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  1. Fine mod, by need Domi-TvT on i44!
  2. OUUUPS! "ARMA 2 OA is not installed on your computer or installiation is corrupted" © Exxelence! 1 hour back game was also all was ОК, but it for some reason is not pleasant to a patch... OS Win XP SP3 Directory of game distinct from default (C:\PF\BI), but till now it never prevented:eek:
  3. Dr. Xeno, tell me please, how it is possible to organize a suspension bracket under the concrete helicopter (for example - 3) new technics? LAV, or BMP for example?. I tried to make it on the basis // also possible: // _element = d_choppers select 2; // third chopper // _elem set [3, d_helilift_types_custom]; but has failed:-)
  4. Simple question. How to return in the menu of mission of the button "save and exit" for game in offline? On old versions it was possible, and now is not present. Starting Domi on local machine for economy of the traffic - and constantly I begin process anew, that does not allow to see many thing in dynamics.
  5. Mr. Oktane as always is severe, but fair:) I play Domi 2.11 (no fix) without the ACE, but with a patch 1.07 - it is very pleased and problems not notice. Vanilla its fine:)
  6. It is excluded - itself has started mission and the first has come for the blue side. As a whole the server (linux) gives many mistakes of a kind "Object 01:11 (etc) is not found". That was not in mission with ACE.
  7. bug: on map TVT40 DomiA2! TT [2.11] (without ACE!!) at blue boxes there is red ammunition.
  8. +100 Complexity its well. It is very well. :) But - without fanaticism. PS. 2.11 - cool version' date=' respect. PPS. Side-mission of Ñ…-m3 ("enhanced tank version at Pobeda-Damm") is impossible to execute as well as earlier.... IMHO - master Xeno has forget to change is resulted "object on base" on "object its destroyed".
  9. Agree... They get out random under the list which has described mr. Oktane here :-)
  10. I tried only the ÐСЕ, ÐСЕ+FPShelper, ÐСЕ+gdt_aircraft_viewdistance. Result everywhere one. In version Domi 1.39 (without smooth adjustment of range) such it is observed. Yes I can adjust it, for personal use. And I have made. But this excellent map works on very many servers and it would be desirable that this parameter was more balanced. I am always ready to tunning - we always play with my friends on a map from Xeno (respect!), but with my version ranked, bonuses etc. But this my view which is probably not conterminous to opinion of authors and community. Therefore it would be desirable for it to discuss and make a map better.
  11. What it for delirium? The complex 2К22М has 4 modes of detection and promptings of a rocket on the purpose, and in one of them the commander does not play any other role except for confirmation of capture and delivery of the sanction to start-up. And real conditions of pointers it is capable to fire on 2 purposes absolutely independently, only using onboard means of the complex 1RL144&138!! With help of external prompting from systems Ranzhir or PPRU - 3-4 targets - one member of crew!
  12. Version Crashed at opening big repo, like a =Kellys Heroes= ArmA2 Community Repository. Thus small repo, like a =Kellys Heroes= ArmA2 ACE2 Dedicated Server YAS[HTTP] opened without problems.
  13. It is the old problem available in any version. Flag it is necessary to take, keep and bring on base (not teleport!!), without damages, it return on mission place again. Some times we lost the player carrying flag together with vehicles on road to base. If the flag has not been damaged - mission ended without problems. If it got in fragments of vehicle or by what that in other damaged - mission has been failed. Conclusion: to kill on mission iall AI that anybody could not kill you.:-)
  14. Problems on net gaming. 1. Russian NVG no adjustment of brightness. Fight at night for "red team" is practically impossible. 2. Ballistic calculator on russian tanks works incorrectly - an error more than 7% on kilometer of range. 3. It is necessary to cancel jamming on russian ÐК!. There there is simply nothing to get jammed (not holyware - 15 years of practice)! There there is no detail, which can lead to to a wedge. As a whole this function in the ACE in general very disputable - if the weapon has jammed, to repair it for 3 seconds in field conditions it is impossible. If has taken place having dug sleeves or incomplete extract - 3 seconds more often will not suffice too. And now jamming happens constantly, hardly probable not on everyone 3-5 mags. This function very ridiculously therefore looks.
  15. There are some questions. 1. How to be switched and use the previous version if the play in server, for example, uses current and rigidly checks signatures of files? 2. What for works with sounds - so often and unsuccessful, at presence of considerable quantity of more actual problems? 3. What for to distribute to users unchecked releases (not the small size, shall notice), already time having received the negative answer on similar sorts experiments?