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  1. WallyJas

    New Sony HMZ-T1 HMD

    Guys, anyone seen this pop up on the radar? Strap a TrackIR to it's roof and it looks like it would be some serious fun for ARMA3! I've been waiting for a HD HMD at a reasonable price for ages, would this work? Thoughts/suggestions? http://www.gizmag.com/sony-hmz-t1-hmd-personal-3d-viewer/19674/
  2. WallyJas

    RUM Assets

    Thanks for that Draper, I suspected that that was the case. Is there any way of being able to place markers or something so that the mission maker can manually force the AI fixed wings to taxi?
  3. WallyJas

    RUM Assets

    Thanks Raptor, its the North East grass field.
  4. WallyJas

    RUM Assets

    Guys, can you get fixed wing air assets to taxi along one of the grass runways in Chernarus? Both my Harrier and Warthog down't like getting grass stains on their tyres, they prefer the tarmac!
  5. Did I see some SWAT guys on a roof? Does that mean we will have Law Enforcement style missions in an urban setting?
  6. WallyJas

    RUM Assets

    Guys is it possible to HALO rather than parachute when using the 'para' option in transport helos?
  7. WallyJas

    COOP 20 Takistan Force (OA)

    Trooper, if you go to the mission config file you can change the enemy units there. It's not a switch to 'turn them on or off' but it will give you wantever mix of enemy units you would like to have. I prefer the style of warfare you have suggested so I just changed the list of enemy soldier units to tha Basically you'll need to open up the config file. If you scroll down you'll find the list of tfor_enemy_side = east. Then you'll see two lists, one for tfor_east_inf and one for tfor_east_militia. All I did was copy the militia list across to the inf list and then in all missions you'll have militia units as enemy. I also left a few of the TK_Special_Forces_TL_EP1 units in the list to make it look like the militia were receiving assistance for a regular force. Just a word of warning, if you are not all that familiar with it I would copy and paste one unit at a time so that you maintain the correct syntax, otherwise you'll quickly break the game. Have fun. :)
  8. Hey guys, you might need to look at adding the Snark UAV to your mod, the Kiwi's are doing a top job by the sounds of things; www.gizmag.com/go/4785/
  9. WallyJas

    (A2:OA) RQ-8A (FireScout)

    Looks like the yanks need to pull their fingers out ... check out what the Kiwi's are doing; www.gizmag.com/go/4785/ Armatech, this one can transport 2 men, any chance of having a feature like that on your Firescout when revised please mate? :)
  10. WallyJas

    COOP 20 Takistan Force (OA)

    Guys, is it possible to 'skip' a mission that you don't like in the mission pool and it will start up the next mission?
  11. Guys, Is it possible to change the AH-1Z so that the pilot's position is in the front seat and the gunner's in the rear seat? Thanks.
  12. WallyJas

    (A2:OA) RQ-8A (FireScout)

    Ok mate thanks for the fast response. Can I ask one more Q; What weapon class name is the laser designator in the Fire Scout please?
  13. WallyJas

    (A2:OA) RQ-8A (FireScout)

    Any developments with the armed version please Armatec?
  14. Guys is it possible to HALO rather than parachute when using the 'para' option in transport helos?