuROM for -server, or should I get the Steam version to sidestep the issue?
  14. Jest

    Is a server.exe going to be released?

    Also interested, currently it seems Securom needs to be installed on the server to run? Which is giving me issues currently.
  15. Installing the 2 beta patches fixed everything. Thank you for the suggestion :) Love these forums!